Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Saturday

So today we spent 10 hours working on gluing down the living room floor. That included me gluing my foot to my leg and later my leg to the floor. Not a great feeling but yes, you can go ahead and laugh if ya want to!:) The Hubster had a few chuckles that is till he got glue on his leg. I offered him up a waxing treatment but he passed!;)

I am over the moon with how the floor not only looks but now feels!!! I am especially excited because we managed to not use any transfers!! I was not sure we would be able to pull it off since the tile from the kitchen to the living room was cut uneven but thanx to my ever so patient Hubster...okay maybe not so patient but definitely loving and all worked out in the end. I am a perfectionist and though he knows I get it honest from my mama it still drives him insane at times.

I am pretending that this spot does not exists in my house!
Around 6:30 the boys were protesting and hungry and well Sarah's Vacation House was coming on at 7 on HGTV and we were plum wore out so we decided to stop here.  With it being Mother's Day and all tomorrow we may or may not finish it up and start on the shoe molding.

While chilling after dinner I browsed the local yard sale site and came up lucky on some things still being available.

Tomorrow we are going to go and look at this. $60 and needs some loving but I can do that. I think I have the perfect spot for it. The mirror frame I am thinking may become a chalk board or bulletin board upstairs for the boys in the lil' built in desk area.

Same lady has these two sets of plantation shutters for $25 for all! Pop um out of their frames and take off the hardware, throw a lil' paint on um and I have the perfect spot for at least two of them and I am sure can find somewhere for the other two. 

I also saw this table and chairs set. It is only $25 and would be perfect to refinish and sell! Not sure this one is still avail though.

Then there are three of these Southern Living At Home Sconces! She said they were $35 a piece which I believe and she just wants $10 a piece. I only need two.
  I now need to decide how much I really want each of these items. All great prices but not sure I am willing to part with my frenchy end table money just yet!;)

Also in case I do not get a chance to hop back on tomorrow Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there! I hope y'all have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter! Love ya Mama and Nana!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Model Home Tour

We have a new builder in our community and for the last two months I have been watching them build this beautiful model home. I could not wait for them to finish to see if it was as grand on the inside as it is on the outside. I will apologize in advance for the poor pic quality. All I had was my IPhone and was not sure I was allowed to take pics!;) With that being said I snapped what I could. 

Littliest liked the water fountain they have with a little stream. Not sure it will stay once they sell the model since it is against the HOA guidelines. Not sure why they do that. 

Love the carriage house garage doors but not sure I am digging the cedar.

When you first walk in you are drawn straight the the living room ceiling! Amazing!! Sorry I did not get a pick of the actual living room. Again I was not sure I was suppose to be clicking away.

The kitchen is open to the living room and very nice! I love the lighting above the island.

After my own heart with the farm house sink and I am in LOVE with the counter tops as well!! 

I have never seen anything like these before so I asked the rep and he said they were new to the market and called Artisan Stone Granite. I love it because it is soo different and not shiny like normal granite. It also has a slight texture to it but not anything that would make it hard to clean.

The kitchen leads you into the dining room. I dream of a home with some brick and stone work. 

The dining room is just beautiful and I LOVE LOVE the ceiling but I must say they went a tad over board with all the brick. It is EVERYWHERE in the house. Those beams I soooo want though!

Little office and more brick which is real in case you are wondering. The salesman made a point of letting  me know.

Master bedroom and again love the beams.

The half bath downstairs was very pretty. 

This pic is awful but I wanted to share what they did instead of wainscoting on the walls. It is the wood flooring! I may have to do this down our hallway to the dining room if we have any flooring left over. 

The stairs were unique as well in this home. I may try and figure out how to do this to our stairs in the fall. The boys want the carpet left and I want it gone but this is a great compromise! I think I would use the stone tile we used on the fireplace.

More brick but liked the display they came up with for this niche.

Small movie room and again more brick! It was cute though and multi  leveled so everybody could see the screen.

I did not take pics of all the bedrooms...four I think...but this one I thought was cute. The window treatment was even done with fishing rods but that pic did not come out. 

I love the tile in this bath. A very nice touch!
I thought this home was very beautiful and I am soo glad they stuck to the theme of the home from the outside to the inside. We have another new model that is french country on the outside but totally modern inside. I was soo disappointed. It even had white carpet everywhere. Not very model home friendly. I may try and go back and get pics of it.

Well thanx for coming along! This builder has one more model that I plan on going to when I get a chance. As soon as I do I will share if it is just as lovely as this home was!

Hope your week is going well!

P.s. I had a few questions abt how much this home was and I honestly had no idea. Well I just looked it up and BASE price on this floor plan is $538,000!! That  explains the comment the one rep made to the other when I said we were just looking. She mentioned to him that that is pretty much what the traffic thru the home was going to be about-lookers. I almost thought abt being offended but then again truth of the matter is is there are not many people shelling out for half a million dollar homes these days. I will be interested to see how well they do.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wow Us Wednesday-The Old Oak Cottage

Since my house drives me nuts right now let's go and visit The Old Oak Cottage in Huffman! This is one of my fave lil' shops and we have been here before but it has been awhile so be prepared for MAJOR picture overload y'all!

