Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays #10- Nothing

I got nothing to blab abt today as far as WIW goes. As matter of fact I am going to put them on hold till September once I can get back on track. No I am not quiting just taking a pause on the posts because though I have not really gained anything I have not lost anything either and really not sure how inspirational that is. SO once the kiddos are back in school and it cools off it will be back to business for sure! I lost 30 the first half of the year and I am determined to loose 30 more the last half! I may post from time to time when we try new recipes but other wise I wont bore y'all with the same ol same ol.

Now off to get some of this if I am lucky! Attempted to purchase some on Sunday but after wondering around an antique mall for almost 30 minutes looking for the Chalk Paint booth I found out I was in the wrong antique mall! Ha! The men folk only had patience to sit in the car for one place so I said I would go back out! Wish me luck and that I don't drive the boys insane on my quest! Ya can't take a mama into an antique mall without her looking around!;)
Have a grand one!

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  1. You go girl.. you can do it. I want to lose another 20lbs by December! I'm right with you.

    Have a great night


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