Saturday, July 23, 2011

Climbing Roses

I bought some gorgeous climbing roses back in the spring. It took me awhile to figure out where I wanted to plant them. I finally decided and well after planting them the weather warmed up and the drought hit us hard. They looked pretty pitiful and to be honest I was not sure they were going to make it.

I walked out back tonight and look what I found!

We had rain three days this past week. My roses apparently LOVED that. This one is a little weak compared to the blooms it was getting but to me it is still beautiful.

Look there is another bud about to bloom! I can't wait. I am hoping that I will soon have clusters like I had back in the spring. I thought I had taken pics to share but for some reason I can not find those.
Here is the one bush that has done relatively well compared to its sister. It has always been a full plant. No buds on it yet though.

I ended up planting them on either side of the guest bedroom window. I am hoping they will climb up the brick eventually on their own but I have a feeling I will need to buy some trellis to help them out.

Hope your weekend is going well! Off to Baskin Robins. Littliest is dying to get a Captain America Sundae even though it is bigger than him!;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

A cup of OCD anyone!?

Last week I was busy trying to put everything back in its place since the floors were finally done. Don't worry I am not talking abt my floors in this post! Ha! I changed the foyer wall display to this and I just really was not digging it. I obsessed and obsessed and obsessed some more over it. I had to figure something out with little to no money so it was a challenge.

I finally decided I wanted to attempt a frame wall so I gathered all my frames up and started playing.

This little frame is actually from HobLob and was just a little ol plastic white frame. I sprayed it with some ORB spray paint.

I then decided that was not enough and busted out the Rub N Buff in Antique Gold. 

Next came out my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and the stranger sign from the foyer. I no longer wanted the sign to be all black so I decided to paint the frame.

The first color I opened was my Chateau Grey. Boy was this stuff super watery!! I stirred and stirred and even put the lid back on and shook it. Still watery.

Used it anyways on the sign.

I also used it on another project I was doing at the same time. In this pic you can see just how watery this color is after one coat. I am wondering if anybody has had this issue or did I just get a bad can!?  

Next I popped open my Old White which was exactly how I expected it to be! Nice and smooth. Not watery.

Then I opened the Jacobean wax which was smooth as butta!! I LOVE this stuff y'all! It was super easy to work with.

After adding a few strokes of Old White to the frame I went over it with the Jacobean to add some age to it.

I think it looks pretty good. Better than it being all black.

Next I started hanging my frames and a few other things.
And here is the final result. I am so glad found a place to use my vintage light sconces that I purchased last month at The Old Oak Cottage. Though I wish I could have used them as electric the candles will do just fine. I did not have enough frames to do an entire frame wall so I am going to continue collecting them and then as I get some more I will add them to this wall or just find something to frame out the top of the wall display. Not sure yet but it does need something more since the wall is so vast in size.

Be sure to stop by my Appreciation Party and get a chance at asking Annie Sloan any question that may be on your mind about her or her chalk paint! Annie thought answering your questions was a fab idea! I will be taking questions thru August 1st and am hoping to get quite a few to choose from! ;)

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Hope your Friday was good one! Also don't forget you can now find me on FaceBook!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Antique Gallery- Part 2

If you stopped by yesterday you saw that the boys and I made a trip to The Antique Gallery here in Houston. It is a massive space with over 255 vendors! If you have not been and are local you MUST pay them a visit! Here are a few more pics of what we saw yesterday.

I loved this antique cabinet with vintage wall paper! It was soo sweet!

Tons of Vaseline glass to go around. Oldest's favorite color is green so he thought they were pretty cool. 

Littliest has a fondness for cats and so he had to take a picture of this regal kitty. I am surprised he did not ask to bring it home!:)

These lamps are sooo pretty. 

Now if I had had $350 this baby would have come home with me!! 

Cute lil' writing desk and chair. Love it just how it is but can see it in so many other colors.

