Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tossing Around- Beaumont

A few posts back I mentioned that conversations have started about a possible move this time next year for us. We will have been in our home for three years by then. To prepare myself for where ever it may be that we end up I started browsing homes just to see what was available in case we do end up leaving and I found several that are just beautiful. I hope that if we do indeed end up in Baton Rouge or Beaumont that we are lucky enough to find homes as nice as the ones I have featured. 

I already shared the dreamy house in Baton Rouge. Here is a gorgeous home in Beaumont. It even  tops  The Hubsters like list!

We both really like the double front doors.

I have always dreamed of having brick in our home somewhere and look at all the molding!!

This kitchen is yet another that stole my heart at first site! I love that the island is a differ color than the rest of the cabinets. It really brightens the kitchen up.

The custom detail in this home is amazing to say the least!

The breakfast room is soo sunny and bright. I even love the green paint color!

Lovely master bathroom. I do not think there is a thing I would change in here.

Check out this master tub!!

I am totally in love with this lil' french country court yard with fountain!! This home I think sits on almost a half an acre which is just perfect for the boys! This home is the same price as the Baton Rouge home I found the other day but almost 1,000 sq ft bigger so no worries abt fitting all of our stuff. Even though this home is out in the sticks by some people's book I could see us very happy here indeed!

Thanx for stopping by and hope your weekend is going well!

P.s These pics were borrowed from the realty site. If this is your home and you prefer me to take down the pics I will sadly do so but please know I truly think your home is just beautiful and just wanted to share!:) If we do move  and your home is still available we WILL be stopping by but hopefully for you it will sell way before then! 


  1. Hi Pamela! These homes are all so beautiful! I want a new one now!!

  2. Gorgeous! Come to the Hill Country outside of New Braunfels, we love it here!


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