Friday, February 12, 2010

Got Snow? Linky Party

Hey ya'll! Boy was Punksatony Phil correct or what when he saw his shadow a few weeks back!? This past week has been an extremely rare occurance across the nation as far as snow goes. I just read an article on Yahoo that stated something like 49 states out of the 50 all have had snow this week. Hawaii was the exception. With that being said I thought that it would be fun to share pics of all the snow out there! So come and join in the fun and share your snow pics! Tell us where you live and how much you ended up receiving!
We did not receive anything but rain. It held at 38 most of the day yesterday and rained and rained and rained some more. The boys high hopes were dashed. It was 40 today but felt like 31 all day long! Really if it was going to be that cold at least a few flurries would have been nice.
Though we did not receive any of the white stuff we did get to share in the fun. This pic my mom sent from Augusta Ga. I think the last total at 7 pm was something like 4 and half inches. I may be wrong on that but I think that is what she said. (Edited Note: Mom ended up with 6 and half inches!)
This is her back yard. Kinda reminds me of pics we use to receive from my Nanny in The Poconos.

Grab some hot coco and start sharing those pics! Think we can get a link to all 49 of those states??
1. Texas
3. Arkansas
4. South Carolina
5. Georgia
6. Alabama
7. New Jersey
8. Pennsylvania


Never thought I would say this but I am missing Baton Rouge right now. The old house is getting snow right now!:( Back to sewing.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thrifty Treasure Thursday=Repost

Edited Note: Hey ya'll! It is week number two of Thrifty Treasure Thursday! Thank you too all you participated last week. I am hoping to have a few more ladies join in on the fun this week!:) Remember that your treasure does not have to be something you just purchased. It can be something you already owned and refurbished or even something that you saw that was a great deal but you passed on.
Here we all have been under the weather so I have not been out and about in the last week. I also have not felt well enough myself to create or recreate any new treasures so I am reposting a post from September. It is one of my fave thrifty purchases/redos and since I have quite a few more bloggy friends since then I figured it would be okay to repost. If you have already seen it I apologize. I promise to have a new treasure next week!

Okay so who did not know Antonio would be the next Design Star?! It was obvious though Dan does have talent. I loved the nursery he did for Jason Priestly. It was gorgeous. Antonio is different though. They have never had an Antonio on HGTV before and well they already have one design guy who likes to take off his shirt. There was no way there would be two.
Now on to MY big reveal! I am so excited abt this project! I had been talking abt having The Papa transform our can light above the kitchen sink so I could hang a mini chandy there. Of course The Nana, The Papa and The Hubster all thought I was nuts and said no way. Well on our Home Depot Trip yesterday I saw this beauty! She was just what I was looking for....almost. I had to have her and the best thing she was on Clearance. Even better she was the last one, a demo so I got an additional $30 off!

She was the perfect shape and had just the right amount of bling but I was not crazy abt the color. It just did not fit with our stuff. So I braved it. I actually painted an $80 brand new fixture! The Hubster was scared. Here is her before picture.

And here is her after pic! I just absolutely love how she turned out!

She hangs graciously over my kitchen sink and you can see her as soon soon as you enter the living room.

I had to buy one of those decorative white cap thingys because the hole for the can light was a tad larger than the cap for the chandy. Instead of leaving it white to match the ceiling I just used the same two spray paints I used for the breakfast room $10 chandy which I already had been working on...that reveal to come later this week.... and a little Rub N Buff in Antique Gold which I already had as well.

The same technique I actually used on the chandy itself. You can see where I used the Rub N Buff on the undersides of the leaves and around the candle bases. A little TINY dab will do ya and if ya already own some Rub N Buff you know this! I wish I could find it in a black and brown as well but so far gold is all my HobLob has.

So there you have the big reveal! She truly is my most fave item in the house... right now!;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do It Yourself Day...

It is Tuesday again...well almost and I am joining in on the fun over at Kimba's and Susan's. My project this past week was creating a wreath for our front door. She has been naked since the first week of January and driving me insane. I had perused the isles of HobLob and well nothing inspired me to make my next wreath. Even the Hubster complained that the front door was naked! If The Hubster was complaining I knew something had to be done. I decided to make a burlap wreath that I had been seeing a lot of around blogland. I considered it more of an indoor wreath but figured why not for the outside as well. Here is what I came up with.

All I used was a hanger of course. Then probably three yards of burlap cut into 4 inch strips a yard long. I have seen directions for less yardage but when I looped the loops randomly mine never seemed full because the burlap would just smoosh down on itself once I held it up. I then had some left over red gingham ribbon from the holidays and decided to hang it up using that. I added two gingham bows as well but thought it needed something more so I stole decorations from what use to be my Valentine tree...decided to forgo it this year....and just wrapped the red berries and mini rose garland around it. I think it turned out pretty nice. I knew though once I looked at it hanging up there that The Hubster first words would be "Why did you hang up a Christmas wreath!?". Yep, that was the first thing he said when he walked the the front door that day! I had to point out the mini roses!:)

This may very well be my project for next week. She keeps staring at me expecting me to make her more beautiful.

She thinks she can look like this beauty but I am very intimidated by this project even though I have all the supplies to get going on it. Turns out I know who owns that beauty and they have their house up for sale so I emailed um asking what they did. I won't be able to paint the mirror above ours even though I know it would make it just perfect because well it goes to our dresser in the master bedroom but I think if I could just take a leap of faith and just do it our surround could easily look just as good. I hope! Check back next week to see if I actually get the nerve up to tackle it! I do know I will be finishing up my accessory rearrangement.

Thanx for stopping by and be sure to head over to Kimba's and Susan's for even more great DIY projects!! Also if ya liked what ya see be sure to grab my new bloggy button! Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my new button. I just love it! Its over there on the right hand side. Ya see it over there? Go ahead and grab it if ya wanna!:) I promise I won't burst into a happy dance and embarrass you to where you will never want to return.


Edited Note: Thanx everybody for the well wishes! I was able to get an hour and half nap but it seemed like it was just 30 minutes long if that. Took Oldest in to the doc and his ear infection from two weeks ago has not cleared. It is worse and now ear number two is infected. We are trying a differ stronger antibiotic than the two in the past. He is also on a steroid for his coughing that will NOT stop no matter what we do. I got irritated at WM because they were out of the biotic and then I had to wait in line to get the prescription back so we could take it elsewhere. It was a mess but thankfully the CVS just down the street from our hood has it. So now on to thinking abt what's for dinner. Chick Fil A would be wonderful right about now. Sigh....

Well we all have the funk!:( We were up till 4:30 am this morning with Oldest and his funk. Now I have the funk. Littliest is still asleep due to being up as well and having a bit of the funk. The Hubster for an entire week now has woken up exactly at 2am every morning with his funk. I begged him this morning while he was up with his funk to go to the doc today so I could possibly just maybe get some sleep sometime in the near future. Oldest is going today after lunch. I am just thankful his normal doc was not booked up!
So our Monday has started off with a bang. To make things more irritating Mr Linky is no longer on my Thrifty Treasure Thursday post!:( Sorry ladies!! I tried to see what was up with it and I can not even get into the site. It won;t open in the browser. I just signed up for Mc Linky though and already have the code made for this Thursday.
Hope your weekend was a good one and that your Monday just as good! Don't forget to check out the cool giveaways in my previous post. I will be back tomorrow to share my version of the burlap wreath idea that is going around bloggy land!
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