Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tossing Around

The Hubster and I have been having many a conversation lately about a possible move this time next year. Yes, sniffle sniffle. Where would I be happy with going he has asked? Well He wants Signapore. GULP!! Not too sure I would go without a TON of kicking and screaming and tears. I said France or most anywhere in Europe would be nice. He says no. Then there is my ultimate choice of staying stateside. He has been asked abt going to Beaumont. He has been there and done that staying in an apartment and driving the hour home when not busy at work. Then it has been mentioned Baton Rouge. We all have been there done that. The only difference is that this time I would happily go without any kicking or screaming. It is not my first choice simply for three reasons. One traffic sucks. Two the boys would have to be in private school and three housing is sooo expensive. With all that being said I have been browsing what is available stateside just to prepare myself for maybe an impending move. Today I found a dreamy house in Baton Rouge. 

Now this home is not in our top choice neighborhood simply because there are no trees and it is close to the train tracks. The Hubster will say no  cause of all the stucco which is a pain when trying to sell. Matter of fact his company may not even let us purchase said house even if we wanted to because of said stucco. But lets go inside shall we!?

Yep, in love right off the bat! Look at that to die for chandy!

Can we purchase the furnishings as well please!?

I do not normally like lighter flooring but this I could deal with. It is very rustic.

A fireplace in the breakfast room. Could that be anymore charming?

And the kitchen just stole my heart. It really could not get any better I tell ya.

Love the window above the tub. We had one just like that in our Baton Rouge home and if we stay I hope to one day have one in our current home.

So, dreamy uh!? Its a teeny tiny tad over what we would want to spend but just maybe we could swing it. It would also be interesting downsizing from our 3700 sq ft to 2500 sq ft but I think I could manage some how.
 I will share with y'all the beautiful home in Beaumont I found too so come back now ya here!;)

P.s These pics were borrowed from the FSBO site. If this is your home and you prefer me to take down the pics I will sadly do so but please know I truly think your home is just beautiful and just wanted to share!:) If we do move back and your home is still available we WILL be stopping by. 

P.s.s If you have ever left stateside and have lived in Signapore please share with me your experience cause as of right now I am in a "heck no I won't go" kinda mode.


  1. Hi Pamela...

    Ohhh boy...moving...a bittersweet topic for sure! It's always difficult to leave the familiar...a home...but also very exciting to think of all the NEW prospects! Best wishes to you and your family in all of your upcoming decisions. I have been to Baton Rouge and loved the city. The people there are wonderful as well! Ohhh...the home that you showcased in this post really is fabulous! I loved everything about the interior...charming indeed!

    I wanted to come by to say thank you for your recent visit to my Tea Rose bedroom! Thank you so much for the sweet note that you left! Thank you, my friend!

    Warmest summery wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  2. What a coincidence...I just watched a House Hunters and the guy went to Singapore. I'll be honest...the whole show I said...he's got to be crazy. Very very expensive for small odd shaped condo's and townhouses. We are in N. Louisiana but married kiddo lives outside of Baton Rouge in Gonzales. Of course, they (and us) are HUGE LSU fans!

  3. WOW! I had no idea you guys had moved around that much! I'm thinking stateside sounds good too my friend but I am so resistant to change that I'm completely biased. :-) I'm sure whatever happens, you will make a house quickly into a warm and welcoming home for your family...and for us to peek at once in awhile, huh?
    Blessings friend,

  4. I love that house too, but the stucco wouldn't fly with my hubby either. Beautiful kitchen! I hope you do move stateside! New Orleans is a gorgeous town. I am such a ditz I didn't even realize you were not, or else forgot. LOL!

  5. that's a great house. But tell me about stucco. How come no one likes it? I am delighted you visited and hope to see you often. Loved the transformation on your dining room mirror. I used to do a lot of "late night decorating". :)

  6. My husband visited Singapore, and when he came back - he said he could easily live there! Very clean, low crime.

    But staying stateside - I have to say that my top 100 choices would NOT be Baton Rouge or Beaumont (I am not sure Beaumont would make the top 500). No. No thank you. There's NOTHING to do in Beaumont. Except drive for a few hours back to Houston or over to Lake Charles.

    What are your constraints about living stateside? Hubby works in what kind of field?

  7. And I have to say that I wouldn't mind packing up and moving - even though we just built this house less than 2 years ago. I am kind of ready for a different scene than Houston. We have been here since 2001. Ready to give another place a try for a while. But I don't think that will be happening anytime soon. And my husband would kill me if I brought it up - because I was pushing this last move to a new house.

  8. Wow-that house is beautiful! Baton Rouge is a very nice town but private schools would be a top priority!
    I love anywhere in Texas though since I'm just up the street in Oklahoma!

  9. You know, I always enjoyed our moves - sort of!!! It felt like an adventure, starting fresh, loved looking for the next house!
    Try to look on the "blessings" side of the equation and roll with it!
    It would be easy in this house!!!
    IT is beautiful!


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