Friday, August 10, 2012

Saying Good Bye

The Old Oak Cottage out in Huffman, Texas is a place that I shopped at for years. Last fall I had the honor of helping out part time while the boys were in school.
I made great friends out at the cottage!
I even had the opportunity to start my own small space there. This is what my space looked like when I first moved in.
I shared with y'all my space last week after brining in more inventory. Little did I know that this would be the last time I would get to decorate my space. The Old Oak Cottage closed this week. The owner had moved out of state at the beginning of the year and it was decided  that she was not able to keep it open any longer with out her being here herself.

In memory of The Old Oak Cottage I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures I have taken out there. 

I will truly miss The Old Oak Cottage.
It is currently for sale and I so hope that somebody will buy it and continue on its legacy. I know many people will miss it just as much as I will. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have been part of such a wonderful place!

I believe that when one door closes another one will open. My online shop was already in the works so I am thankfully I had that ball rolling! I am also looking into possibly renting another space but there aren't many places near here for that so I may just host parties every month or so at my home for people to come by and shop. Its just a thought. I am not sure where my path is headed right now but I still look forward to getting there.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Treasure Hunt Thursday #68 & Highlights

This week has turned out to be quite a crazy week and it is still not over yet. I was completely blindsided and am still trying to figure out what direction I am going to go. No worries it is nothing life threatening or even important in the grand scheme of things. It is just something I need to figure out and I have been working hard on the new web shop at the same time. I am hoping to open on Sunday!

With all of that I want to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful turn out last week. It was one of our largest. Though I haven't had a chance to leave comments on everybody's link please know I have been by to visit.
Now on to this weeks highlights.
Kristal over at The Collected Nest shared with us how to make a fabulous barn wood console table. It turned out just fabulous.

Kimberly over at La Belle Epoque Home shared with us this French Armoire and y'all know me I can't resist a french armoire!;) Crossing my fingers it comes home with her soon.

Beth over at Make Me Pretty Again shared with us how she transformed this beautiful dresser.

And while we are chatting about dresser transformations look at Karen from Redoux Interiors and her makeover! 

I fell in love with Lorraine's window boxes and wish I had some of my own. You can see them over at Miss Fibbertigibbet.
As always thank you to all who partied last week! I am so truly honored to have such talent partying at my place! If you were featured please feel free to grab the "I've Been Featured" button!:) I have the newly updated button with html code on my sidebar! 

 What would be a HUGE help and encourage more comments not just from me but others as well would be for everybody to take off their required verification codes for leaving a comment. This seems to take just a few seconds of time but when you have to do it on 30 or more blogs it takes up a TON of time. Last week most everybody had turned off their Word Verification which made it so much easier for me to stop by everybody's links! Thank you!

Now on to this weeks party! 
As with all parties there are the normal rules. You must link back to From My Front Porch To Yours in your THT POST. Just common courtesy. If ya don't link back ya don't get to party. Only link up to your Treasure Hunt Thursday post and NOT your blog homepage. Please No advertising and PLEASE NO MORE than 3 links from the SAME party goer. Also NO MORE linking up to your own link parties. I am seeing more and more link ups of just people promoting their own linky parties. I know it takes time to go back and make a separate post to join the party but it is just the polite thing to do. If you find your post deleted it is not because I am a meany, I just have to make sure the rules are being followed. You can save some of your posts for the following weeks party!Please only link up new posts and not posts that you linked up the week before.Also be sure to visit at least the link before you and after you to just say Hi! It makes partying all the more fun! If you are new around here I would love it if ya become a follower!:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I couldn't resist!

What happens when I hop on the local classifieds page... 
and see something that has beautiful original hardware?

Something with curvy legs that I just adore.

Something with beautiful frenchy appeal.

That has shelves for displaying pretty things.

A lined drawer.

Beadboard goodness.

Well I just figure out how on earth I am going to get it to my house that is what I do! Wouldn't you!?;)

And I bring home its matching dining table and

matching 6 chairs all in perfect condition! They just need a little updating magic.

I was beyond thrill when I saw this set on Sunday. I had been staying away from looking because well I honestly have enough to keep me busy for quite some time. I saw that it had been listed for 5 hours and just knew it was gone but Ms. Linda called me and it was as good as mine. Ms. Linda and Mr. Frank were so very sweet! They had purchased the table and chairs new in 76 and then the hutch to match. She is not sure of how old the hutch is and believes possible 1940s. I was going to have to make multiple trips to get everything so Mr. Frank was so gracious and offered to load the hutch up in the back of his truck and they brought it my house. I was so thankful.
I think I will be keep the hutch but not sure yet. I already have plans for the table and chairs. I just need to get the garage cleaned out and rearranged so I have room to work out there. My plans will involve some more stripping.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Way too early!

What do you do when you wake up and your allergies are bothering you but its only an hour before you are suppose to get up anyways? Well I got up anyways. I decided to make the most of my time and I grabbed a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

I decided why not start stripping down this bench. I have shared this bench with y'all before. I mean I have only had it since February so I guess it was time to finally get around to making it over.

The first side was not as easy as the rest. It had sooo many nails all the way around but thankfully by the time I got to the other side I could just yank really hard and they would pop out.

After I got the old fabric and worn out foam off this is what I was left with. Those were rubber strips attached with staples. Not fun to get out but I managed. Please note that if you attempt a project like this you really should wear safety goggles.

My neat little pile of nails. I think I am going to save these. They may come in handy later on.

Next I flipped it and detached the bottom. Please ignore the fact I need to repaint my toes!;)

In the end this is what I was left with.

Not to shabby for under an hour.
Now on to the fun part, painting!:)

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