Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I Love Texas in the Spring!

Who wouldn't love this!!?? It is that time of year again when us Texans get Bluebonnet fever. It is the thrill of the hunt for most of us I think. Last year we went hunting a week too early and thus did not see anything till on the way home. This year I have high hopes since last weekend when dropping the parents off at the airport we saw tons in the medians. The boys asked why we could not pull the car over in the middle of an international airport to romp around in flowers. Go figure!;)

This was when Oldest was just over 2.

Littliest on his first Bluebonnet hunting trip.

The field we lucked up on last year after we gave up all hope.

A few Bluebonnets at The Hanger Hotel where we stayed last year. If you are in the Fredricksburg area it is a definite must if ya love nostalgia! Click here if ya wanna see pics from our visit last year.

I think these are Indian Paintbrushes. Not sure though.

Yep, I love spring in Texas even though the weather has been wonky here lately. Last week we were hitting 87. Yesterday it staid 58 out till abt 4 and today just 67! Not that I am complaining cause 87 was a tad too hot for March. I feel for all of ya who are getting snow still!   


  1. There's nothing prettier than a field of bluebonnets! Just beautiful!

  2. How very pretty! Make sme wanna take a little drive to Texas. Enjoy your scenery!

  3. Oh so pretty. Reminds me of Missouri's fields of purple clover. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness, my spring flowers are peeking out from an inch of's nice to see some sunny pictures : )

  5. My mom's bd, was in April and that was what we did every year, go in search of Bluebonnets. We have kept the tradition going. My husband found a huge field just outside our town this week. I just happen to drive by them yesterday, but I didn't have my camera.

  6. How beautiful! Makes me want to take a little trip to Texas.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. I've never been to Texas to see the bluebonnets but I've always heard of them. No wonder ya'll go in search of them because they are just beautiful.

  8. Hey Miss Pamela! Thanks for checking in on me. That red sofa is a J.Royale from about 5 years ago. I had actually fallen in love with that look after I saw one in Carole Hicks Bolton's furniture line. Is the Homestead store in Fredericksburg still there? Anyway, it's been at the upholstery shop for almost two years because I can't find anything I like better to recover it with.

    Those bluebonnets are gorgeous. That is definitely on my "list of things to do before I die!"

  9. Wow! I heart Texas too. My Mom is from there. I miss it. :)


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