Sunday, July 15, 2018

Suburban Farmhouse Country Garden

Hi everyone! Yesterday mom shared with you all our back porch and how we like to spend time out there just swinging the day away.Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-Mini Doxie- From My Front Porch To Yours

Our last house had a great backyard for my human brothers with the pool but it didn't really have anything for me. I didn't really care for the pool. Our new backyard I get to sun in the grass and run wild and free. Mom says if we get another pool she will make sure I still have room to play.
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard- Garden Lights-White Arbor-Crepe Myrtles-From My Front Porch To Yours
We back up to a nature reserve and it is like we live in our own little forest. Mom is slowly making it pretty. Her and dad put up the arbor last year. Mom has not decided yet what to plant to climb the arbor. Any suggestions? She wants something pretty and easy to care for that will tolerate the hot Texas summers but nothing tropical.
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard- Suburban Country Garden-Windmill-Arbor-Picket Fence-From My Front Porch To Yours
I like to prowl along the back fence sniffing. Mom keeps telling me that there are cats that visit us and that they walk along the back fence on the rock. I haven't lucked up on visiting with any of them yet. 
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-Deer- From My Front Porch To Yours
I have however made the most unlikeliest friend!
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard- Deer-Nature Reserve-Mini Doxie-From My Front Porch To Yours
Mom says her name is Fiona. Sometimes when we go out back to swing and to prowl then I will hear her back behind our yard. If I bark she comes up to say hi to me. 
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-Country Garden-Deer- From My Front Porch To Yours
Fiona is always interested in what I am doing. I actually do not mind her being there and do not even  bark at her once she comes up to the fence. I however do not like it when she gets really close to me. I tend to high tail it back to the porch to mom when Fiona invades my personal space. LOL. She likes to sneak up on me at times.
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-Wild Life-Deer- Country Garden- From My Front Porch To Yours
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-White Arbor-Windmill-Country Suburban Garden-Picket Fence-Deer- From My Front Porch To Yours
Mom loves seeing Fiona visit and throws strawberries back behind the fence for her to feed on.
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard- Cottage Garden-White Arbor-Picket Fence-From My Front Porch To Yours
Other people in our hood say they put corn out for the deer but mom hasn't decided yet on whether to do that or not. Maybe if we could get away with putting a deer feeder back there she would but she's afraid if she just throws it back there too many other critters will come to visit. At night on our front porch we have the earlier mentioned cats that like to visit as well as armadillo, skunks, rabbits, opossums, and raccoons. A few weeks back mom caught on camera about 5 deer just laying down and chilling in our front yard. She wondered if it was Fiona and her family.
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-Deer-Wild Life-Country Garden- From My Front Porch To Yours
We can go a few weeks without seeing Fiona.
Suburban Farmhouse Backyard-Deer-Nature Reserve- From My Front Porch To Yours
She always comes back to visit though. Sometimes you have to have really good eye sight to find her!

Yep, we love living this suburban farmhouse life. 

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  1. I lived in a neighborhood where everyone fed the deer and the population grew so large they were a pain. They started eating everyone's landscape. For your arbor, how about a New Dawn Rose or a Clematis?

    1. Sadly we have moved into their home. Their is land back behind our hood that is privately owned and they come from there up thru our reserve area. There is a mama and twins roaming near by but I haven't been lucky enough to spot them yet. I am hoping they come by for a visit. The deer do come out at night and eat everyone's flowers so I didn't plant any out front this year and miss not having them. I will have to look into Clematis.

  2. How neat that Fiona walks along your fence. We had critters along our fence in Oklahoma...I'm talking about bobcats! They would walk the fence line and it was so eerie because they did not make a sound. If you do put out a feeder you might be inviting more than your fair share of skunks!

    You could put a pretty climbing rose on your arbor if it is really sturdy. Or you could consider a passion vine...they are host plants for Gulf Frittilary caterpillars/butterflies. They are perennial but are not woody and heavy like some vines.

    Your backyard is beautiful! I'm amazed at how you have it looking so good in such a short time. You know Lisa at Texas Decor, she lives in the Houston area too. You both have such pretty yards!

    1. We have coyotes and there is a bob cat that roams around in the older sections of the hood. We have seen pictures of it scaling the top of fences. Ekk! I am glad we have not seen either of the mentioned. Anything that attacks butterflies would be great! I will have to look into those. Lisa does have a beautiful backyard! The builder cut down our last oak tree spring of 2017 so last summer we planted a new oak tree and 4 Myrtles along with two trellis that have holly. We need to connect them all in beds but have not done so yet. Eventually!LOL.

  3. If it can survive the heat, clematis climbs and has the most beautiful flowers! You could maybe do a mix with ivy or something green that will remain that way after the clematis stops blooming. Im in NC and we have very hot summers and high humidity ( maybe not as bad as Texas) but mine do well and come back yearly.

  4. Your garden is looking so beautiful. I really, really love it.

    1. Thank you Marty! It is a labor of love. We really enjoy being able to see the nature behind us.

  5. Oh my gosh Pam this is so cool that the deer wants to come by and say Hi to you. They are not afraid of the your sweet doxie either. Your backyard is looking so great. Yep you need a pool put in so when I come to visit I will have a place for me and my floatie lol! Happy Weekend.

    1. Come on down Kris! I need you to help me make my yard come to life like you do with yours! I do not have a green thumb like you so I am clueless. Tried talking hubby into a stock tank pool till he gives into investing in a in the ground pool but he isn't keen on that either. Oh well. Hope your weekend is going well!

  6. Yard is beautiful! Love this written from the dog's perspective!!

  7. Maybe wisteria? Or bougainvillea if it gets a lot of sun


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