Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trial and Error

 Hey y'all! Hope your weekend was a great one! We have enjoyed ours very much so. We decided to get out and do more things as a family this year and so far it has been a blast! The Hubster has been such a wonderful Hubster  and has been helping me finish some of my projects!
This is what we worked on this weekend! I started it back I think in September and so I am really really excited about how close we are to finishing it!

We went out and purchased a few must haves. 

Cut some trim for the first time ever. Make sure you have plenty of extra cause it is all about trial and error!

Ended up with this which we are very pleased with though it is not perfect it is pretty darn good for our first time doing trim work and using the nail gun!:) I worked on painting the trim out today and yes I did it in the living room. Ignore the fact that I decided to cheat and not paint the bottom of that one shelf!;)

We forgot just how large our kitchen really is. 

Back in came the island with finished painted trim work. Note the sheet on the floor. You can never be tooo careful.

I distressed the new trim work some and then got to work glazing it all. First I used an antiquing glaze I purchased from HobLob and then I went back over the entire piece with some Provincial Minwax stain. Mom called when I was almost done. Let me tell ya, talking on the phone and staining can lead to this.....

I won't repeat what words actually came out of my mouth after I told my mom I had to go and threw the phone down but I am sure you can imagine my horror! I had to lift the island up off the sheet all by myself because shhhh, I did not want to wake The Hubster up and tell him what I just did. Thankfully I got it all cleaned up and opened a ton of windows but the grout still needs a little work in one spot. Any ideas on how to get stain out of grout? 

Mom called to tell me about this!!! It is snowing for the second year in a row in Augusta Ga!! Can you say I am sooo jealous! They are expecting 4-6 inches. Can't wait to see every body's pics of their winter wonderlands on their blogs! As for the island, all that is left is to reattach the new hardware and secure the new top on. I was gonna poly it but that will  have to wait for a nice weekend when I can get all the windows open in the house and we can be outside. I will share our "new" island in the next few days so be sure to come back by for a visit!
Keep warm y'all!
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  1. Pamela that looks awesome! Love the trim~ I know how tricky trim can be, I always need alot of wood filler on hand, lol!
    I hear we are going to get more snow on Tuesday, can't say I'm very excited about it~sigh.

  2. I love your island, Pamela! That is just the type of look I like ~ the colors and the design you did. I know they make a spray cleaner because we tried it when our house was going on the market, just to clean up the grout a little. It worked, but it might be better on a spot like yours and not trying to do your whole floor like I tried to do! I think hubby found it at Home Depot.

    I think we are scheduled to get that snow on Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. Not looking forward to it! I've come to really hate snow!

  3. Your kitchen was already gorgeous Pamela, but I LOVE that gorgeous island. The colors are perfect! I also love your kitchen floors. We are replacing the hardwood in our kitchen with tile and I'm in love with yours. Have a great week!

  4. You guys did a great job, I really love the interest that is adds to the island! Sorry about the stain. I always seem to do something like that no matter how careful I am!

  5. That island is amazing!! I love it to pieces.

    We woke up this morning to 10 inches of snow and it is still snowing. We are suppose to get 12 inches or more...It is beautiful!

  6. You have a beautiful kitchen Pamela! Definitely room to add in an island and I like how you didn't feel like it had to match your existing cabinetry - it is a very artistic stand alone piece. You've done a great job!

    My sister uses Scrubbing Bubbles (stain remover with bleach) by Johnson to clean her tile grout...

  7. Oh no. I hope you can get that stain out of your grout. Yikees. Who knew. Anyway, beautiful progress.

  8. Oh Pamela! It is looking so gorgeous! I mean seriously it is beyond what I imagined in my mind when you first started on it! You guys have worked so hard and even with the occassional accident :-) it is so worth it.

  9. Looks wonderful!Your island has a lot of personality!

  10. Hey Sweetie!

    Oh my goodness, I ***LOVE**** that island. I love all the detail and the distressed look....AMAZING!

    XOXO ~Liz

  11. love the way your island turned out.
    simply beautiful


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