Monday, July 23, 2018

Creating Privacy for Front Door Windows

We love our craftsman style front door with sidelights. What we didn't like is that anyone who came to the door could see all the way into our living room. There was no privacy what so ever! I considered several possibilities to tackle the issue. One was to add curtains but our foyer is too small for that. Second was to apply a film which is essentially a big sticker to all the windows. I looked at them but never found one I really loved and I didn't want to have to worry about cleaning off all the sticky mess if I ever decided to peel it off. 
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-From My Front Porch To Yours
After a year of living in our home I finally happened upon something I thought might work in providing us the natural light and privacy. 

I found Gallery Glass Clear Window Color. I read up on it and artist who create faux stain glass pieces use it. There are a variety of ways to apply it from brushes and sponges but the method I found best was my finger. 
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Gallery Glass-From My Front Porch To Yours
It took me three attempts at getting my process down just right. Thankfully it is fairly easy to peel off once dry so if you do not like how it looks you can just start over. 
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Faux-Staing Glass-Gallery Glass-From My Front Porch To Yours
I used swirly motions and it created little tiny air bubbles that look like seeded glass once dry.
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Side Lights-Door-Gallery Glass-From My Front Porch To Yours
Here it almost dry.
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Faux Stain Glass-Gallery Glass-From My Front Porch To Yours
Here it is completely dry.
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Home Improvement-Faux Stain Glass-From My Front Porch To Yours
Here you can see the two bottom panels are completed while the others are still naked. This stuff really does work in providing some much need privacy.
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Gallery Glass-Faux Stain Glass-From My Front Porch To Yours
How does it hold up? Well it has been almost a year since I completed the project and it is still doing just fine. It works so well that I even have applied it to our french doors into the office. I tested its durability by using Windex and a paper towel and it was just fine.
Privacy-Front Door Windows-DIY-Foyer-Farmhouse-From My Front Porch To Yours
A great result for about $6 a bottle. I used one bottle with some left over. I will say it does smell somewhat so you will want to make sure to have proper ventilation. I applied it with the dining room windows open. Also it is a sticky,messy process so if you attempt it have plenty of damp paper towels near by.
Please note I am only sharing how I myself accomplished this project. I researched many methods and decided what method and product was best for me. Just because I am happy with my results does not mean the next person will be. As with all DIY projects I suggest doing the research and making informed decisions on what products to use. I was NOT compensated for this post. I purchased the product online after not being able to find it at the local craft stores. 


  1. I did something like that years ago at our old farmhouse in Tennessee. But I actually bought a faux "lead" to create a true stained glass effect and used red, blue and clear "glass". Yours turned out great!

  2. Hi Pamela! I used this product on one of our bathroom Windows at our previous home and it awesome! Your door looks terrific. Jane

    1. Thanks Jane! I was really impressed on how well works.

  3. We moved into a new house in March and I had the same problem. I used the product and I think it works great.

  4. What a great solution and it looks wonderful!!!

  5. hi Pamela.... love it. i'm catching up on blogs and trying to get ready for Fall


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