Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making a House a Home A Year Later

It is amazing what all changes in just a year. It seems like yesterday we were packing up and heading back here to Texas. Our home was a complete and total blank slate which made me love it all the more. Our home in Baton Rouge was just a stop over and since I knew we would only be there for 2 years I did not really do anything to it to make it our very own except the landscaping in the front yard but if you have been reading along for awhile you know all about how that went.

Anyways, I just finished up a few projects around the house and stood back looking around. It looks sooo different from when we first moved in last year.

Here is how our living room looked for the first two months or so. I knew how I wanted the curtains to look before we even moved in so we purchased the fab at HobLob literally the same day the movers were packing up the truck to head here. My inspiration came from Shannon over at Bless Our Nest. Many things have changed since those first few months.

Here is the mantel. Nice as it was it was just a mantel. Nothing special that said hey look at me. Notice my seasonal tree. It was retired after much peer pressure. I would decorate it for every season. Now it sits leaning against the wall in "my" closet. "My" closet has been dedicated as the decor closet and holds all my pretties and Christmas decor. I know crazy but true. I am not a big clothes or shoe horse so one closet works out just fine for The Hubster and me.

Here is our living room today. Come on in and visit awhile! What a vast difference a year makes uh!? I painted the walls Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams back in November before I busted out the Christmas decor. It completely warmed the room right up. Two weeks ago I had found sheers at Tuesday morning and after a few adjustments was able to carry out my inspiration pics that I had filed away on the desktop. I was excited since I had been looking for sheers for a while now and found ALL six at one Tuesday Morning instead of having to hunt them down at differ stores. It is a hit or miss with those places. I originally had planned to do bamboo blinds but glad I went in a differ direction. What is even nicer is that the sheers were just $4.99 a panel!

Here is the fireplace today. It got a face lift back in the spring when I decided to take a leap of faith and painted it. It actually took me two tries before I ended up with this look. I hope to one day maybe change out the granite surround. I know this sounds crazy but I love me a beautiful brick fireplace! It took me forever to find a mirror I liked for the mantel. I had purchased one from Kirklands but it just did not feel right and is now in the dining room. Then one day it dawned on me that we already had the perfect mirror for the mantel tucked away in our closet. It actually goes to our dresser but we do not use it. I think it adds great scale to the area. I still need to find flowers for the tin hanging on the wall. I moved one of the frenchy chairs that was in the dining room in here. I always had wanted a chair by the fireplace. Hunting for some new pillows for the chairs and couch.

Last week was the first time I really enjoyed the vignette on this table/dresser. It makes the perfect spot for my frenchy decor books. I love my angel! She actually goes to a Manger scene that The Nana purchased for me a few years back. I just thought the she was soo pretty that I have always left her out on display all year long. I like to think that she helps watch over us.

This is my fave addition to the spot! It is a picture of my mom and her family. My mom and I look almost identical! I will have to find pics of us at the same age and show ya'll one day. I still need to glaze the frame. It use to be gold.

This here needs some loving but I am at a lost. I figure it will come to me sooner or later. Pretty pretty sad right now though. Suggestions welcomed.

I just changed out the fireplace vignette last week as well because The Hubster bought me that cool rooster candle sconce ya see over there in the corner.

We were in Steinmart a few weeks back and I saw it and LOVED it!! It is made from what would have been an old clay roof tile. I almost did not get it because it cost $30 and well I thought that was insane for one candle sconce but it was the only one they had and so I went back in and got it since The Hubster said go ahead. I figured I could always take it back if I ever came to my senses. Well after I rearranged and made a home for it I knew it HAD to stay. Last night after looking thru Romantic Homes magazine I decided to visit some of the websites that were advertising in there. There are a ton of sites with french country inspired home decor. I could have spent hours going thru them all. Anyways, I happened upon one site and they had almost identical sconces and you will not believe what they were asking for um!!?? Go ahead and guess. I bet you never would imagine that they were asking $190 for just one!! So that $30 is not looking too bad after all! Ha!

Last but not least I found these knobs at HobLob last week while shopping with The Nana before The Papa decided that he was no longer in his "I am feeling fine" stage. I have been trying to find some knobs that would work for awhile now on our tv armoire. This is like the fourth set. I think they will stay for awhile.

So it has been a year and even though it would have been super easy to have redone everything all at once when we first moved in if we had had a money tree in the back yard I do not think that I would have been as happy with it. The most important thing I have learned is that you do not have to buy all new things or even spend a lot of money to make your house a home. Sometimes you already have what you are looking for right under your nose and it doesn't have to cost a thing! As for our living room I think I am safe in saying that other than some new pillows it is actually one room in our home that is 90% complete. The other 10% would be new hand scraped wood floors which I am officially holding my breathe till I get!;) I am still looking for that money tree in the backyard. Next up on my completion list is the dining room! Not far to go in there and I can not wait to share the new curtains! Well not new but improved curtains.

Hope you all are enjoying your long holiday weekend with family and friends!

Heading over to party at BNOTP Metamorphosis Monday! See ya'll there!


  1. Pamela your home is gorgeous. I love it and think I will move to your house in my old age - shhhh, don't tell Mindy :) I love everything you've done to nest and make it your home.

  2. So pretty! But you know you won't ever be completely finished! If you're like me, by the time you've worked your way through the house you'll be ready to start over!
    That's just the way it is, you know!
    Looks beautiful! Great job!

  3. I just love your home!!! It's so warm and fun! Love your fireplace!

  4. Wow it's so pretty! Your window treatments are awesome and I love how you painted your mantle!!!

  5. I think we are all looking for that money tree, Pamela! : ) You did a great job and I love Sherwin Williams Whole Wheat. I have recommended that color on more than one occasion. Your drapes look wonderful. Love the piece you used to hold them. It takes time, but eventually you get your home the way you want it.

  6. Your home is just beautiful! What wonderful changes you have made.

  7. Such a warm and inviting space Pamela. Those window treatments were the crown jewel!!! Love them.

  8. Very pretty. Love the fabric for the drapes and you have made your home look so warm and inviting. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Pamela! I love getting to see more of your living room! I think we may have the same fabric in our house?! You guys have done such a great job personalizing it and it looks so cozy and warm. Love it!

  10. What a lovely home you have, I just love your decorating style, it speaks to me...Love it all.

    I am visiting from the linky party over at BNOP. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Your living room is so inviting. I want to come in and chat with ya : )

    I still absolutely love the mantle. So cool.

    The curtains make a room. Love it.

  12. Looks gorgeous, Pamela! All your hard work - and patience! - has definitely paid off. :) Such a beautiful room!

  13. I absolutely love the way you've hung the curtain panels in your living room. I've been looking at hooks like these at Hobby Lobby for ages thinking I should hang curtains from them. But just have not done it. Seeing it on your blog convinces me I should!

    It looks fabulous.


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