Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tossing Around- Beaumont

A few posts back I mentioned that conversations have started about a possible move this time next year for us. We will have been in our home for three years by then. To prepare myself for where ever it may be that we end up I started browsing homes just to see what was available in case we do end up leaving and I found several that are just beautiful. I hope that if we do indeed end up in Baton Rouge or Beaumont that we are lucky enough to find homes as nice as the ones I have featured. 

I already shared the dreamy house in Baton Rouge. Here is a gorgeous home in Beaumont. It even  tops  The Hubsters like list!

We both really like the double front doors.

I have always dreamed of having brick in our home somewhere and look at all the molding!!

This kitchen is yet another that stole my heart at first site! I love that the island is a differ color than the rest of the cabinets. It really brightens the kitchen up.

The custom detail in this home is amazing to say the least!

The breakfast room is soo sunny and bright. I even love the green paint color!

Lovely master bathroom. I do not think there is a thing I would change in here.

Check out this master tub!!

I am totally in love with this lil' french country court yard with fountain!! This home I think sits on almost a half an acre which is just perfect for the boys! This home is the same price as the Baton Rouge home I found the other day but almost 1,000 sq ft bigger so no worries abt fitting all of our stuff. Even though this home is out in the sticks by some people's book I could see us very happy here indeed!

Thanx for stopping by and hope your weekend is going well!

P.s These pics were borrowed from the realty site. If this is your home and you prefer me to take down the pics I will sadly do so but please know I truly think your home is just beautiful and just wanted to share!:) If we do move  and your home is still available we WILL be stopping by but hopefully for you it will sell way before then! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cruising-Part 2

FL 5314LB is a shrimper and thus the dolphins love him to pieces! 

Let's see what did FL 5314LB catch in his net? 

I'm patiently waiting.

A huge sting ray! Pretty awesome but not the kind of snack I was hoping for.

Watch out here comes another sting ray.

We are still waiting for some tasty treats FL 5314LB. We know they're in there!

Let me go and get that one. I think it looked yummy.

I gotta it! Great throw FL5314LB.

Yes, I think I would like  that one.

Now no fighting there are enough treats for everybody.

My turn! My turn!

Thanx FL5314LB for such yummy treats! You are our hero!

If ya want to see Cruising- Part 1 you can click here. Thanx for cruising along with us! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tossing Around

The Hubster and I have been having many a conversation lately about a possible move this time next year. Yes, sniffle sniffle. Where would I be happy with going he has asked? Well He wants Signapore. GULP!! Not too sure I would go without a TON of kicking and screaming and tears. I said France or most anywhere in Europe would be nice. He says no. Then there is my ultimate choice of staying stateside. He has been asked abt going to Beaumont. He has been there and done that staying in an apartment and driving the hour home when not busy at work. Then it has been mentioned Baton Rouge. We all have been there done that. The only difference is that this time I would happily go without any kicking or screaming. It is not my first choice simply for three reasons. One traffic sucks. Two the boys would have to be in private school and three housing is sooo expensive. With all that being said I have been browsing what is available stateside just to prepare myself for maybe an impending move. Today I found a dreamy house in Baton Rouge. 

Now this home is not in our top choice neighborhood simply because there are no trees and it is close to the train tracks. The Hubster will say no  cause of all the stucco which is a pain when trying to sell. Matter of fact his company may not even let us purchase said house even if we wanted to because of said stucco. But lets go inside shall we!?

Yep, in love right off the bat! Look at that to die for chandy!

Can we purchase the furnishings as well please!?

I do not normally like lighter flooring but this I could deal with. It is very rustic.

A fireplace in the breakfast room. Could that be anymore charming?

And the kitchen just stole my heart. It really could not get any better I tell ya.

Love the window above the tub. We had one just like that in our Baton Rouge home and if we stay I hope to one day have one in our current home.

So, dreamy uh!? Its a teeny tiny tad over what we would want to spend but just maybe we could swing it. It would also be interesting downsizing from our 3700 sq ft to 2500 sq ft but I think I could manage some how.
 I will share with y'all the beautiful home in Beaumont I found too so come back now ya here!;)

P.s These pics were borrowed from the FSBO site. If this is your home and you prefer me to take down the pics I will sadly do so but please know I truly think your home is just beautiful and just wanted to share!:) If we do move back and your home is still available we WILL be stopping by. 

P.s.s If you have ever left stateside and have lived in Signapore please share with me your experience cause as of right now I am in a "heck no I won't go" kinda mode.

Cruising-Part 1

Welcome aboard! Be sure to strap on a life jacket if you do not know how to swim or if you are 7 and under. We are going on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise today!
We are now sailing around Ono Island and hearing about all the famous people who once use to own homes here. Tom Seleck, Alabama singer, Fara Faucet and Reba McEntire to name just a few. Reba is the only one known to still own property here. This is only guessed upon for the sheer fact that they see her tour bus cross the bridge from time to time. I would love to show you some more homes but we just so happen to be on the wrong side of the boat. Now off to see what else we can see.

Wow! That sure did not take long. See that one dolphin whose fin is partially gone? So very sad!

Such beautiful animals they are!

This fella has seen better days as well. Oh the stories he could tell. We really do need to do more to preserve these gorgeous animals!

Some more frolicking.

Hang tight cause in my next post I will show what FL 5314LB has in store for us!

Before we go here are a few pictures I was able to capture on the ride back in. 

Such beautiful homes on Ono Island!

This one here was once owned by Brittany Spears. Supposedly she bought it, remolded it, visited it once and sold  it. Can you imagine!!??

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays #5

Yep looks super yummy uh!? Well unfortunately I had a few too many pieces of Peanut Butter Pie while on vaca and gained 5 pounds!!! It was more than just the pie. We ate out dinner every night and we snacked after dinner too. Both not good combinations. I also had a few too many Diet soft drinks! I won't beat myself up terribly over them because now that we are back home I can easily get those 5 pounds off in the next week or so.
With it being summer we will be heading to the pool everyday which is wonderful exercise and to top it off we walk to the pool though there is some whining involved. So sad to bad I tell um. The grass needs cutting as well and that is always a great work out. So yep I think I can shed those again fairly easily.

With it being 100 out most days around here it is time to bust out the workout DVDs. I already have Slim in 6 but I am on the hunt for some Richard Simmons DVD sets as well. Nobody seems to sell them locally but I am so wanting his Disco one. He makes working out fun. The boys think he's crazy!:) The Hubster thinks I am crazy for wanting them!;)

Now on to Weigh In Wednesdays! If you link up please be kind enough to link only to your Weigh In Wednesdays post and NOT your entire blog. I look forward to hearing about other weight loss journeys the good the bad and the ugly! Nobody is here to be judged just to be supported so lets have some fun and start sharing and loosing y'all!

Ok y'all I just noticed my Linky Subscription expired and it will not allow me to pay by month only by year. So until this party gets bigger I am just gonna add the links myself. So if ya wanna link up leave me a comment and I will hop over to your post and add ya to the list!:) Hope that is okay with everybody!? It just means more work for me!;) So come on a long with us and lets start loosing!

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