Monday, November 16, 2009

Not So Good

Things are not so hot around here right now. You may or may not have heard me mention The Hubsters sleep apnea saga and now things just got worse. At midnight last night he woke up with food poisoning!! Things were just awful till abt 8am and now he just feels like crap. We are sooo tired but thankfully it was just The Hubster...knocking on wood....and that The Nana has been here to help!! We also had plumbing issues and found out Littliest may or may not have ring worm on his foot. Treating it as such for now. It truly has been a Monday for us.
So with that being said I am a little behind on orders so please be patient as I try to get back to my sewing. I am just two days behind so with a good morning to sew I should be caught back up. Hoping that morning will be tomorrow!
Please keep us in your prayers

P.s Hello to my new followers!! Thanx for stopping by!!


  1. Isn't it always one thing or another! Darn kids pick up everything. My Tess got pinworms in kindergarten.

    Sorry about the food poisoning. When first married, hubby got food poisoning from eating alligator. I did not want to get to know my new husband in "that way", so soon after the for better or for worse.

  2. Oh my...I am sending good thoughts your way and offering up prayers for all of you!!!


  3. Food poisoning is the worst!

    Tell me where it was from so I don't go there!

    Glad you had fun at all your stops this weekend!

  4. So sorry to hear about the hubster!!!! Cannot wait to see pics of the buffet!!! We were so glad you got it...Someone called about 2 hours after you left and said she thought about the buffet all night and was coming to get it!! I had to tell her it sold and she was soooo sad!!! Hope everyone is better at your house soon!!


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