Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am addicted to checking out our local yard sale site and Craigs List. I always like to browse and see what I would buy if I could buy and how much people think they can actually get for their stuff. Sometimes I just want to respond to them with "Really??". I do not though cause I am a nice person and all and I am sure people do the same to me! Ha! We place such a high sentimental value on our things and sometimes it is hard to let them go. I try to keep that in mind when pricing my items.
Before we moved to Baton Rouge I had my first ever yard sale and went hog wild on selling stuff off. I made a ton of money...$700... and really enjoyed myself. Probably because it brought back fond memories of my retail days. Yes, I actually loved working with customers...most of the time. Anyways, even though I enjoy the high of selling and making some extra cash to buy things I sometimes regret making such hasty decisions.

This set I try not to think about. We purchased it when I was just two months prego with Oldest. We had no idea what we were having but I just KNEW we were having a boy. I LOVED this set. We used it for the first year of Littliest as well but then I got bored of it and felt bad that he was getting all the hand me downs. I went out and purchased him a new set which now I am TRYING to sell and nobody seems to be biting. If ya know anybody who wants a like NEW Cocalo Alphabet Soup crib bedding set with accesoires let me know. It was used all of 6 months if that. Anyways, I digress, from time to time I still sorda wish I had this set. It makes me feel comforted to know though that it was purchased by a young couple who were having their first baby!

This trey I had for 5 years and never did a darn thing with it. Now I have several places I could be using it.

These are my biggest and most regrettable sell off. Can you believe I was actually crazy enough to sell these!!?? They were from Pottery Barn and we actually used them with our door head board that The Hubster and I made that is now in the guest room. I soooooo wish I had these back but at the time we were in the midst of our Baton Rouge move and had no where to store them. I still day dream about what could have been! I have learned my lesson though and now I think twice about what I sell.
Have you ever sold anything and later on regretted it!!??

Monday, June 21, 2010

Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie FarmHouse

Hey ya'll! Great news this Monday morn! Bug guy came and said he probably chased them ants over to our yard last week when he did the neighbors house so he sprayed the entire yard! Thank the Lord! I finally got a hold of the AC people and another hallelujah they will be covering all costs for the repair! So this evening all we have to do is drop poor Ruby...The Hubsters truck, I named the dealership and hopefully she will be ready for pickup tomorrow evening.
In other good news I was blog surfing my faves this morning and went to Aunt Ruthie's. Have ya been there???? If not you soo have to go! Her button is on my sidebar. I just love her blog. She has a sink in her half bath that is just too darn stinking cute! I will have to find a pic of it. And her vintage pictures are just lovely! Anyways, she just released ....a few weeks back, I am slow at heading over....her new E-Book Watermelon & Fireflies. It is full of wonderful summertime ideas and recipes. To celebrate she is having a give away! Head on over and see all the goodies! You will not want to miss out on this one! She is also offering up a 25% discount on her E-Book till the 30th so head on over! I know you will not be disappointed!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Week & A Hearty Welcome!

Hey ya'll! Hope Fathers Day was a good one for everybody! We spent a quiet day at home. The Hubster got his gift a few week back so he was set.
I don't know about ya'll but I am ready for a new week. Over the weekend The Hubster was diagnosed with pneumonia. No fun there but I will add that if he had gone to the doc two months ago we would not be in this situation. Thankfully he is being treated here at home. The AC guy came late Friday to tell us it would be almost a grand to fix some coil. Great we said. Should be covered by the warranty but I have my reservations about it. I guess we shall see in the am when I call um to get it fixed. It is 89 during the day up there. This evening we were out for a Fathers Day treat and The Hubsters AC went out in his truck. Great we said yet again. No biggie there because it is a new truck and well they have no choice but to fix it. He will be taking the mini van to work tomorrow though so if the boys and I HAVE to go anywhere in this 100 degree heat we will just have to sweat it out I guess.
It just seems to be one thing after another and in the past I have been known to super stress over these things. It could be soooo much worse and I am just thankful it is not and that we have the means or a way to get stuff fixed what ever it is that is wrong. There is not a single thing I can do about it and who knows I may go over the edge if one more thing goes wrong but for now for some reason I am at peace with it all. Thank you God for that!
I do want to take a moment and give a shout out to my new followers!! Welcome!! I fell so special every time I get a new bloggy friend and I just want each of you to know how much I appreciate your stopping by! I try to stop by every body's blogs when I can but I do not always have time to leave comments or for whatever reason it tells me whomever does not have a link to their blog. So please know I do stop by !:)
Well have a great Monday ya'll! Off to watch some HGTV I guess till I can fall asleep.

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