Sunday, October 2, 2011

Frenchy Chair Semi Make Over Tutorial

In my previous post I told y'all the story of this frenchy raspberry chair I purchased this last week. Though I indeed love her over all shape I knew she was slowly going to be transformed.

As impatient as I am I jumped right in on the transformation process. Since I am not any where near brave enough to reupholster it yet I decided I was going to at least make the wood frame have an old world feel. I busted out my extra wide blue painters tape and got busy.

Though an easy process it was a long process. It took me about an hour total. To make sure I had full coverage I pushed my fingernail in between the frame and the fabric which wedged the tape down.

Here she is all taped and ready for her make over. 

Here is what I used to keep the paint off the floor and so that I could make sure to get to the very bottom of the feet. Yep, those are the tops to the ever so many cups the boys bring home from dinner. We have a drawer full so plenty to go around.

Of course I pulled out my trusty chalk paint. The transformation involved three differ colors. The first I used was Paris Gray.

I used a thin paint brush. I think it was an inch wide and just dry brushed it on. Very little paint was needed and if you do not want to purchase an entire quart you can certainly complete a project of this size with just sample pots!

Next up was the newest chalk paint color Coco!

I used the dry brush method again. Here you can see the distinction between the two colors. 

Then my final color was Old White which I brushed on a bit more heavily over the entire piece but still making sure to leave some distinction between the layers. To hurry the process along I used a hair dryer to dry in between each color though this paint dries fairly quickly. I was hoping to achieve a crackle finish but I am guessing that did not happen since I did not apply the paint on thick enough. I had seen though where people have achieved the crackle with just a hair dryer. Next I used clear wax and then dark wax to finish the look up.

Here you can see the color variations.

I was not going to use the dark wax at first but I am glad that I did. It truly enhanced the piece.

I think she fits in much better now and honestly her raspberry color is not as shocking anymore. I may just keep her that way!

 Here is the fabulous toile fabric I found at HobLob this past week. I plan on using it for accent pillows. I think it goes nicely with the raspberry chair!

Hope your weekend was a grand one! We had beyond beautiful weather here but the entire fam is snotty and has chest congestion which has not been fun!:(

Thanx for stopping by!

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  1. Oh, I love the pink! With the dark wood it was a little dated (kinda like what I call my "80s Victorian Boudoir" char in my bedroom). But with the new paint -- wowza! It's fab. Love it! I haven't tried chalk paint yet (I know, I'm the last person on earth), but soon!


  2. It did make a big difference, Pamela! I love that fabric you found. What a fun one it would be to do the whole chair in, but a pillow or two would look great with the raspberry upholstery, too.

  3. I thought the chair looked fine before, but the chalk paint colours (lucky you!) really gave it some character. The raspberry is a pretty colour, and so is the fabric. A great makeover, Pamela.

  4. Love it! Amazing what a coat of paint can do! Not even reupholstered, it looks like a totally different piece. Well done! Stopping by from BNOTP. liz

  5. it looks great with your other painted furniture, love those chalk paint colors!

  6. Hello Pamela - what a difference a chalk paint makes. I love the color you picked to transform the chair and cannot wait to see it with the new frenchy fabric.

    Happy SOYCM!

  7. Wow! So simple, yet totally transforms the chair!
    Great job!

  8. Pamela the chair looks fabulous! I love that new fabric and it does go so well with the chair fabric! Martina

  9. That was the perfect way to update the chair Pamela! I think it looks so fresh and that toile fabric is just gorgeous. Well done friend!

  10. What a great job! Come over and see a Halloween wreath!

  11. Looks so much better! Really pretty.

  12. WOW Pamela, your chair looks great! I agree with you, the raspberry fabric does look good. I love your new fabric and making throw pillows out of it for your chair will look great.

    Have a wonderful day,

  13. Looks awesome Pam! I love the raspberry color and the fabric will make perfect pillows!

  14. Your frenchy chair turned out beautiful Pamela! The three colors you chose are perfect and the fabric for the pillow is sooo pretty! :)

  15. WOW, what an amazing transformation a little bit of paint makes. It looks simply gorgeous and you know what, I really love the raspberry fabric now. It just seem to fit right in with the everything....and that toile fabric is just perfect.
    Marianne :)

  16. Love your chair - the paint really "makes it"!

  17. Much much much better with the paint! She is quite lovely now- and that fabric does go nicely with her! I wonder if you could share who makes the fabric? We sadly don't live near a HL anymore (insert very sad face) but I would like to try and see if it's at either Joanne's or Hancock's!

  18. What a fantastic chair makeover!

    I would love for your to post this gem up on my Fall In Love linky party on Wednesday.

    Until then come by and see a spectacular new spice cabinet.

  19. Pamela, you did a fabulous job on this chair! The paint job looks great! (The taping off is always the worst part of any paint job.) I think that fabric is going to look amazing on a pillow! You did a really good job!

  20. I love this transformation. The raspberry wasn't looking too good before your gorgeous paint job, but now it really works. Great job!

  21. This is so pretty! ASCP is amazing too! What a great idea to tape off your chair; thanks for sharing!

  22. Pamela I LOVE how this turned out!! It looks fabulous! I agree the raspberry color really doesn't look bad now that the chair is painted. How or where do you order the sample pots of the chalk paint? I have tried to find them but have had no luck. I am loving the shutter you have propped against the wall as well.

  23. Oh my - I love that fabric and you are so RIGHT! It looks amazing with the raspbery upholstery.

  24. hi Pamela - I love it! such a great job and that painted finish really transforms the piece. You did such a great job :) They say that pink is the most flattering color...might be ok to stay a while! xo, Diane

  25. Hello there! Getting ready to join in the fun here. Love the blog. Stop by and see me, I love new friends too!
    Amber @junkaholisunanimous

  26. This turned out amazing! I hope you will come by and join my Creative Things Thursday Party!

  27. Wow it's amazing how just painting the frame of the chair really made a big difference!

  28. It turned out great! What a fab redo! And that toile fabric is gorgeous! I'm green with envy *winks* Vanna

  29. I love, love, love your chair!!! I'm adding your blog to my sidebar so I can continue to read about your beautiful posts...I have so much work right now, but am looking forward to reading some more. :)

  30. I love your chair- the shape, the tufts on the back and now with the paint job, I even like her raspberry fabric. Beautiful make-over. Thanks!


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