Monday, February 8, 2010


Edited Note: Thanx everybody for the well wishes! I was able to get an hour and half nap but it seemed like it was just 30 minutes long if that. Took Oldest in to the doc and his ear infection from two weeks ago has not cleared. It is worse and now ear number two is infected. We are trying a differ stronger antibiotic than the two in the past. He is also on a steroid for his coughing that will NOT stop no matter what we do. I got irritated at WM because they were out of the biotic and then I had to wait in line to get the prescription back so we could take it elsewhere. It was a mess but thankfully the CVS just down the street from our hood has it. So now on to thinking abt what's for dinner. Chick Fil A would be wonderful right about now. Sigh....

Well we all have the funk!:( We were up till 4:30 am this morning with Oldest and his funk. Now I have the funk. Littliest is still asleep due to being up as well and having a bit of the funk. The Hubster for an entire week now has woken up exactly at 2am every morning with his funk. I begged him this morning while he was up with his funk to go to the doc today so I could possibly just maybe get some sleep sometime in the near future. Oldest is going today after lunch. I am just thankful his normal doc was not booked up!
So our Monday has started off with a bang. To make things more irritating Mr Linky is no longer on my Thrifty Treasure Thursday post!:( Sorry ladies!! I tried to see what was up with it and I can not even get into the site. It won;t open in the browser. I just signed up for Mc Linky though and already have the code made for this Thursday.
Hope your weekend was a good one and that your Monday just as good! Don't forget to check out the cool giveaways in my previous post. I will be back tomorrow to share my version of the burlap wreath idea that is going around bloggy land!


  1. Oh honey, the life of a mom -- always taking care of someone. I hope your days gets better. Hugs, Your bloggy mama

  2. We just got over this too. No fun.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  3. Hope your week improves and everyone heals quickly!


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