Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thrifty Treasure Thursday=Repost

Edited Note: Hey ya'll! It is week number two of Thrifty Treasure Thursday! Thank you too all you participated last week. I am hoping to have a few more ladies join in on the fun this week!:) Remember that your treasure does not have to be something you just purchased. It can be something you already owned and refurbished or even something that you saw that was a great deal but you passed on.
Here we all have been under the weather so I have not been out and about in the last week. I also have not felt well enough myself to create or recreate any new treasures so I am reposting a post from September. It is one of my fave thrifty purchases/redos and since I have quite a few more bloggy friends since then I figured it would be okay to repost. If you have already seen it I apologize. I promise to have a new treasure next week!

Okay so who did not know Antonio would be the next Design Star?! It was obvious though Dan does have talent. I loved the nursery he did for Jason Priestly. It was gorgeous. Antonio is different though. They have never had an Antonio on HGTV before and well they already have one design guy who likes to take off his shirt. There was no way there would be two.
Now on to MY big reveal! I am so excited abt this project! I had been talking abt having The Papa transform our can light above the kitchen sink so I could hang a mini chandy there. Of course The Nana, The Papa and The Hubster all thought I was nuts and said no way. Well on our Home Depot Trip yesterday I saw this beauty! She was just what I was looking for....almost. I had to have her and the best thing she was on Clearance. Even better she was the last one, a demo so I got an additional $30 off!

She was the perfect shape and had just the right amount of bling but I was not crazy abt the color. It just did not fit with our stuff. So I braved it. I actually painted an $80 brand new fixture! The Hubster was scared. Here is her before picture.

And here is her after pic! I just absolutely love how she turned out!

She hangs graciously over my kitchen sink and you can see her as soon soon as you enter the living room.

I had to buy one of those decorative white cap thingys because the hole for the can light was a tad larger than the cap for the chandy. Instead of leaving it white to match the ceiling I just used the same two spray paints I used for the breakfast room $10 chandy which I already had been working on...that reveal to come later this week.... and a little Rub N Buff in Antique Gold which I already had as well.

The same technique I actually used on the chandy itself. You can see where I used the Rub N Buff on the undersides of the leaves and around the candle bases. A little TINY dab will do ya and if ya already own some Rub N Buff you know this! I wish I could find it in a black and brown as well but so far gold is all my HobLob has.

So there you have the big reveal! She truly is my most fave item in the house... right now!;)


  1. OOOHHH...I love your new chandy!!! It is GORGEOUS!!! It looks so pretty in it's new home!!! LOVE...LOVE...LOVE IT!!!


  2. Thanx Cathy! Even though The Hubster thinks she is over the top she is sooo pretty!

  3. Love your new chandelier! It turned out perfect:-) I don't think I could have been so brave! lol

  4. I'm with AMACO, the company that markets Rub 'n Buff. We are always interested in seeing how consumers use this wonderful product. By the way, the product is available in black and can be purchased on the company website at We do not currently offer a brown, but there is a Spanish copper which might be nice for this type of project.

  5. Thanx Becky! I will have to go and look.I am thinking of doing a giveaway on my next post when I reveal my breakfast room chandy. Also love your last name! Something we have in common.

  6. Pamela, it's GORGEOUS!!!! I'm about to have a fit waiting to see the rest of your house! Hurry up already! ;)

  7. I am getting there. It takes awhile to find good deals!;) Wait till you see my $25 foyer fixture hung!! Still trying to hunt somebody down to hang it. It will cost me than the fixture but hey its is worth it in the end! My next reveal will be the breakfast room I think. Just made some mistreatments and hung the $10 chandy. Stay tuned!

  8. It is perfect! Good job on the painting! When will the family start to trust us with our crazy ideas?

  9. How cute! And what a geat deal!
    I have been looking for lighting like that but have yet to strike gold.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great transformation on your pretty chandy!!

  11. I always love a pretty chandy! And over your sink? so jealous... :-)
    pk @ room remix

  12. I've wanted a light over my sink forever but wasn't sure what to do about the ceiling can light hole. Thanks for sharing your beautiful chandy. Now I am motivated to work on my light.

  13. Woohoo! I love it! I was literally eyeing that chandy in Home Depot a few days ago. I wasn't wild about the color and I LOVE what you did with yours.

  14. Oh my, that is just delightful!!!!

  15. I do like Antonio too. He is awesome and your right the nursery was beautiful that he designed.

    Your new chandy is soooo gorgeous! Love it!

    Thanks for coming by and your kind Congrats. I really can't believe I won. ~WOW!

  16. Very pretty! I love the chandy, Pam! Have a wonderful day!

  17. I love your Chandy. What a great idea to crown you kitchen sink with it. I love the vision you had for it.
    My daughter wants one in her room. I told her maybe we could find a used one somewhere and re-do it to match her room.
    She'll love yours. Its exactly what she wants to do.
    ♥ Joy


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