Friday, September 30, 2011

Treasure for the Week

 I saw this raspberry velvet chair  a few weeks back at a second hand store here in the area. They were wanting far too much for it so I decided to forget about it. At the time I did not even need a chair. 

Here is a corner of the newly painted guest room. See that rocker? Well it just does not flow with the room anymore. With that being said I just so happend to get an email this week saying that the raspberry velvet chair had been marked down and if I purchased online I could get an additional 10% off. Well now we were talking!
I made not one but two visits to the shop to look at the chair. The first was to see the actual condition of the chair. Sometimes ya just never know. Well it was in great condition with no rips, stains or smell! Yes I actually smelled the chair!
I went home to ponder some more. The next day I went back up there and took my side table with me. I am sure the owner thought I was a loon but I had to make sure they worked together. They did but I still needed to ponder and to make sure that nobody was going to list an even better chair cheaper on the local yard sale site. I am always out for a bargain! Well nobody did.
Thus the raspberry velvet chair came home today!

I just love its curves!

And as for it's raspberry fabric it will have to stay around awhile till I get brave enough to tear it off and start from scratch. I am though already pondering how to paint and age the wood! Stay tuned!

Hope your week was a grand one!

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  1. It's so cute! If it were in a different room I'd say the pink could work with a painted white wood base, but obviously not for your guest rooms style. ;) Good luck with the reupholstery!

  2. Pamela, what a great find! I totally understand not getting it the first time. I do that; and it drives my girls crazy! They're like, "Just get it!" I usually end up going back the next day! The chair looks great with the pillows you added! Have a great weekend!

  3. So glad you got the chair Pamela. I am not laughing at all about the smelling! I have got to start doing the same. Those french type chairs that go with the table that I bought that are still sitting outside on the cabin porch smelled awful, and I can still smell them when I walk past them. It is awful, and they have been outside for 2 months. It is cigarette smoke, and I don't know how I will get rid of the smell. No girlfriend, I am not laughing!

  4. Hi Pamela, it was fun reading the story behind the pretty pink chair! It looks beautiful in your newly painted guest room against the neutral wall color and works wonderfully with the cute table as well. I'm also loving the gorgeous armoire in the room and the frenchy-pillows. Great post! Thanks for letting us take a peek at your newest find and for visiting me. Have a good weekend!Hugs~Poppy

  5. I actually love the raspberry and it looks to be in fine condition. Bet it would look great painted white or that new chalk paint? Either way, GREAT find!

  6. The chair has a great fits well with the armoire and the table.

  7. Great find Pamela! I just did the same thing you did with cane back chairs. Didn't purchase them at first and thought about them for a few days and then went back to get them and I'm so glad I did!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  8. Loving your raspberry chair Pamela! Some things are just meant to be yours-and keep talking to you!! This chair belongs in your darling room!!

  9. Hi Pamela,

    The Chair fits in perfectly! I like the table with it too! It was a good idea to see if they would fit together...Love the button tufting!
    Thank you for your visit today! I have joined you as a follower as well!
    All the Best,

  10. I can certainly see why you wanted it! What a gorgeous chair!! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. It's so pretty and I love the color!It looks perfect.

  12. it's a very cute chair! I like the pink with the other neutral colors you have in the room.

  13. The chair is lovely! I just checked out your painted armoire. I think I'll go for it and paint mine but now what color?! Decisisons, decisions.

  14. Hello,
    I visited your blog today - I saw you on 'Stonehouse Living.' I love that velvet chair. I have a pink room that it would go perfect in. While I was scrolling down, I noticed the 'front porch' pictures. Your Fall decorations are lovely, and the wreath is wonderful. Me and my daughters started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your creative ideas. Hope to hear from you, and have a lovely weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  15. What a great chair, I just love the button tucks Sometimes it takes awhile for find the perfect piece for a specific spot. It looks great with the round table and that gorgeous armoire.
    Marianne :)

  16. What a pretty chair! And congrats on holding out for a better price. I will be featurning this post on this week's TTF party (post will be up thursday at 4:00). I hope you join us again and also grab the "I was featured" button for your blog! Thank you for joining TTF and I am so sorry I am so late in visiting this week!


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