Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover- Backsplash Tile

farmhouse kitchen DIY-range hood--from my front porch to yours

Last I left y'all with our almost completed range hood.  All I had left to do to it was paint. 
farmhouse kitchen DIY-tile rip out-from my front porch to yours
Once that happened I was ready to start on the backsplash. We are doing tongue and groove everywhere minus the range so I had to rip out the white subway tile that was there. I know many will scratch their heads and ask why and the reason is that when we were at the design center there was not anything that jumped out at us so we just had them throw up the most inexpensive tile they had that would go with our style till I found exactly what I was wanting. Anyways, it was not as easy to rip off as it was at our last house and thus I ended up having to remove the section of drywall but no worries it was easy to replace that piece. 
farmhouse kitchen DIY-tile selection-from my front porch to yours
The original plan was to use the bottom french inspired tiles  along with white subway for a design unique to our home but I ended up changing my mind about that.
farmhouse kitchen DIY-Mosaic Flower-Subway-from my front porch to yours
Instead I went back to the mosaic flower I had been eyeing since before we started the build process. I also picked out a blue/gray subway tile for the unique design. Ignore the brick. Hoping eventually it will come into play but it is so expensive!
farmhouse kitchen-Crackle Subway Tile- DIY-from my front porch to yours
I love the subway tile because it has a crackle finish to it.
farmhouse kitchen-Subway Tile- DIY-from my front porch to yours
Subway tile is super easy to install for me.
farmhouse kitchen -Subway Tile-Mosaic Flower tile-DIY-from my front porch to yours
The mosaic was a little bit more tricky and around the outside I had to individually insert each and every piece. Let me tell ya Trades certainly earn their money!
farmhouse kitchen-Grouting Tip- DIY-from my front porch to yours
I was able to finish grouting and the best trick I have to share is to make a grout bag with a gallon zip lock. It works like decorating a cake.
I wish I could tell y'all that I was done with the kitchen backsplash but the grouting put me out of commission for almost two weeks. My joints in my hands and wrist did NOT like me at all. I could barely move my hand the next day and I still am not able to place full weight on my wrist. I am not going to allow my old lady problems stop me from DIY though!:)
farmhouse kitchen-Cabinet Hardware-Cup Pulls-Crystal Knobs-Mixing Metals- DIY-from my front porch to yours
I was able to accomplish picking out our hardware in the meantime. I am going to be mixing metals.
farmhouse kitchen-Cabinet Hardware Placement-Cup Pulls- DIY-from my front porch to yours
The great debate now is where to place the cup hardware. We already made our decision but what do you think?  No worries these are sample drawer fronts.

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  1. Yayyy, so happy to read a new Post! The tile looks beautiful, but sorry you hear about your hands and wrists. For me, it would have been my back. I'd have a hard time deciding on placement of the cups too.

  2. Everything looks beautiful, Pam!! I have been a bit under the weather with BP issues and getting use to an increase in BP meds.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  3. This looks great, Pamela. I like your choices. I've seen, first-hand, the smaller tile problems. We chose a basketweave for our shower floor, and the pieces fall right off the mesh backing once wet when being cut. It makes setting very tedious. Trades do earn their money, I agree.

  4. It looks great!! I love that gray subway tile and the mosaic tile as well. I like the handle at the top of the drawer.

  5. Gorgeous, you are make this house a showplace.

  6. I love what you have chosen! Great colors! I feel your pain, I'm a lot older than you and refuse to give up. Keep goin darlin.

  7. What an adventure!! I'm totally impressed that you are doing the tile yourself!
    It will stunning when all done....

    1. Thank you Nancy! Hope you have a Happy Easter.

  8. What's all this talk about being old? Have had arthritis since early 40's and it doesn't get better as I age (will be 77 in July). Now my hands don't want to work at all, let alone wrists, makes it difficult and painful to type some days. Don't have feeling in fingertips, fingers are twisting, no strength. But I find new ways to do things I want to do, just not as easily or often as I'd like. Also have nerve damage in right hand/arm/shoulder from accident in 1998. Had right shoulder replaced Dec. 2015.
    Enuf of all that nonsense. Your gray subway tile is so pretty, love the crackle finish, gives it personality of it's own. I too would prefer cup handles at top of drawer.
    So many choices which have to go well with other choices. When we got new cupboards for our kitchen in KY house that was hard enuf, boy do I miss that kitchen. Miss whole house and 1 1/2 acres. Now we live in western CO due to Ky climate not agreeing with me at all.
    As Marty remarked you sure are making your home a showplace but a warm welcoming one, are very good at it.
    Can't believe is already Wed., Easter will be upon us before we know it. Happy Easter

    1. I am so sorry to hear that! I have had arthritis issues for some years now. My grandmother had it and sadly she experienced a lot of what you are. I can not remember a time that her hands did not curl up or her having trouble timing her shoes. She was tough though and I never once heard her complain about it. I am going to take advantage of every moment I am able to do the things that I enjoy. I just now know it will take me little longer to do them. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter!

  9. You have my full admiration doing that backsplash yourself!! It looks amazing. I can't wait till you finish and we can see the whole picture.

    The tile guys have been at our house for several days now and we haven't even started the kitchen backsplash. It's all coming together though. You and I could have so much fun shopping together. We seem to really like similar things.

    By the way, my hands would do the same thing if I were doing a job like that. Ouch!

    1. I can not wait to see your house completed Stacey!! I know it is going to look fabulous. It will be fun to see our tile in your house!:)

  10. wow, looks great. i loved that blue tile, but love the cohesion with all the grays. can't wait to see the final product!

  11. The backsplash looks wonderful Pamela...sorry to hear about your hand...I can so relate!....Hope it feels better soon!

  12. The tile looks beautiful, and I love the hood!

  13. The tile is amazing and the hood is outstanding. Enjoy it!! What a beautiful room...

  14. what you have done is beautiful! But, can you tell me more about the French inspired tile that you didn't use? Where would I locate something like that? Thanks for any information you can provide.

    1. Thanks Karen. We found that tile at our local Floor & Decor. They have a website but I am not sure if they carry it online.


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