Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Projects

Today was my last day with the boys both at home. Oldest goes back to school tomorrow. The Hubster went back to work today. What were we to do but to go and see Tangled! The Hubster had no interest since he considers it a girly movie but the boys wanted to see it as well and since Littliest got a movie gift card for his bday I figured today was the perfect day to go. It was super super cute and I was not the only mama there with her boys! There was actually two other moms there with just boys which I thought was super sweet. 

Yesterday resulted in this. I spent pretty much the entire day taking down all the holiday. It looks so bare now that Oldest mentioned today how we needed to go to HobLob and HomeGoods cause our house looks lonely!:) Let the creativity juices flow!
Instead of making New Years resolutions that most of us really never keep...I wont mention  my NutriSystem venture from last year... I decided I was just going to make a list of projects that I WILL complete in a timely manner. I WILL try to control my OCD and ADD this year so I can finally finish projects that yes I started back in the summertime last year.  

The first will hopefully be finished up this weekend. The Hubster busted out our new nail gun yesterday so I know we are very close to a finished island! He is just itching to use the gun!:)

Within the next month I MUST finally complete this one set of panels. That is after I glue together the Dragons in the window and maybe even go outside and clean the windows. They just don't make toys like they use to. I also want to make the tie backs for the cafe curtains and the door panel. Speaking of the door don't tell The Hubster but I think that door may very well become blue before it is all over with!;) Think our fireplace mantel!

I am also hoping to have our Master painted by mid February!! I can't wait now that I have finally found a color I like.

The pantry has already been started on. I need to finish it though then I will share pics. Picture  toile, a new light fixture which is already hanging...Thanx Papa...., a runner which has already been purchased from HomeGoods, and probably green walls like the laundry room since I have a gallon of that paint left over. Maybe even some trim added to the shelves.

Yet, another curtain project that sits half done upstairs. I have one panel done and up in the dining room and well now that it has been several months it is officially bugging me to have only that one panel up. I am hoping to get this done in the next two weeks.

And so y'all don't think I am a total slacker for starting sooooo many projects and not having any of them 100% done yet here is a pic midway of the boys room. They share a room because they want to and because the room is soo freaking huge and well because mama wanted a sewing room and a guest room. My goal was to do this room with as lil money as possible so it took a few months but I finally found all the colors needed in the Lowes Oops section! The week of Christmas there was just not enough going on...Ha!... so I decided to get the room finally done and to top it off I refinished a big boy dresser for Littliest at the same time cause I just HAD to have it all done! I love the room and the boys love it too so as soon as I get a few shelves up and an airplane mobile completed I will do a post on it!
So there is a sneak peek at what I will be working on in the next few months. I hope y'all will continue to join me in all the fun! I also have a few giveaways I am working on since I have not done one in awhile.
Hope your Monday was a good one y'all and that it was not too hard getting back to the daily grind after the holidays! 


  1. Hi Pamela~ everything is looking exciting- can't wait to see the finished rooms~ I love to use the nail gun too... it can be addicting to use...lol! I am loving the sneak peaks you are sharing~ hugs, Courtney

  2. You have a lot on your plate so dont beat yourself up about all the projects that need to be completed.
    Just pick one and see it through to its conclusion and then give yourself a big ole pat on the back for a job well done and a couple days to enjoy it... Then you can move on to the next.. In a few months it'll all be done and we'll be right here to applaud your accomplishments and praise your skills...

    Good Luck~!!
    ps" love the green you choose for the bedroom...

  3. Thanks for sharing some of the projects you are going to be working on! I can't wait to see them when they are all finished, especially the rooms :)
    P.S. ~ I love the curtains in your sewing room!

  4. Oh I love it, your in good company. Im beginning to call my house "the project" Just when I think I have everything to finish a project a new one comes up that has more priority. Like I told myself I was going to finally decorate my bedroom. Next thing you know the boys bathroom was leaking so that went higher on the priority list. LIFE... especially with children (mom of 3boys, ages 14,10and 8) My younger two have chosen to stay in one room also. I'm confident your projects will get done, at least sometime before they move out and go to college. lol

  5. As a mother to three boys, I LOVE your comment about having to glue the dragons back together as one of your projects! You are right about them not making toys like the used to PLUS they just don't make toys that can stand up to some boys! Love your blog ... I'll be back to see how your projects shape up; lots of inspiration here - Thanks!


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