Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yawn...Starting from scratch.

Yes, I know y'all are tired of hearing abt our flooring reno project! Trust me I know cause well I am too to be honest but this is my life right now so I am just gonna keep it real.  For those out there who have never tackled such a DIY project let me not scare you away from it but do let me warn you that you WILL spend more than ya think and it WILL take longer than ya think and there WILL be times when you are sitting on the cement foundation in your living room crying and wondering why on earth you ever chose to mess your house up. Trust me when I say this! 

With that being said we spent almost two weeks with our entire living room floored. It was sooooo pretty y'all and I could not wait to share it with ya but when it came down to it we were just  not happy with it. When we purchased it we made sure we could either float it or glue it down or nail it down since we were not quite sure which way we were going with it. Well we decided to float it.

This is what sits out in the garage. $300 of premium sound reduction/moisture barrier. Yep, that's right over the weekend we just decided to start from scratch. Start from square one which involved taking each row of flooring up one by one and keeping them in order and then carefully rolling up the barrier in hopes of trying to sell it at a deep discount on the local yard sale site. We made this decision heavy hearted because we knew there was no going back once we did this. 

This is life today. We took up the floating floor and decided to glue it down. I could not get use to the hallow sound it made and the cushy feel underneath. No matter what we did to remedy the situation nothing worked and thus taking up the floor and starting over was the only option. It takes me abt 15 min to glue down one row of flooring and well this is as far as we got on Sunday. Am I sad any longer about how our flooring is going. NOPE! Not one bit! When we walk out of our bedroom in the mornings we have a smile on or face because we LOVE how the glued down floor looks and feels!! No more hallow sounds, no more cushy feel, and no more being able to watch your floor move when ya walk across it. Three cheers even though we now know we will be working on this project well into June since we are doing the foyer, dining and office as well. In the end it will be worth it though.

We will be done with the living room in two weeks and then will probably hold off on ripping up the old flooring up front till after the school year ends. It is super busy right now and hard for me to stay caught up! I promise to share abt other things because well honestly there is nothing I can do during the week but stare at my cement floor so I know I will be finding some new projects to tackle.

On another note guess what happen on Sunday in the midst of gluing flooring down!!?? My frenchy side table found a new home!! I was sooo excited and it was actually kinda funny cause a gentleman came to look at it and his wife was in the car. When he was paying me I told him I hoped his wife would enjoy it thinking he came along just in case we were psycho or something. He said oh no it was not for her but for him!! He was buying it for his side table next to his chair in the their living room!:) I just thought that was soo funny and I was truly honored that a guy saw the beauty in my table.

Now what to do with the second one I have? Hmmm, I am thinking maybe a Harlequin design on top.


  1. Congratulations, Pamela! I knew it would go! It just needed the right person. Listen, girlfriend, if you do a harlequin design on the second one you better figure out a way to ship it to Long Island! ; ) Seriously, though, if you do go that route, I'd love if you could share an easy way to pencil that out on the table top. I have a round accent table here that I need to paint and I was thinking harlequin for the top, but I'm not artist!

    As for the floor, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm sure it killed you both to have to do that, but if you weren't happy . . . It had to be done and now you're happy.

  2. Ouu! Congrats on the table! It's very nice so I am not a bit surprised that he liked it. I love harlequin patterns please do that next so I can observe. As for your floor, I get where you are coming from. We put down a floating laminate wood floor in our bedroom and it is sooooo not the same as the real hardwoods throughout the rest of our home. I have gotten used to it, but it definately not the same. I am sure you will be much happier with it when it's all said and done. You will also be glad you didn't wait because the longer you put it off the less likely you were to do it again! Hang in there!


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