Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Master Bedroom Inspiration

As if I do not have enough projects started I am in the midst of working on our master bedroom. I have NEVER shared pics of this room and y'all will see why in a moment! Ha!  I thought that I had decided on a paint color for in there until my Paula Deen magazine arrived last week. 

Paula was sharing the updates in her home and one of them is her master bedroom which use to be painted a deep chocolate brown. Very pretty but very dark. This change I fell in love with. It makes the room nice and airy. What I do not like is her new chandy. 
Anyways, Paula's room then reminded me of this pic which was in my inspiration file. Sonya over at Beyond the Screen Door posted it awhile back. She made those gorgeous curtains that I instantly fell in love with. I actually love all the colors in this room and it reminds me a little of our master or I should say what our master could become.

Here is what I threw on the wall last week after seeing Paula's room. The top color is SW Biltmore Buff. Paula's room is SW Tansey Green but I felt it was a little too green for us so I just went up on the color strip and found Ryegrass. And yes those are gorgeous custom window treatments you are seeing there. I hung them myself just after we moved in! HA!:) Not quite as lovely as Sonya's but hopefully one day they will be.

Soooo, here is a view of our master. Yes, those glorious window treatments add a touch of ghetto chic to the room. The air mattress is for when one of the boys decides to come in at night. No the bed is not made. Just keeping it real for y'all! Our bedding I found back in March at Kohls and fell in love with it instantly. It was my birthday present. I guess turning 35 had its perks.

Here is a view of the opposite side of the room. I am wanting to create some architectural detail by adding stained wood trim above the doors kinda in a farm house style if ya know what I mean?! I think it will add to the french country theme I am attempting to make thru out our home. It will frame up the entire opening above the doors. Then I want to bring the same stained wood above the windows and hang treatments from them. Still trying to figure out fabs for those. The ghetto chic is really bugging me since we have now been in our home for 17 months! Please don't judge me!;)

Yes, I do think I am going with Ryegrass and hopefully before The Nana & The Papa arrive for Christmas! I can't wait! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's happening?

Hey y'all! Hope your week is starting off well. The weather here is crazy. It needs to pick a temp and stick with it. Over the weekend we got down to 38 at night and today we will be 83 during the day! No wonder my boys are always running around with snot noses. Been busy working on the kitchen island! I am soo excited to be almost done with it. I spent the morning finishing up the glazing process.  I even put the doors back on and brought the new top in from the garage and sat it on top of the one that is already one it. I  just had to see it all together!:)  It will be a few more weeks till it is 100% done though with Thanksgiving and all coming up. The Hubster and I still need to figure out what we are going to do about a nail gun which we need so we can  put trim at the bottom of the island. I am wanting to just borrow one and he wants to purchase one. Urgh!

While we decided what to do about that look at my next project! I was soo aggravated yesterday at the seller that it almost did not happen. They live 20 min away and I went to look at it in the am after dropping Littliest off at school yesterday. It needs some work for sure and so I offered them just $10 less than what they were asking. The husband said no. So I respected that decision though I thought it was ridiculous seeing as it does need some repair and new knobs. Just before time to get Littlliest the wife emails me and says she will take the $60 I offered. I emailed her back not even 10 min after she emailed me and said I would be back up there around 4ish after I picked my boys up from school. I checked my email on my phone after getting Littliest and since she had not responded I called her. She proceeded to tell me that right after she emailed me she got an email offering full price. Hmmmm. I was not biting and told her to do what she felt she needed to do all the while thinking what poor business practice this was seeing as they are a top sellers on the yard sale site. To make a long story short I got it for my offer price. It was a bit more than I think it is actually worth but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for  so I was willing to pay that. Can you guess where it might be going!? I will give you a hint: I had to kick the cats up stairs to make room for it. I am thinking yellow may be in it's near future!:) Also thinking of hunting down some vintage casters to make it a bit taller.
Off to make Littliest some lunch. Have a good one y'all!

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