Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Antique Gallery-Part 1

Today the boys and I headed here. Looks a lil' scary uh!? I mean a huge metal building down a dead end road. Not really a place I would have liked to have gone but we did.

Not too scary at all and was pretty busy! We drove around twice looking for a parking space. This place was HUGE and I mean HUGE ladies! It has over 250 vendor booths and a restraunt/cafe inside. I wished the one pic I took of just one of the isles had turned out but it didn't. I was still scared they were gonna fuss at me for taking pics. 

This booth did a great job on the antique dresser though not the colors I would have chosen. It was a Prim booth so I can see why they chose them.

This hutch was beyond gigantic ladies! Loved every square inch of it! It would have taken up an entire wall if not more in our dining room.

Very pretty antique dresser and ornate chair. This chair was SUPER tiny y'all! If you look to the left you can see a normal sized dresser there. I just could not believe how little the chair was. I wish I could find a little dresser like this for our guest room in my price range. It would make a perfect bedside table.

To keep the boys occupied I allowed them turns in being the photographer for the day. It worked out really well I must say. The behaved SUPER well! I don;t know of many who would brave an antique mall with a 7 and 5 yr old. Oldest took this pic because he said I just love roosters so much!;)

I spied this beautiful set of shabby chic china!

There was anything and everything here! I just had to take a pic of these McDonalds plates! The boys thought they were cool and I told them that I had the exact same plates when I was there age. Not sure if Ma still has um or not. We had them literally forever. I remember using them even when I was in college.

Awesome old lawn mower and watering can.

Gorgeous mirror!

I LOVED this tray and that blue scale. I ment to go back and look at them again because they were very reasonably priced and I have been wanting to start collecting scales. Maybe next time.

And another pic from Oldest. He nearly died to get this picture and even let out a squeal because he said it was an old radio from back when there was no t.v.!! HA! So I had a major giggle and then thought geez am I really old enough for my kids to say things like that. Guess so. I had to explain to him that it was from when I was a teenager and that yes we did have t.v. back then!:)

The boys and I enjoyed our day antiquing and we have a ton more pics to share so be sure to come back by tomorrow to see more goodies and what we actually brought home!:)

Hope your day was a great one!


  1. Where is this antique place? It looks familiar...
    Looks like so much fun!

  2. I could spend all day in a place like that! Can't wait to see what great treasures you found!

  3. Man, what a place. I could easily spend half a day in a place like that.

    If I could transfer my linky acct to you, I think you would be perfect to take over THT. Seriously! You could open your own acct. if it isn't transferable. Think about it. I feel badly about deserting it. I was enjoying it. I just don't see the point of continuing. It is going to take a loooong time to build back up my poor little blog. But, I am gonna hang in and do post now and then - as I have something worthy.
    Thanks for being such a sweet friend through all of this.
    Oh man, Lady Antebellum is singing me out with "Never Alone"!!! I think I just crossed over the threshold - I would have cried yesterday. Tonight, I am sitting here thinking how ironically funny this is! Thanks!!!

  4. I like your gorgeous mirror. It is so beautiful and its borders are looking so attractive. Your collection is very old but you arranged very perfectly.
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  5. I just moved to San Antonio, is this place anywhere near me? It looks amazing!


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