Thursday, October 29, 2009

Premio Meme Award-Your Turn!

This award involves spilling my guts by telling you seven random things about me. Then I have to choose seven more people that I want to know more about.

It has been awhile since I made the rounds thru my list of bloggy friends I follow. I am waiting for storms to blow thru and so instead of sleeping I decided it was as good of time as any to go down my list. Thankfully we do have the Apple on a serge protector!Ha! No seriously!
Anyways, I stopped by to visit Stephanie over at One Crafty Hunter. I love seeing what all she has made! While I was reading thru her post I spotted her post titled Premio Meme Award- Your Turn! I was intrigued on what this was since I know there are many awards out there in the blogosphere. Basically it is a list of questions that a fellow blogger sends your way to answer so they can get to know you better. After you answer those questions you pick seven more people to pass it on to. As I was reading down Stephanie's list I saw a name I recognized. It was mine!:)
I feel so bad because her post was done on Oct 21 and I had no idea since I have been out of loop so I apologize Stephanie and feel honored that you have chosen me to get to know better.
It says that you just need to post seven random things abt yourself so to help prevent my OCD kicking in I will use some of the same questions that were asked of Stephanie and then make up the rest!HA.

What inspired you to blog? I started blogging almost two years ago. I started over at It was a way for me to try and basically drum up sales and talk abt every day life and my fabric addiction. Well life took over and I ended up mostly rambling abt life. I decided to start my current blog because I was sooo inspired by others and their many adventures in life, love, and decorating! I still keep my old blog open because well it has many things posted abt our life in Baton Rouge that I do not want to loose.

What is your favorite kind of project? I have to say this is where my OCD really kicks in. I love to do all sorts of things. I love to sew but have been overwhelmed with the new house that it has honestly taken a back seat and I have been getting frustrated with my machine. I love to redo furniture. I just finished refurbishing the cabinet doors in our laundry room. Two hours well spent I think. I also love scrap booking or I should say collection scrap book things. I love all those papers!! There is a scrap book store in Foley Al I always have to go to when we go to Gulf Shores. I love it!

What three projects do you wish you could finish? Geez, I have so many!;) First I would like to finish painting our living room. Then I would say finish the cafe curtains The Nana helped out with last week and almost was complete till we decided to add ribbon to um. Then I would say I would like to paint my boys room. Oldest remembers when we lived in TX the last time around and how I had painted a mural in his big boy bedroom. For the entire two yrs we were in Baton Rouge he asked for me to do that again but I knew we were moving from day one so I left the color alone since it flowed with the rest of the house. Here I have promised him and Littliest some type of dinosaur theme on the walls. I will probably cheat and paint the walls and then use decals. Not sure how good of a T Rex I could paint.

How did I learn to sew? I started learning to sew actually when we were first married. I remember The Hubster buying me a manual sewing machine so I could make curtains for our dining room/breakfast room in the apartment. I remember purchasing some Martha Stewart table cloths and napkins to make um. I was not good at it but at the time I thought they were wonderful. After I got prego with Oldest geez almost seven yrs ago I noticed tons of home made baby items and said hey I can do that and I did. I can NOT for the life of me read patterns no matter how hard I try so I made all my patterns and still do till this day. I would love to take a real sewing class one of these days because there are so many things I want to learn to make from tops and bottoms to purses.

Do I have any collections and if so what? That is a hard one. I guess I would say I collect "pretties" which equals anything and everything to decorate with that the boys are not allowed to touch. We have two master closets and well um one is designated just for all of those um "pretties". Ha! I need to get some shelving up in there then it won't look so bad. I really do not have one specific thing I go after. I love anything vintage and french country looking but also a little bit of Pottery Barn mixed in with some HobLob style. OCD again really!

Okay so this is where I come up with two more questions.....

What has been the proudest moment of my life? I don't have one per say. I actually have two and they mean the world to me. Oldest and Littliest are just amazing and I thank God for them every day and I thank God and The Hubster every day because I get to stay at home with them.Which leads me to my last question.

What did you want to be when you grew up? My dream was to honestly be a wife and stay at home mom. No joke! My mom was a stay at home mom and I loved knowing that she was always there for me in the mornings and afternoons when I would get home from school. I also had a very good friend who was a stay at home mom and I saw how much she got to do with her boys that I just knew I would have to give that up if I had to work. I know I am truly blessed to be here with my boys and I also know that one day it may all end so I cherish or try to remind myself to cherish each and every moment! Honestly I don't know how working moms handle it all! My hats go off to them!

So there ya have it seven random tidbits of info abt me. Whose next??? I tried to remember who all takes the time out to stop by and visit! Nothing personal if I forgot somebody or left ya off because I know you are way too busy with four kiddos and don't really blog all that much yourself. Yes I am talking abt you Amy!!

I look forward to reading abt everybody and well since it i snow midnight and storming yet again I am headed to bed. Have a good one ya'll!


  1. Hey Pamela! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that you saw your award! I just love your blog. I didn't realize how much alike we are. I L.O.V.E fabric as well! It's getting ridiculous, I need to slow down on the buying and start sewing ;)
    I too, now want to blog more about my life then blog just about my crafts but not sure if I should start just yet. Maybe I should start another blog like you did. That's a good idea.
    I love how you call Hobby Lobby, HobLob...cute! AND I SO, SO, SO want to be a stay at home Mom one day. I guess I need to become a Mom before the "stay at home" part ;)
    I loved your answers and getting to know more about you! I have no doubt that if we lived close to one another we would be OCD friends and could enjoy lots of craft dates :)
    Have a great raining Friday!!


  2. I am honored that you though of me! May I please have some time to think about my answers since my last post was heart-wrenching? You are just the sweetest and I'm glad you like to sew. Me too....just got a machine last Christmas from Hubby and I took lessons. I'm good at hacker sewing. LOL. Hugs.

  3. I really should check my spelling.

  4. Take your time Marla! It does take some time. I think I spent almost two hours figuring out my answers.

  5. Thank you for including me! I will have to ruminate on this for awhile!

  6. Well that was a fun read! That's interesting that you make up you own patterns. I have the hardest time reading patterns!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    P.S. BTW it's Penny at The Comforts of Home

  7. Thanx Manuela! It was after midnight when I was doing this post. I now have corrected t! I guess I should always proof read the next day. Thanx for stopping by!:)

  8. Love you, girl! :) Sorry I've been missing from your blog lately! Brady got over the flu, family visited, winter lacrosse started, and now Marlow and Jack have colds. Not that I'm busy or anything! :)

    Gonna keep reading the entries I missed and see what amazing things you've done!

    Happy Monday!


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