Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Gardenias-Front Flower Beds

I have been wanting to update the front flower beds for awhile now. I started by yanking out some type of small shrub a few weeks ago that the builder put in. I have no idea what it was because it never grew any larger than two branches with a few leaves. There were probably 15 of them.
Landscape-Front Flower Beds-From My Front Porch To Yours

After pulling those out I wanted to pull out the Gardenias that they had planted. After a year and half of growth they never really flourished. Some of them were damaged during the unseasonably cold winter we had. Here you can see the different sizes. I will say this year some did finally start to bloom. 
Landscape--10 Gallon-Gardenias-From My Front Porch To Yours
I happened upon beautiful 10 gallon Gardenias while at the grocery store. They are a different type than the ones we already had in our beds. I loved how beefy they were and that they had a lot of flower buds on them. Since they were on Clearance for just $10 a plant I could not pass them up.
Landscape-Front Flower Beds-Curb Appeal-From My Front Porch To Yours
Even though it was as hot as all get out I got straight to work pulling out the old Gardenias. 
Landscape-Front Flower Beds Cleared-From My Front Porch To Yours
This plant had received a lot of damaged with the freezes and I had to cut them down to the ground. They were just now starting to sprout back up. Since they were not my favorite because they get huge and unruly out they came as well. 
Landscape-Gardenias-Iron Accents-From My Front Porch To Yours
The new Gardenias look so much nicer.
Landscape-Gardenias-Shrubs-Curb Appeal-From My Front Porch To Yours
I can not wait till they bloom!
Landscape-Iron Accents-Curb Appeal-Gardenias-From My Front Porch To Yours
This weekend I hope to find some spiral/ornamental type shrub to place where the iron topiaries are and to plant a few flowers for some pops of color. In the fall once it cools off we will be installing rock around all the beds. Till then this is a good start I think. As for the old plants I was able to save half of them and planted them in the back yard.

Next post I will be sharing an update we did to our front porch. 


  1. There's nothing better than gardenias! Do they grow well where you are? They really don't thrive here but we've planted four of them. They are blooming but don't look terribly healthy. We amended the soil like crazy, as we were instructed. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. The other variety that I re-homed, some were growing fantastic but then the others were just hanging on. I am hoping these will do well. I plan on keeping them not too much larger.

  2. My gardenia here in S. Fl is about 6ft by 6 ft in our yard. The blooms are wonderful and I hope you enjoy your new gardenias. I do miss hydrangeas though.

    1. Sounds beautiful!! I plan on keeping these not much larger than they are now or at least try to. I love Hydrangeas as well. I am thinking of planting two in the front beds.

  3. Your new gardenias look lovely. We have been planting and planting. Until Sunday when the rain started. Alberto is doing a number on us here in NC. We are suppose to have rain through Friday.

    1. I love seeing how your yard is coming together Penny! Sorry about Alberto!! It is way too early for Tropical Storms.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Holly! It was one of the first things I purchased when we signed to build. :)

  5. This past winter surely did a number on a lot of my plants...l love gardenias...so beautiful and love the fragrance when the wind is blowing! Spiral topiaries would look fantastic....Keep cool Pamela! Everything is looking fantastic!

    1. I am hoping I can keep them alive.LOL. I have one that keeps drinking a ton of water. I can not wait to see them bloom! Thanks for visiting Shirley!


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