I was excited to see these prints. I am actually watching prints just like these on Ebay and meant to go back and look at them again. 

More old scales to love and love them the owner indeed does! That middle one I think was $100!

If red is your thing then you will like this bright red china cabinet.

I loved this piece. I am thinking it is either a buffet or an old wash stand. Not sure but it was super pretty!

Oldest took this pic to show his Grandpa all the books. Grandpa loves him some books!

Now here is the piece of resistance! This booth is what we actually came for and wouldn't ya know it was in the very last isle we went down!:) This is WonderFaux's booth. They are a faux finishing business/school here in the Houston area and have just started carrying Annie Sloans Chalk Paint. Yes ladies you can be jealous!;)

This is a beautiful headboard they have done I am pretty sure with chalk paint. 

These corbels were gorgeous as well and if I read the tag right they were only $120 for the pair which I thought was a really great deal. Knowing me and my eyes they could have been $120 a piece though.

I loved that they had this sample board with Old White and all the different wax finishes they carry. It made it super easy on what to choose.

Now choosing from all of these lovelies was quite a bit harder! I probably spent 30 minutes here picking up colors and putting them back. The boys needless to say had had enough so I made my decision and we left.

And here are the three colors I brought home. They broke the budget royally and I will NOT be shopping for anything any time soon thanx to this paint but it is oh so worth it! 

I also purchased some wax in Jacobean! I already have my projects lined up and a table out in the garage to finish which hopefully will make up for my splurge.

So there ya have it! If you are in the Houston area and you have to get your hands on some of Annie Sloans Chalk Paint you have two choices other than phone orders to grab ya some up! You can go and visit
WonderFaux Decorative Arts out in Stafford which is where there studio and classroom is located or you can stop by The Antique Gallery and visit their booth. I do not remember their booth number but as you go in the front door go to the first isle on your left closest to the door and they will be down there.

Before I go I wanted to mention that many exciting things are happening here at From My Front Porch To Yours this week! Be sure to stop by and join in on the fun with my Appreciation Party with special guest! Its my way of saying thanx to all of you! Even more exciting news is that Rhonda over at Blue Creek Home is taking a break with Treasure Hunt Thursday and she thus  has decided to so graciously pass it on to me for now!! Thanx Rhonda! I promise to take good care of it! I am hoping to get it all in order for next Thursday!

So there ya have it ladies! Be sure to keep stopping by to visit because ya never know what will be up next!:) Have a grand Friday!

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From My Front Porch To Yours is having a party!! I am just over the moon and sooo giddy over this party it is not even funny! I am inviting all of you my followers and all of your friends as well!! I have also invited another special lady! Who could it be you may be wondering!?

Why none other than Ms. Annie Sloan herself!!! Are you as excited as me yet?  I contacted Annie yesterday and mentioned how much I appreciate all of my followers new and old and I wanted a way to thank them. I wanted it to be something special for y'all! She so graciously agreed to come to our party!

  We all love Annie and her awesome Chalk Paint and go on and on about it but have you ever wanted to get to know Annie better? Have you ever thought how great it would be to be able to talk to her? Well here is your chance!!! Think of ONE question that you would love to have Annie  answer. Then leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower and what your ONE question would be. Yes, you need to be a follower because this party is a thank you for all of my followers. If you leave a question and are not a follower your question will not be considered.
 On 8/01 I will review all of the questions submitted. I will then choose 4-5 of those questions to ask Annie for you. Depending on her schedule will depend on when I can post the interview and when you can see whose questions were chosen but I am hoping  it will be within the next few weeks. Annie is a very busy lady though! I am also working on a second surprise for y'all!! You will want to stay tuned!!!

So get your party dresses on girls and send me those questions and be sure to invite all of your friends! The more the merrier! Grab the button from my sidebar! I think I made it right!Ha!       

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Ps. Don't cha just love the party girl graphic!? I got it from over at The Graphics Fairy!!

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