Monday, September 5, 2016

Furniture Shopping For Our Farmhouse Master Bedroom

You know that feeling when you get a room in your house just the way you always dreamed of? It is one of the best feelings and I loved our master bedroom in our previous home.
French Farmhouse Master Bedroom-Buffalo Check Bedding-Toile- From My Front Porch To Yours

I had transformed it to our dream bedroom back in the Spring of 2014 after living in our home for 5 years .
French Farmhouse Master Bedroom-Buffalo Check-Toile-Vintage- From My Front Porch To Yours
Everything worked together so nicely. Mr. Front Porch and I had hunted for YEARS for the perfect bedroom set. We ended up purchasing this set about 11 years ago.
French Farmhouse Master Bedroom-Vintage-Sherwin Williams Rainwashed- From My Front Porch To Yours
It has been thru 3, soon to be 4 moves. The set has held up as well as any wood furniture would have with so many moves and two little boys. I still remember when our oldest was a little over two and had gotten a bottle of my finger nail polish and started painting one of the nightstands. Oh my! Thankfully I was able to get it off and only I know where it was. Mr. Front Porch was not too happy at the time since it was new. We can laugh about it now. 
Building a Suburban Farmhouse-Wood Flooring- From My Front Porch To Yours
With the new house selections I know our bedroom furniture will not look good and I am not wanting to wait 5 years to get our bedroom dreamy. Our current furniture has a cherry/brown finish to it and our new wood floors are a rustic lighter wood with some grey in it. With the flooring selection I have been trying to talk Mr. Front Porch into a new bed and thus have been on the hunt for months for one that would suite us both.
 Farmhouse Master Bedroom-Pew Headboard-Magnolia Home- From My Front Porch To Yours
I instantly fell in love with this reproduction pew headboard from The Magnolia Furniture line. It is such a beautiful bed but I was wanting more than just a headboard.
 Farmhouse Master Bedroom- Wrought Iron Bed-From My Front Porch To Yours
Then I started looking at faux wrought iron beds. Nothing screams farmhouse like a beautiful wrought iron bed! This one I found over on There is also the same style on Wayfair as well. Mr. Front Porch vetoed the wrought iron bed idea though. He prefers wood.

Farmhouse Master Bedroom- Chatelet Bed-Hooker Funriture-From My Front Porch To Yours
Oh my this Chatelet Mantel bed by Hooker Furniture is my DREAM bed! It is just simply gorgeous but alas way out of my budget. See, I promised Mr. Front Porch that I was going to pay for our new bed with my blogging money so I need to find something a tad less expensive. Maybe one day this beauty will be mine but for now I will admire from afar. Gotta admit it would look fabulous in our new home though.
 Farmhouse Master Bedroom-Paula Deen Dogwood Bed- From My Front Porch To Yours
I then happened upon the Dogwood bed line. It is stunning as well and also comes in white. It was closer to my budget but still more than what I felt comfortable spending at this time. 

Farmhouse Master Bedroom- Cottage Bed-Birch Lane-From My Front Porch To Yours
Alas,over the weekend while looking thru Joss & Main I spied this bed and thought hmmm. I ended up finding it for less thru their partner site Birch Lane and there was an additional 20% off for their Labor Day sale. Mr. Front Porch gave a nod of approval for liking the style so I hit submit and ordered it! It got really great reviews and the price could not be beat since the sale was going on and Free Shipping.

Here's hoping it will all look nice in the new house! I am planning on using the same bed linens. Also crossing my fingers it will arrive before the new house is completed. Otherwise I may have created another headache but at least our rental is just a few houses away from our forever home. I can always just sit out on the rental porch and wait for it to arrive!;)

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  1. Oh wow, what a great find. I love it. Great choice.

    1. Thank you Marty! Hope your week has started of nicely.

  2. Oh my such beautiful choices. I love the bed you found. It will look so great in your new master bedroom. Great score Pamela. So exciting to be getting closer to your move in. Everything will be new and fresh and beautiful. I cannot wait to see this bedroom set in your new home.

    1. Thank you Kris. Of course you know how stressful it all is. It is hard to get excited but once we actually close it will kick in. Anything can happen between now and then.

  3. Pam, you picked the best one, seriously - my second fav is the faux iton bed. (Breaks up all the wood from flooring.) Congrats, and getting on sale with free shipping ROCKS! Gonna be dreamy for sure! ♥

    1. Thanx Michele! Yeah, I liked the faux iron bed as well especially since I am wanting to place our bed in front of our windows but gotta make hubby happy too.

  4. It is wonderful. I can't wait to see it in your new home.

    1. Thank you Katie! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. That's a good choice. I'm sure it will come on time.

    1. Thank you Kim. I hope it all ends up looking good. I have never ordered anything so large so hoping it does come and all is well.

  6. Pamela,
    Thanks for sharing your new bed with all of us at Show and Share...I LOVE it!!


  7. So what are you doing w/your old bedroom set ? You should chalk paint it and sell it to pay for the new stuff !!!

  8. Beautiful choice! Those budgets are annoying aren't they?

  9. Great choice! Love it! Enjoy your new bed! ;)


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