Friday, October 16, 2009

A HomeGoods Kinda day.

EDIT NOTE: NO WAY!!! Look what I just found over on Horchow! Mine are not an exact match but just as beautiful and let me tell ya for everything ya see on my table I paid less than $80 for it. Divide their set by the 20 pieces it has and thats $10.45 a piece on sale!I think I am in love even more!Ha!

Hey ya'll! Hope today has been a good day for ya. Today it has been BEAUTIFUL out and the weekend promises to be the same with it getting all the way down to 50 at night! Quite a change from the 101 heat index we had yesterday!! I am very thankful and giddy abt the cooler weather and hope it stays around awhile.
Speaking of being giddy, Littliest and I went to HomeGoods since I had not been in abt two weeks. He was rather upset that the Halloween stuff was almost gone and being replaced with Christmas. I on the other hand was thrilled. I found two little somethings I will share in another post.
That was not why I was giddy though! I found these!!

It was a small display on the end of one of the isles. They had the blue china and then they also had a mustard color. I fell in love with the blue!

I have been wanting to add blue to the dinning room in some form or fashion and then I saw these and knew they were the piece to the puzzle I was missing. I am going to pair the blue with white.

See that big white bowl? It was just $12.99!! I swear it was mis-marked. The oval platter will become a chalk board with the saying "Give Many Thanks". I can just see these displayed in the china hutch with a black and white Harlequin background.

Here is what I first had in mind for the setting. Now I am not so sure I will keep this particular white plate. I am two short and I think it may be a little busy. Speaking of being a little short I am missing several pieces to my 6 sets I needed. I bought only a sample to see if they were the one and just an hour later when I returned some other lady fell in love too and bought half what they had. I pretty much finished the rest off but am hoping they get more in. I still need 3 bowls, 2 tea cup sets ,and I think 2 blue plates as well as 2 white plates if I keep those. Oh and the china hutch!;) If the one in my previous post is still available come Sunday we will drive down there and attempt to get it. If not I am sure something else will come up closer to home.

Have you found something this week at HomeGoods you just love???


  1. hey pam, I'd be glad to look for you at our Home Goods and see if they have it here If you want me to, you can email me, and we can swap phone mumbers, and I can let you know if they have the pieces you need. Just let me know.


  2. They have some of those pieces at our Home Goods but I'm soooo far away from you :) I have one of the white plates (either the same or close to) on my living room mantle with a black wood plate holder. Love em.

  3. They do get in differ but similar styles all the time. I had seen a similar blue back in the Spring when we had come house hunting. I missed out then.

  4. OMG! I have the mustard yellow and the blue but I only have the plates. I love everything else!!! Lucky!!

  5. WE need a HomeGoods here in Louisiana soooo bad! Love those dishes~

  6. oh my gosh Im drooling over your dishes. I need these
    Im having a giveaway over at my blog: if you would like to drop by and check it out!


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