Thursday, May 21, 2009

Come on in and chat awhile!

It is time to celebrate ya all!!! After a year of blogging I think I may have finally figured out how to download my pics in order with room to ramble!:) You just do not know how excited I am!
Well this post is all about Dining Rooms. Kelly from over at Kelly's Korner started "Show Us Where You Live Friday" a few weeks back. Every Friday she picks a different room for us all to share. I have had soooo much fun looking at everybody's rooms and it literally takes at least an hour to browse thru them all! I finally had to join in on the fun now that I am semi close to getting this darn blog set up right! So here it goes!

Welcome to our home! This here is the view of our dinning room from our front door. You know you are just jealous over that train table!;) No dinning room is complete without one. There is not much to our dinning room as you see since we use it as a playroom. I do LOVE our hand scraped wood floors and our 14 ft ceilings! I will miss them dearly when we move. The floors are perfect for families with small children. The boys can nick it or scratch it and you can NEVER tell and in the places you can I just use a touch up stain pen and whola perfect again! Now mind you they are not that rough on the floors but there are places that pen has come quite handy!

Now this here is my big plan for our dinning room in the next house! I was at Havertys one day a few weeks back with the little one and we were browsing the clearance section actually looking for a couch to speak to me when low and behold this beauty was there! She was marked down to $375 and originally was almost $800 and had been sitting there since January!! She was a showroom sample and did not have her extra leaf that would allow you to seat 10 but I did not care in the least! We do not ever have ten people over for dinner ever. She has a few superficial scratches on her that she would get from first use anyways and they will most likely come out with a good polishing so I told hubby abt it and said if I loved it to get it. I was able to talk them down  and we left out of there for just $303 with tax!! Now that is a steal! I love a bargain any day and our home is full of um.
So since we are moving back to Tx and well if you are from Tx or live in Tx you all know abt a Tx Basement ie. a gameroom, the boys will be moving up stairs and mama finally after 8 years gets a grown up dining room! It has never really been an issue until recently now that the boys are older and nobody is using a high chair but now when the Gps come into town we all squeeze around the kitchen table that sits four and have to bring in the office chairs. It will be nice to actually have a place to sit without the cramming.   

This here is a peek at her leg and YIKES do not supersize it! I did not realize how much dust was in there! SORRY! I love the distressed aged look. She will be hopefully sliding under our bed when the in laws come in to watch the boys for house hunting. She weighs a TON. We would love to set her up in the dining room for staging purposes  but we would have to get a storage place and well EVERYTHING has to be on site when the movers come to quote a price on moving us so it would be crazy to move stuff out for  a week or two and have to buy the chairs and all on top of that.    

This is the fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby my second home. I am hoping to make some mistreatments with it. I am torn on what color I want the room to be. Maybe a buttery yellow or maybe a green. I just do not know.  Right now the entire house is 50  million shades of khaki so I am ready for some color but not sure what the main color of the new house will be. Right now I have SW Khaki Shade picked out for the main portions of the home along with Olympic Dusty Yellow for the dining room and Laura Ashley Olive 4 for the kitchen. I had Olive 3 in our dining room in our previous homestead and loved it but wanted something richer for the kitchen. I keep seeing pics of rooms done in SW Blonde though and just love it but when I look at the sample thingy it looks sooo different! It looks a light golden yellow in pics and if I decide to try it out and like it then I would have to go with a different color for the dining room.

This is the table from the Havertys Website. She is called Ebony or licorice. Not sure which. 

I like to be different and so I do not usually go for matchy matchy things and well I just do not like the chairs that go with the table so I found this chair at Pier One that would work.

Then this is the bench that I know we are getting once we get moved. I have loved this bench for over two years now and finally have a reason to purchase it!  There has always been a reason but not one the hubby would agree to!;) I have thought abt a wrought iron style bench though. I saw one I LOVED at the local garden store but it is almost $400 and not quit sure how comfortable that would be. I think it would look so nice though. I will have to try and stop by and take a pic of it to share and see what ya think. 

This is the matching black chair again not big on the matchy thing but still trying to decide wether to go with this one or the Pier One chair. Probably will end up with the Pier one since we can just go and purchase them and not worry abt shipping cost. 

So there ya have it ladies! I am so happy you stopped by! Please share your comments and come back again soon. I am sure I will have plenty to ramble on about! Ha! Now off to see if I can get this Mr Linky thing down. Be sure to stop on by Kelly's and browse other wonderful dining rooms though I am sure that is where you all came from!  


  1. LOVE the new table!!! And I am always drawn to that fabric in Hobby Lobby. Or, at least I was when I was in Texas - where they actually HAD them! Do not fret, though: when we move, I will be exactly 6.0 miles away from HL. CANNOT. WAIT!!!

  2. Hehehe! I will be down to just one!:( I do not visit the second one often but it is great when I am on the hunt for something! When we move I will have to drive all the way to West Houston to get to any others or down south and that won't happen.

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  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. What a bargain on that table! And the fabric is so pretty. I don't think you can go wrong with butter yellow or green!

  5. Yeah, I went running in to tell hubby that I found the color of our new home and as he was walking in my sewing room he said it better not be yellow!:) I did yellow at our last house and it took four different tries to get the yellow I actually wanted! I informed him Peanut Shell is not yellow but ya know peanut shell.

  6. Thanx for stopping by Christian!


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