Monday, June 20, 2011

7 Year Old & Sleep

Oldest is having issues with sleeping upstairs lately. He goes thru spells where he just would rather be down here with The Hubster and me. Now is one of those spells. I have debated on wether or not to just move the boys downstairs and then put the guest room upstairs but that would involve redoing two bedrooms and two baths. The guest room is much much smaller and so it would be a tight fit for the boys especially once they get older. I know they will want back upstairs so upstairs is where they will be staying. 
So what do I do to try and get them to stay up there every night? I lay down with them till they fall asleep which usually is within 10-15 minutes. I figure they will be grown and gone way too soon so I cherish every moment I have with them at night.

Well last night Oldest popped back up while I was mulling around in the sewing room. How did I get him to go back to bed at 11:30 at night?

I started on this! Yes, I started on making curtains for our landing so Oldest would go back to bed. See my sewing room is in plain site of the boys room so I promised him I would stay in there and work. It worked and thus so did I till almost 1 am!

I am in the midst of transforming this valance.

I was inspired in part by this. 

This is what we worked on today for 6 hours straight! The foyer is finally ripped out. 

Why the drop cloths you may be asking!? Well this is what is under them. The easy part was ripping the old wood flooring up. The pain in my tukus part is getting the old glue and leveling up so we can properly prime and level for the new flooring. Ladies this is going to take us forever!!! 

This here mess resulted in a minor break down. (Okay maybe a huge break down where I said I was done and was getting a quote on how much to have somebody else finish it in between major sobbing. I was tired and my bones in my hands and arms literally hurt from working with the rotating hammer all day. A nice warm shower and some Ibprofen cured that thankfully and thus my sanity slowly crept back in.) Now back to the mess...

It also resulted in this! Please wish me sanity and luck so we can get this flooring project under wraps by August!! I am truly way over it and will never tackle a huge flooring project again. A smallish one maybe but never a huge one!

How was your weekend? 


  1. Oh my, that does look like a big project! Just think how wonderful it will be when it's all done though.

    As for the sleep issue...I would keep your son where he is and I wouldn't lay there either. You have to be more hard core about it...just my opinion.

    We had a lot of sleep issues with our first child and when the second child came around there was no messing around. We get ready for bed, read one story and no more, let her pick out three stuffed animals, kiss her goodnight and that's that. Life's a dream in comparision to the first one :)

  2. LOOK AT THAT MESS..I mean project. My word! : ) Can't way to see how it all turns out.

    As for the sleeping...just let them stay up all night. It's the Summer, Mom!! ; )

  3. What about letting him sleep on the couch in his sleeping bag or setting the boys up a little tent downstairs for a while? We had the same issues a few months back, and it worked for us. Now, he's back in his bed.


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