Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree....

Whew! It has been a busy busy week here. It seems it is just one thing after another but that is just par for this time of year. I am still working on the tree area but thought that I would go ahead and share it.

All of these pics were taken on differ days! Ha! This one from today. Yes, I know my star is crooked. It is crooked every year and never stays straight but it is the star we have had since we were first married thus it stays!:) Yes, I now see I have a major ribbon hole that needs adjusting. Funny what ya notice when ya take a pic. I am needing to go to a differ WM to find a 'N' glitter initial for The Nana's stocking. Once I find that both stockings will be set. Yes, there are lots of presents under our tree already. That is thanx to my mom who we lovingly refer to as Ma. They are driving the boys nutso!:)

I have pretty much used the same decorations for years minus a few. The only thing I have changed up really is the ribbon and more lights. Lots more lights! Our light theme is white twinkling and then red white and green. I think there is a total of ten strands on there!:)

 Our topper is a work in progress. I need more picks but I am guessing by the time we get to HobLob they will be all out. That poor star. It's light even went out so I had to wrap a new strand around and thru it. Maybe I will find a replacement in the next few years.

And here the tree is at 12:30 am last Saturday night! Ha! I even let Oldest stay up and help me decorate it which was a big feat for me. I am very particular on where ornaments go and well I kinda had to give that up this year. He was sooooo excited to help for the first time ever!:) That and the fact that he got to stay up till after midnight!:) 

On a differ non holiday related note look what made me HomeGoods Happy!! Our large pillows I purchased last year when we moved in where literally falling apart. Stuffing everywhere. I had been trying to find some replacements for months now and then last weekend the boys and I were in HG and I fell in love! I almost did not get them because they were $30 a piece but I knew I had seen them or very similar ones in Ballard for $65 so that made me feel better. The flowered pillows will be recovered eventually.
So there ya have it. Not sure how much more I will have to share of holiday. Maybe the dining room if I ever finish it. Two weeks and counting! Ekkk. It is all going by sooo quickly. Have wonderful weekend y'all and thanx for stopping by!

If you have not been by already and want to see more holiday cheer click here , and here.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Mantel 2010

Christmas Mantel 2009

Christmas Mantel 2010! As y'all can see I jazzed things up a bit this year!;) 98% of all items I already owned.

I love this chair! The old world Santa we purchased a few years back at Cracker Barrel. Gingham pillow is an everyday pillow that I just turned around backwards and the green pillow is from a few yrs back thanx to HobLob.

The newest addition this past year to our mantle is one the faux finish I did back in the spring and second the large mirror from our dresser. The little mirror I borrowed from our bathroom. I purchased it back in August from the local yard sale site. The wreath I made from a basic small green wreath that I had from a few years back that I got on clearance at Target. All I did was purchase a $3 candle ring to top it off and doubled up on ribbon.

I love my Nutcracker topiaries! We purchased these last year at Cracker Barrel. I think they were only $10 a piece on sale.

Back in 05  I purchased us all Pottery Barn Kids stockings.... plus one to grow with HA! They were only $7 each and I just loved um. Last year I had purchased wooden initials that I was trying to find time to do but when I saw these glitter initials at WM the other day for just $1 they jumped right in our cart! Maybe I will get the wooden ones done for next year!;)

I am a sucker for my Marks Roberts Fairies!

I use to get one every Christmas from my boys but when we moved to Baton Rouge they were kinda hard to find. I actually think I am missing one but can't for the life of me think of where it would be.

Here is my little basket thingy fairy. Not quite sure what he is for but I still love him. Never had a good spot for him until this year.

Here is our t.v. armoire. I changed it up a bit this year as well.

I bumped the sign down to the inside shelf and Littliest found those mini nutcrackers at Michaels a few weeks back. He bought one for himself and Oldest. Well Oldest decided that they made for great pretties and placed them here! I think he may have a lil' bit of my decorating bug in him to his father's dismay!;)

She is my newest addition this year. Purchased her at Michaels a few weeks back when she was on sale. The candle sticks are from Target and they actually flicker with white light and not the orangey halloweeny glow.

I had been trying to figure out what to do with these doors and last week I stumbled upon a new blog and they had shared how they added ribbon to their kitchen cabinets and hung their Christmas cards! Of course I thought it was a marvelous idea and had to for the armoire doors. I wish I could remember who it was that shared first. I will have to go back and see if I can find it so I can give credit where credit is due. My lil' clips I have had for years and just never knew what to do with them. They are from World Market.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of our 2010 Christmas mantle! Even though it was a bit more stressful to decorate this year I really am having more fun! Thanx for stopping by! I will be sharing more soon. Yes, I did say more!Ha!

And to all a good night!
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bring On The Tinsel

Hey y'all! I apologize for being away this past week but as you can see I have been quite busy!

The tree has been trimmed.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that the end of holiday decorating will soon be near! I don't know abt y'all but for some reason this year I have felt totally over whelmed with this holiday stuff! It may have to do with the fact that I had not even started shopping until abt two weeks ago. It
may be due to the fact that this year we went to Ga for Thanksgiving. Or it may be due to the fact that I want things just right. Just right for whom!? Yeah, I know, I could just throw up a tree with some twinkling lights and call it a day as far as my men are concerned but I know deep down inside they enjoy all my fuss as much as I do. Really this year has overwhelmed me for the sheer fact that I have put so much more time into it than I have in the past and I keep thinking abt how in just three weeks it will all be done and over with!:( I think next year I will start  the decorating at the beginning of November but not actually have the lighting of the lights till the day after Thanksgiving.
Anywho, who wants to see some more holiday cheer!? I know I do and can not wait to slow down so I can stop by and visit everybody and see their wonderful displays!!

This is from last year. It was our first year in this  house and well a lot was going on at the time so I just kinda threw things up. Simple and sweet but yet not quite inspirational.

This is this year and I must say it is one of my most fave displays thus far! Mind you I have yet to finish cause things like laundry, hungry children, and sewing have to come in play sometime. Oh yeah and sleep!;)

I received this set from The Nana and few years back and have to admit it has never had a spot that has done it justice till now. I layered this area which I think is what really made it come to life. I used the iron piece from my fall mantel and then just hung the star and some small candle rings on the hooks. Of course the fresh sprigs of evergreen are a must! Well worth the $4.99.

Christmas would not be complete without a few nutcrackers. $1 section at Target! Score!

The best thing is that this entire display was done almost entirely money free! Total cost was just $6! I guess that actually has been THE big stresser for me this year!! It is so easy to say hey I need this and I need this and just go out and buy it but this year I was determined to do very little of that. Even though it stresses me I have to say I am enjoying it all the more!

Thanx for stopping by to visit and I hope you enjoyed the first glimpse into our holiday wonderland! I will be sharing more this week so come back soon. Now off to accomplish some of those never ending chores. Have a good one y'all!
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