Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Do You?

 Instead of cleaning my house I am in the midst of a project and have come to a stand still cause I can not decide how to accomplish what it is I wish to do.
Do I figure out how to hang the mirror on the mirror or should I take the mirror out of its frame and figure out how to just hang the frame??
Ladies does anybody have any clue to how one would go about hanging a mirror on top of a mirror?? 

Welcome Summer

Last week we celebrated the class of 2024! Littliest graduated Pre-K and thus this fall both of us will enter a new phase of our lives. I know he will have a blast in school just like Oldest but I on the other hand am pondering what on earth I will do with myself.

Yesterday Oldest finished up his last day of school. Here he is receiving his reading award from his 1st grade teacher Ms. Jackson who by the way is beyond awesome! We could not have been blessed with a better teacher and hoping we get just as lucky next year times two!

And so today we celebrate our first day of summer and count down the days till we get to enjoy this!

Hope your summer is filled with fun family and friends!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays #3-Hungry Girl

This past week was a busy one. Littliest graduated from preschool and Oldest was finishing up his last full week of school as well. I must admit we did not eat all that well and it resulted in gaining almost two pounds but that's okay. I am not gonna beat myself up over it. My new clothes still fit the same and I know I can easily get those two pounds back off just as easily as I got them. We ate out a tad too many times and so now I need to get back to cooking in the kitchen!

This is one of my all time fave cook books. I purchased it at the book fair for Oldest's school. I have made several yummy dishes from here and highly recommend it! Our fave is the chicken cordon a bleu on the grill!

Now this lady, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian rocks! Her books amaze me and this one I have been cooking from for several years now. 

I just purchased Hungry Girl's 300 under 300 and have several recipes I am wanting to try. You can get any of her books on Amazon and the best thing is that when you spend $25 it ships for free!

Just in case you are wondering just how yummy diet/healthy food really can be take a look at these!! I shared this recipe awhile back and you have to try it if you like brownies and peanut butter! You can click here to read all about it! Do you have any go to recipes that help keep ya in line?

Now on to Weigh In Wednesdays! If you link up please be kind enough to link only to your Weigh In Wednesdays post and NOT your entire blog. I look forward to hearing about other weight loss journeys the good the bad and the ugly! Nobody is here to be judged just to be supported so lets have some fun and start sharing and loosing y'all!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Date With Chalk Paint

In the last few months Chalk paint has exploded all over blog land. Everybody is in LOVE!
Last fall began my love for Annie Sloan and her fabulous chalk paints after I had found her book at HomeGoods. I had to get some and though I was not able to splurge on the quart size at the time I was lucky enough to get several sample pots. Today I grabbed what was left of my sample pots.

A work still in progress!

P.s. If ya wanna a chance at winning not one but 3 quarts of this fabulous paint head on over to Molly Susan Strong's blog. 
Also if ya wanna see a divine showroom full of Chalk Paint head over to Blue Creek Home! I am so jealous Rhonda!;) I think there even may be a give away soon!:)
Ps.s. Rhonda over at BlueCreek Home is celebrating her 2 yr bloggin anniversary so head over and tell her congrats and enter to win an awesome Annie Sloan Chalk Paint kit courtesy of Robin Story Designs!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Metamorphosis of a Fireplace & A Score

Okay so I have been in a mediocre mood lately. Our home reno is taking much longer than I would like. I try not to complain because trust me I know how fortunate we are and I know that there are soooo many families out there that have lost there homes in the past month but I would be lying if I said the state of my home does not get to me from time to time. I am kinda at a stand still. I am not able to fluff my nest and it drives me insane. Well it was driving me insane until last night when I decided I had had enough and was going to fluff what I could. I decided even though our reno is not completed I was going to share where we are at this moment and not care that we are not done yet. So come along with me as I share the metamorphosis of our fireplace!

This is how our fireplace and living room looked when we purchased our home almost two years ago.

Threw some paint on the walls and WOW what a difference!

I then decided I wanted to attempt fauxing the fireplace to give it an aged appearance. It was okay but lasted all of an evening before I adjusted it.

Yes, I liked this much better. In fact I LOVED how it turned out. That was in the Spring of 2010.

Here we are April 2011. What were we thinking!!!??? Somehow some way we got it in our heads we were capable of redoing the fireplace and laying down new wood flooring ourselves. We have never done any major home reno projects before. Painting has been the extent of it. Can we really accomplish what I have pictured in my head??

I think thus far it all is turning out very nicely! It is taking soooo much longer than we had hoped due to life and work but that's okay. I am now hoping to be completed by August with all of the flooring. Majorly keeping my fingers crossed. 

We not only replaced the granite tiles with ceramic tile that looks like rock but  we also extended it out by about 2 inches all around. I love the border we added.

I need to touch up the inside sides since the new tile does not come out as far as the old tile. 
Though it is not done 100% done I am still in love. 
And just in case you were wondering just how far we are. This is the reality of our home reno. 

Even the dining room is in disarray but I am learning to deal with it. In the end it will all be worth it!

Now on to my major score!! I just ran out and purchased this mirror off the local yard sale site. Can you believe it was only $20!!! Now I am trying to figure out where to put it. Should I put it in the dining room above the buffet and sell the black mirror that is there or should I swap out the mirror above the fireplace and use this one for awhile?? What would you do??

Thanx for stopping by and taking a tour of our home! I hope that your holiday weekend is going well!
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