Wednesday, October 14, 2009


but not quite right. I lived with the new background and even though it was truly beautiful it just was not quite right. Not quite me. Now I think I am loving the newest one. It is full of color and still has a vintage flare to it which I was wanting. I just need to try and get The Hubster to fix my header so the blog title is in the center. I have no idea on how to do that since we do not have Photoshop.
Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week! I think we are off to check out the sale pumpkins at Michaels if they have any left. I swore when we drove by the other day they said only $5! I can handle $5 for some faux pumpkins to play around with. So many ideas out there in blog land that I am just dying to try just one!

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  1. Luv the's a keeper! Think I will go by Michael's and check out those $5.00 pumpkins...thanks for sharing!



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