Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay so like I said we have a ton going on around here and it seems I have not posted since the 8th! So sorry!! Not a way to treat new followers! I did not even know I had any! So hello new followers and welcome! Good thing though is that the cleaning fairy did arrive to our home and it is almost 100% ready to go on the market! Thanx for sending her over Amy! I just have a few little things left to take care  of. The only big thing left is that dreaded touch up painting. What a horror story that one is! The paint the builder left behind spoiled and so I went to purchase it new and fresh. The people at the paint store seemed to have no clue on what to sell me even though I told them what colors I needed and what for! $60 later my walls look worse than when I started and needless to say I will not being going back to SW for anymore touch up paint. They want to charge me $200 for the correct paint which they should have sold to me in the first place. That would have been fine only if I had not already spent $60 on it! So now my plan of action is to just buy quarts of paint at Lowes that match up with the matchy card thingys and hope for the best. Worse case scenario I have to paint an entire wall. I literally only had a few places to touch up and made sure to not go color crazy with this house knowing we would only be here two years so the walls have all stayed the 5 million different shades of khaki that it came with. I thought it was best. Now not so sure. In one spot it literally looks like somebody smeared poop on the wall because guess what the paint matched when I painted it on the wall but when it dried it was actually a tad darker then the color already on there. Try explaining that to potential buyers!

Anyways, with pretty much everything else under my belt I will have plenty of spare time to blog away. Well at least for a few weeks. We should have been house hunting this weekend but of course paperwork got in the way and now we will be possibly delayed till the first weekend in June. Not happy abt that one when seeing we are suppose to be back in Houston  July 1!! Now hubby keeps reminding me that we do not HAVE To be in Houston by July 1 but that it is just more desirable to be back in Houston by July 1.  My typical response is "Whatever". I want to be BACK in Houston by July 1!! We have already missed Kindergarten round up and my plans were to have us there and have an entire month to get situated and unpacked...took me three days last time around thanx to good old Nana & Papa entertaining the kiddos....and then come August 1 get school stuff out of the way. Since it took just three days last time you maybe wondering why on earth I need an entire month this time around. The Nana & Papa will be coming to assist yet again all the way from Ga...THANK YOU NANA & the issue is the fact that we 99% sure we will be purchasing a used home.  We have never purchased a used home and I have nothing against purchasing used homes we just never have really had a reason to. We built our first home and well here the smart decision for resale was to purchase new so we could sell a 2 yr old home and not a 12 yr old home. I will let ya know how that one works out! Makes sence to us but we shall see. Anyways, a used home to me will require much more work than a new home as far as flooring goes and painting and every thing. We HAVE to have wood flooring due to allergies and asthma and well there are some interesting color choices 
out there in some of these homes. We have found only one that we believe is move in ready. We would have to do NOTHING to it right away. Now will it be that way in person who knows and will it even stick around seeing as yesterday they dropped their price by $20,000 who knows! 

So there ya have it my second post of ramblings that just seem to go on and on! HA! I did put in my Profile I like to ramble right!? HA!


  1. I don't know what happened, Pamela! The fairy totally skipped my house and went straight to yours! Can you redirect her my way now??? :)

  2. Ha! I will send her right over!:)


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