Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitchen Islands

Topic for the day- Kitchen Islands. If you do not have one I bet you wish you did at lest that is my theory. We have had an island in all of our homes except the one we are in now. I hated that but The Hubster agreed we could purchase one.

The space we thought was too small for a standard size island so this was my compromise. A smallish butcher block furniture style island. I purchased it in Baton Rouge at an unfinished furniture  store. Shortly after we moved in I finished it in black with distressing and a dark walnut glaze. I loved it. What I did not love was the fact that though it gave me extra work room it was still just too small. 
The rents in law came from Ga a few weeks back and brought me this! They just finished having their kitchen redone due to an unfortunate water leak in their kitchen back in June while we were at the beach. Since The Nana had a new island built she offered this one to me. I originally thought it was going to be too large in the kitchen and was planning on using it in my sewing room as long as The Nana and The Papa were okay with me tweaking it. They were so I was excited. The Hubster wanted me to try it in the kitchen first though before they moved it up the stairs seeing as the granite top makes it weigh a ton!
They brought it in and I was unsure but at the same time was kinda digging it. After a day I feel in love with it! I had soo missed being able to sprawl out everything and the functionality of this island can not be beat. The baskets hold our bread and the drawer and cabinet are double sided! It surely was a winner. The Hubster and The Papa were excited as well since they were not going to have to lug it up the stairs.
My creative thoughts started running wild and I double tripled made sure it was okay to tweak the island. See even though it is a wonderful piece it does not flow with the french country feel I am trying to create in our home. It has more of a modern feel than a traditional feel. So of course paint will play a huge roll in this overhaul.

I had asked abt the possibility of chopping the legs off and putting on some bun feet. Possible but practical I don't think so. As for color, I was thinking maybe going with black again. Yes, it already has a black sometime greenish granite but I will get to that in a moment.
Instead of bun feet I decided that I wanted to make it look like it is built in. The Hubster and I went to Lowes last weekend and we found some trim to go around the bottom like this island. Though there is not enough room to be as fancy as this one I think it will still look nice. See the bead board on the end of that island? I am thinking of adding that to the sides of mine or just doing a picture molding. What cha think?? And what abt the cream color with a glaze??
Then again what screams french country more than a red island!! Not sure if I am brave enough for that or not.
How about a green finish with a cream undercoat and of course distressing!? See that wooden top on this island and several of the others? Yep, the granite is going in the closet and we are buying a wood top from Lowes!! I am soo excited! The Nana got a good "are you crazy" laugh when I  mentioned a wood top but she will become a believe I think. Besides we can always change it back if we want.  
This is our kitchen table and chairs. So mull it over and tell me what color you would paint it. I am gonna put a poll on my sidebar. I kinda already have my choice picked but I am keeping that a secret!;)

P.s. If ya are from around these parts and need a smallish butcher block island in like new condition minus one tiny lil' spot let me know! I NEVER cut on it. They sell anywhere from $500-$1000 on the Internet so I am sure you will agree it will be a deal!

P.s.s Still getting use to this new blogger. Urgh! This is my third attempt at this post. Gone are the days of posts taking only 20 minutes!:(

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  1. Hi Pamela! I am so excited to see what you are going to do with that fabulous island! What a great gift! Now, I know you thought you might not be brave enough for it but I kinda like the idea of the red! It would be a great pop of color in your kitchen and if you distressed it just enough it wouldn't be too bright/bold. That is just my humble opinion though! Those photos are so great and make me want to redo MY island too! Would you consider linking this up to my Inspiration Friday party? You might get some more opinions on your island! :-)

  2. I love my island. Wish I could post a picture of my kitchen redo back in November. I had my island completely redone and changed out the cook top. If you are curious you can find it on my blog during the Nov. '09 posts. What a crazy time but so worth it!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Hey Pamela,
    Loving the new island and can't wait to see what you decide to do with it! I LOVE the red or black- but red is my favorite color so I always think that looks fantastic! Black is a great choice no matter what- as is white. I think as far as going with your kitchen cabinets- I am thinking the cream or the green would be amazing with a darker honey stained top. Good luck deciding!! No matter what you do- it is going to be beautiful! :)

  4. Pamela. How perfect that they brought you that island and it fits so nicely. Sorry about the plumbing story behind it, but you scored!
    My island is painted black/distressed edges. My cabinets are stained in my kitchen. I really love the contrast and with the black on your countertops - I vote black.
    Can't wait to see it.
    I know you will work wonders.
    ♥ Joy

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  7. Lucky Duck you are! I think no matter what color you paint it, it will turn out fabulous. I did vote and I just love a vote where I can change my mind. Hmmmm....the President?????

    I LOVE the larger photos. They look fabulous and what a treat because I feel like they are all for ME :) Does your mom like them? Sorry it took you so long yesterday. Mindy and I had a discussion about New Blogger and she told me she hated it when she tried to covert her old blog stuff and it made her crazy. So, don't feel like it was just you.

  8. Hi Pamela !

    Had to come and visit when i saw another Pamela out there! Love your blog...I'm a new follower!
    Pamela from French Buttons

  9. I love all these eye candy pictures, Pamela! I would be happy in any one of these kitchens you've shown. Not that I cook, I just like a really nice looking kitchen {and I have no problem keeping someone else who is cooking company}. : )

  10. Go for the red! You know you want to! :-)


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