Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Master Bedroom Inspiration

As if I do not have enough projects started I am in the midst of working on our master bedroom. I have NEVER shared pics of this room and y'all will see why in a moment! Ha!  I thought that I had decided on a paint color for in there until my Paula Deen magazine arrived last week. 

Paula was sharing the updates in her home and one of them is her master bedroom which use to be painted a deep chocolate brown. Very pretty but very dark. This change I fell in love with. It makes the room nice and airy. What I do not like is her new chandy. 
Anyways, Paula's room then reminded me of this pic which was in my inspiration file. Sonya over at Beyond the Screen Door posted it awhile back. She made those gorgeous curtains that I instantly fell in love with. I actually love all the colors in this room and it reminds me a little of our master or I should say what our master could become.

Here is what I threw on the wall last week after seeing Paula's room. The top color is SW Biltmore Buff. Paula's room is SW Tansey Green but I felt it was a little too green for us so I just went up on the color strip and found Ryegrass. And yes those are gorgeous custom window treatments you are seeing there. I hung them myself just after we moved in! HA!:) Not quite as lovely as Sonya's but hopefully one day they will be.

Soooo, here is a view of our master. Yes, those glorious window treatments add a touch of ghetto chic to the room. The air mattress is for when one of the boys decides to come in at night. No the bed is not made. Just keeping it real for y'all! Our bedding I found back in March at Kohls and fell in love with it instantly. It was my birthday present. I guess turning 35 had its perks.

Here is a view of the opposite side of the room. I am wanting to create some architectural detail by adding stained wood trim above the doors kinda in a farm house style if ya know what I mean?! I think it will add to the french country theme I am attempting to make thru out our home. It will frame up the entire opening above the doors. Then I want to bring the same stained wood above the windows and hang treatments from them. Still trying to figure out fabs for those. The ghetto chic is really bugging me since we have now been in our home for 17 months! Please don't judge me!;)

Yes, I do think I am going with Ryegrass and hopefully before The Nana & The Papa arrive for Christmas! I can't wait! 


  1. I like that color, Pamela! I can see the green in your new bedding, which is also very pretty. Nice present! : ) You've got a nice big room to work with here.

  2. Pamela,
    I love it and it looks great with your bedding! Can't wait to see your pictures when you are finished! I am going to have to look for Paula's magazine, too! Looks like a good issue!

  3. That color is going to be wonderful! I am looking forward to see the end results.

  4. Love that color green! It's going to look fabulous!!

  5. Hi Pamela! I totally love the direction you are going with in your room. That bedding is gorgeous and the paint color will be perfect! We have a very soft green in our master bedroom too and I love it. Your moldings are incredible and the color will pop and accentuate your awesome ceiling height and detail! I actually like Sonya's inspiration pic better than Paula's and its not just because I like Sonya as much as I do. :-)

  6. I've never shown my room either! I just feel it's nothing special. I love the inspiration pic from Sonya's! She is so talented and I want those curtains!!! Can't wait to see your room!

  7. Yes, that color will be wonderful on your walls and blend so beautifully with your bedding.
    Can't wait to see it all come together.
    ♥ Joy

  8. Pamela, you do such lovely things! I agree...that comforter is a must you think they still have it??? I might just go take a peek and see if it's still's so vivid and feminine! I can't wait to see what you pull off! :)

  9. I can see it's all going to be fabulous!!!!

  10. Love the green color. It goes well with the comforter. Can't wait to see what you do. It's always A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

  11. Love the idea you're going for in your bedroom... It will be beautiful.

    I experienced something similar with our master. I tried a neutral tan, but it was too beige. Went to a green, but it was too green. Then, I tried SW Harmonic Tan. It sometimes looks tan (in the daylight) and sometimes looks a little sage-like (at night) We loved it so much we did the dining room, office and alcove of the Living Room the same color... It's great. You should check it out. VERY neutral -- and works well with French Country. Not overwhelming at all.

    Best wishes,


  12. Can't wait to see the bedroom painted! LOve that color! I'm going to start exploring your blog and I am your newest follower!

  13. You sound like me, I have so many irons in the fire right now. I know I can't finish before Christmas and that is when I want everything to be so perfect. I am your newest follower as of right now. It is going to be beautiful, I know it is. Please stop by and visit me some time. Teresa

  14. Hey Pamela, so glad you came back and visited, and thanks for all of your sweet comments. As far as the rooster pictures you like so well, they are oil paintings. I bought them at a furniture market and think I still have the web site saved somewhere. I will see if I can find it and send to ya. You can go on line and order from them (I think) without a business ID or tax number. Will see what I can come up with. Teresa

  15. I just found your blog! Love it!
    I LOOOOOOOVE picture 4...It actually made me Laugh Out Loud!!!
    Ive been in hat same spot! I have an Interior Design Blog and im doing 14 days of Christmas Trees...WHEW! Would love for you to stop by, plus I have a GIVEAWAY!

    *ENTER PAMPERING Give-Away Here *


  16. Hey there Pamela~
    I love the color for your walls and can't wait to see the finished product~ I have to tell you, I have that same bedding (or one really similar from Kohls) I love it! It is GORGEOUS and heavy and nice! Great birthday choice!!! :)

  17. Oh yes, the ryegrass is perfect! I'm loving your blog!!


  18. OMGoodness I love your ghetto chic room lol...I have to thank you for sharing this peek into your most personal space, my own master bedroom is a mish-mosh of lost pieces, boxes and very bare walls...and I was feeling bad that after 7 months I am nowhere closer to getting it done than the day we moved in.

    BTW Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments...Bravo sure is a special boy and we just love him, though he malted his tail feathers this week and we kinda laugh at him behind his pitiful back hehe.



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