In the cottage there is some major chandy love going on.

A smaller version of the previous antique chandy. This would be soo pretty in a bathroom I think with blue gray walls and white marble counter tops.

This light fixture I had actually considered bringing home on my last visit to put in our toilet room in the master bath but mom gave me a chandy instead. I am sure it will find a lovely home soon. The ladies actually have two of them.
I love this aqua colored frame.

This cream buffet is making me want to paint mine cream even more. Maybe I will take the plunge here shortly.
Now on to the real reason I just HAD to stop by The Old Oak Cottage. Marci just built this extra space and had their grand opening this past weekend but since I was elbow deep in floor glue I missed it.

Come on in won't you!

Your attention is drawn straight up to this fabulous ceiling! I wish the ceilings in my house were this awesome! I may have to hunt down a ceiling fan like that one.

This space is awesome. Do you see that bench back there? Let's take a closer look.

Did you realize it was made from two antique chairs!!?? How neat is that! This is the work of 

Jennifer of Metamorphose. I do not think she has a blog but I wanted to be sure to give her a shout out because her items are GORGEOUS!!!

I forgot to ask Marci if that wire laundry hamper was up for grabs. I would love one of those.

This spot is one of my faves. That light fixture is just too awesome and if we had a larger kitchen and a huge island this light fixture would so be mine.

I love the legs of the table. It is just fabulous!

Littliest liked the office area. I need to find an old map like this one for The Hubster's office.

This is the light fixture hanging in that space. It is an old plane propeller and just totally cool!

Thanx for coming along with me! I could have spent all day in the new space Marci has created! It truly is beautiful and I found out she may be adding some more little cottages. Now if only I can make time to paint some more pieces than I would sooo want a space here!! Marci truly has my dream job and you can tell how much pride she takes in her shops!! Thanx for letting me take some pics Marci!
If ya live in the area you MUST stop by The Old Oak Cottage! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Now off to put my boys to bed and then flip thru the new Ballard catalog that came today. Have a wonderful night and thanx for stopping by!

Linking up to Wow Us Wednesdays over at Savvy Southern Style!

Yawn...Starting from scratch.

Yes, I know y'all are tired of hearing abt our flooring reno project! Trust me I know cause well I am too to be honest but this is my life right now so I am just gonna keep it real.  For those out there who have never tackled such a DIY project let me not scare you away from it but do let me warn you that you WILL spend more than ya think and it WILL take longer than ya think and there WILL be times when you are sitting on the cement foundation in your living room crying and wondering why on earth you ever chose to mess your house up. Trust me when I say this! 

With that being said we spent almost two weeks with our entire living room floored. It was sooooo pretty y'all and I could not wait to share it with ya but when it came down to it we were just  not happy with it. When we purchased it we made sure we could either float it or glue it down or nail it down since we were not quite sure which way we were going with it. Well we decided to float it.

This is what sits out in the garage. $300 of premium sound reduction/moisture barrier. Yep, that's right over the weekend we just decided to start from scratch. Start from square one which involved taking each row of flooring up one by one and keeping them in order and then carefully rolling up the barrier in hopes of trying to sell it at a deep discount on the local yard sale site. We made this decision heavy hearted because we knew there was no going back once we did this. 

This is life today. We took up the floating floor and decided to glue it down. I could not get use to the hallow sound it made and the cushy feel underneath. No matter what we did to remedy the situation nothing worked and thus taking up the floor and starting over was the only option. It takes me abt 15 min to glue down one row of flooring and well this is as far as we got on Sunday. Am I sad any longer about how our flooring is going. NOPE! Not one bit! When we walk out of our bedroom in the mornings we have a smile on or face because we LOVE how the glued down floor looks and feels!! No more hallow sounds, no more cushy feel, and no more being able to watch your floor move when ya walk across it. Three cheers even though we now know we will be working on this project well into June since we are doing the foyer, dining and office as well. In the end it will be worth it though.

We will be done with the living room in two weeks and then will probably hold off on ripping up the old flooring up front till after the school year ends. It is super busy right now and hard for me to stay caught up! I promise to share abt other things because well honestly there is nothing I can do during the week but stare at my cement floor so I know I will be finding some new projects to tackle.

On another note guess what happen on Sunday in the midst of gluing flooring down!!?? My frenchy side table found a new home!! I was sooo excited and it was actually kinda funny cause a gentleman came to look at it and his wife was in the car. When he was paying me I told him I hoped his wife would enjoy it thinking he came along just in case we were psycho or something. He said oh no it was not for her but for him!! He was buying it for his side table next to his chair in the their living room!:) I just thought that was soo funny and I was truly honored that a guy saw the beauty in my table.

Now what to do with the second one I have? Hmmm, I am thinking maybe a Harlequin design on top.

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