Friday, August 10, 2012

Saying Good Bye

The Old Oak Cottage out in Huffman, Texas is a place that I shopped at for years. Last fall I had the honor of helping out part time while the boys were in school.
I made great friends out at the cottage!
I even had the opportunity to start my own small space there. This is what my space looked like when I first moved in.
I shared with y'all my space last week after brining in more inventory. Little did I know that this would be the last time I would get to decorate my space. The Old Oak Cottage closed this week. The owner had moved out of state at the beginning of the year and it was decided  that she was not able to keep it open any longer with out her being here herself.

In memory of The Old Oak Cottage I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures I have taken out there. 

I will truly miss The Old Oak Cottage.
It is currently for sale and I so hope that somebody will buy it and continue on its legacy. I know many people will miss it just as much as I will. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have been part of such a wonderful place!

I believe that when one door closes another one will open. My online shop was already in the works so I am thankfully I had that ball rolling! I am also looking into possibly renting another space but there aren't many places near here for that so I may just host parties every month or so at my home for people to come by and shop. Its just a thought. I am not sure where my path is headed right now but I still look forward to getting there.


  1. Pamela,
    I hate this for you, but I do like the idea of doing some parties a few times a year. The shop was wonderful...I so wish I could find a place like that near me. Looking forward to seeing all your goodies in your on-line shop. Better get back to painting some more's calling my name:)


  2. Awhhh! How sad!! It was truly a wonderful place according to your wonderful photos. Wish I could have shopped there. Hope you find another place soon. Let us know when you do.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. I'm so sorry, it looks like it was a wonderful place to shop. Hoping you find another shop you like equally as well, if not better.

    Have a great weekend! xo ~Liz

  4. Bummer I know this is different but I lived in Tulsa area for 20+ years I had my haunts and I miss them so I can only imagine what I would feel like if I had a space in one and it closed...
    Here's to moving on and looking forward 2 thumbs up something bigger and better is coming your way!!

  5. I hate when a favorite store, restaurant closes....I am sure you will find a new way of showing your items...good luck on the new adventure!

  6. All part of the journey of life but how sad for you. It looks like such a wonderful place to be doing what you love. Best of luck with your future endeavours.

  7. Pamela, sorry about the cottage, but happy for you and you new begining.

  8. Oh, Pamela, that's so sad to hear! It appeared to be such a charming space. I am sure that you will find something better. As they say, "when one door closes, another opens"!!

  9. Oh-I am so sorry that has happened...but I am with you- when one door closes another opens- xo Diana

  10. Oh, I am so sorry you have to say goodbye! So sad for you!!! What an awesome place. I love your beautiful photos. HUGS

  11. So sorry to hear The Cottage is closed. It sounded like a wonderful place. Good luck in your new ventures!

  12. Oh, I'm sure you will miss such a charming little place. I wish you much luck in whatever your next step will be!

  13. It's always a shame when a nice place like this closes, Pamela. It is too bad there was no one who could take it over, but hopefully someone else will at some point.

  14. Sorry to read that the shop closed. Everything in there looks so pretty. Congrats to you though and your online store. That must be very exciting!


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