Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Love Texas in the Spring!

Who wouldn't love this!!?? It is that time of year again when us Texans get Bluebonnet fever. It is the thrill of the hunt for most of us I think. Last year we went hunting a week too early and thus did not see anything till on the way home. This year I have high hopes since last weekend when dropping the parents off at the airport we saw tons in the medians. The boys asked why we could not pull the car over in the middle of an international airport to romp around in flowers. Go figure!;)

This was when Oldest was just over 2.

Littliest on his first Bluebonnet hunting trip.

The field we lucked up on last year after we gave up all hope.

A few Bluebonnets at The Hanger Hotel where we stayed last year. If you are in the Fredricksburg area it is a definite must if ya love nostalgia! Click here if ya wanna see pics from our visit last year.

I think these are Indian Paintbrushes. Not sure though.

Yep, I love spring in Texas even though the weather has been wonky here lately. Last week we were hitting 87. Yesterday it staid 58 out till abt 4 and today just 67! Not that I am complaining cause 87 was a tad too hot for March. I feel for all of ya who are getting snow still!   

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frenchy Side Table

Back in February I took Lucy on her first junkin' adventure.

I had found this pair of darling side tables that turned out to be in excellent condition.  Almost too perfect and I felt a bit guilty wanting to make them over but I did it anyways.

While The Nana and The Papa were in town a few weeks back I got busy sanding one of the tables down. After I finally figured out which direction I wanted to go the process went fairly well.

Ta-da! I love how it turned out. 

Let me tell ya it took quite a few hours of distressing to get the look I wanted. I do all f my sanding by hand since I HATE my mouse sander. I need to research to find a better sander that won't leave squiggly lines everywhere. If you have a sander and love it please do share!:)

Anything with turney legs and spindles or what have ya always takes a bit longer. I accomplished this look by first  adding a base coat of SW Vanillan and then I dry brushed on SW Rainwashed and decided it was not blue enough so I then dry brushed Straton Blue on top of that. After all that was done I began the HARD part of distressing the entire piece. 

I wanted to do something to the top to add some flare and so I just painted the edge with Vanillan and then distressed that as well. I did not want it to look perfect. 

To make it have more of an antique feel I finished it off with some Walnut stain. I just wiped it on and then wiped it off. I did have to use one of those spongy craft brushes to get in all of the nooks and crannies.

Here is one last look at my Frenchy side table. I was a bit nervous abt doing this piece because it will be the first piece I am offering up for sale. I am hoping it will be 100% dry this weekend so I can list it. I am thinking of listing it at $115 and then if they want the second one to match I will do them both at $195. Not sure though. I am just basing that off of what I am seeing from other VERY talented local artists. Please feel free to share your thoughts. I WONT be offended I promise!;)

Thanx for coming by! Off to make some dinner, do some homework, and fold some laundry.

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Stay Tuned

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Town Spring Part 2- Thads

If ya are finished wondering around Metals Petals & More follow me across the street to Thads. It is a quaint lil' shop with many many lovelies.

This sign is so funny! I think I may try and make my own. If I knew anything abt html I would so make one for blogs.

Look at these mini cloches! Aren't they adorable!?

The greenery here is just amazing.

I love this old cabinet and its aged finished!

I really loved these bulb styled chandys as well!

These bags are just adorable and I so wanted one but the tight wad I am saw the $60 price tag and decided to just admire them from afar.

If you are into chalk boards this is the ultimate chalk board ever!!!! At least that is what we think it is.  I felt the back and the black feels just like a chalk board but then I was thinking if it was then why did they not have anything written on it. So who knows but if it is a chalk board WOW!!
Thads is an am zing lil' shop and I really enjoyed walking around.

And in case you are wondering, no I did not leave empty handed. I purchased this lil' wire frame. I wanted all three sizes but just got one. This is just a pic of it off of the net but mine is identical to it and I believe Anthropology use to sell these darlings.
Anywho, that concludes our shopping trip to Old Town Spring. I can not wait to go back in the fall when the leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air with smell of cider and pumpkin spice candles drifting thru the shops. Yum!
 Thanx for coming along! Off to clean up the kitchen and get some groceries.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Town Spring Part 1- Metals Petals & More

My mom and I were so excited abt our trip to Old Town Spring. It had been years since either of us had been. We always enjoyed all the little shops and oh my the pretties you could find there! Well sadly enough it seems that Old Town Spring has suffered some losses I am sure due to the economy. Some  fave shops are no longer there. One shop though that I knew was still there  is Metals Petals & More! Oh how I just loved shopping there in the past because they always had the nicest items at such reasonable prices. Well we found this lil' shop which I must say is no longer sooo lil' anymore. It has expanded to two differ locations one of which takes up I would say three of the old buildings. 
This is the table that greets you as you walk in! The shopping angels must have been singing cause this was right up our alley! Please keep in my mind I was using my phone for pics so some pics are not that great!:(

Look at all of this faux greenery! You could loose a kid in there!;)

Paintings galore!

Even a kitty for Littliest! He was so excited to see this lil' friend in the shop. It was actually the second shop to have furry helpers. 

The shop goes on and on and on! It was a far cry from what it use to be. 

Look at all the wrought iron pieces! Puts HobLob to shame! Ha!

Bling for the soul.

Gorgeous chandys!

Stunning candle sticks.

A room full of bathroom vanities!!

This one is one of my faves. I hope to have something similar in our half bath one day.

Dishes that I actually purchased last fall at HomeGoods and eventually took back. They were asking twice as much for them than what I had paid.

To die for bunny pillow!!! Well over $300! Simply gorgeous though.

Another stunning pillow that was I think $270. Are you sensing a trend here yet??!!

Mom fell in love with this candle! Let's flip the tag over shall we.

 No you are not reading that wrong that candle was a whopping $275!!!!! Needless to say it still sits there cause Mama did not bring it home! So as  you see this store though full of eye candy and inspiration has now become  so high in price that we just walked around shaking our heads in disbelief! I was soo saddened by this fact and kept trying to figure out who in their right mind would pay $275 for a candle!!?? This shop to me is now more of a designers shop where they get a check for however much and can spend whatever they want on whatever they want as long as they get everything the customer was hoping for. A dream job indeed!;) 
For me I will NEVER be able to stomach a $275 candle even if I win the lottery. That is just me though. I will say that I would LOVE to work and even own a shop such as this one day but I will have  more reasonable prices so everybody can enjoy some eye candy in their homes!

We bid farewell to Metals Petals & More empty handed and headed across the street. Part 2 coming soon!:)

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