Friday, January 14, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over!

Ladies ladies ladies all I can say is I am ever so grateful for all of your lovely comments about the kitchen island!!  I never thought it would get as much of a response as it has. I will soon be making a post on what products were used to achieve the final result since some of you have been emailing me and asking.

In honor of y'alls sweetness and my valentine blog make over Littliest and I made a special treat this morning to share with y'all! It is in the fridge so as soon as it is chilled I will take pics before they all get eaten!;)
Other than playing with the blog and visiting y'all and making a sweet I have been drooling over this piece on the local yard sale site. Isn't she gorgeous!! I called and she was on hold and well sad story she was picked up. Sigh....

Then I got really excited because they also listed her sister!! She would go perfect in the guest room. Alas though she is on hold as well and so I sit and wait and wait some more to see if it was meant to be. Hope y'all are having a wonderful Friday! Since Littlest is napping I am off to visit some more of ya! Thanx to the new follows! I look forward to knowing ya!:)


  1. Oh my, did you make an extra batch of that goodness just for lil ole me : ) Your are so kind, HA!!

    Your island is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! Do you want to come and redo my kitchen??!!! No pressure, HA!!

  2. Those are beautiful I am crossing my fingers for you! Thank you for the treats!!

  3. You're very sweet! I hope you get the dresser!

  4. Pamela.. I bought that same piece in the top photo 3 weeks ago.. I was planning to paint it..
    I hope you get the piece you want..

    dessert?? I'm ready.. keeping a tight grip on my spoon and tucking a napkin in my shirt.. call as soon as its ready , please:)

  5. Love your blog!! Found you through the Texas Blogging Gals page and came over to meet you, I love meeting fellow Texans and am your newest follower!! Hope you'll pop over for a visit often!! :)
    The island is GORGEOUS!!!!


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