Monday, August 15, 2016

Sidewalk, Walls, & Delays

Last week we had a few things take place at the house. A few good and some not so good but we are working on how to get the not so good resolved. 

Our sidewalks were poured which was fun. No more having to walk in the dirt to get into the house.
 Our driveway was completed as well. In love with how long it is! I can picture having movie nights out here with friends  and playing basket ball with the boys! We are not so sure the driveway is going to work out the way it is though. If you have a car parked outside on the left hand side of the double garage you can not pull out a car from the single garage. You can but you would have to move the car parked in front of the double garage door. To me that defeats the purpose of having the three car garage side by side. We feel the driveway should come down further for the single car garage so that we do not have to play musical cars. It probably will be something we will have to take care of after we move in though. It really is not a concern until the boys start driving but that will be here before we know it.
The crew came and put up our drywall. This is the future living room.
Here we are looking into the kitchen. We have outstanding electrical issues that should have been resolved over a month ago for the entire house. Still no word when they will be corrected and now not only has the drywall been installed but since I took these pics the walls have been textured as well and will be painted soon so that means all the electrical fixes will cause patch jobs in the drywall. They had plenty of time to correct the issues before the drywall even went up. Tad irked and have let it be known I better not be able to tell where the patch jobs are. All joys of building!:)
I was getting excited and had dreams that I would walk in one day last week and our cabinets would have been installed. We were told that they had been in storage for the past month just waiting to be delivered to us. Well that is not how it worked out and now we are waiting on our cabinets to be made. Our mid September, then early Oct, then mid Oct completion time table has now been pushed to November sometime. You can imagine how pleased we are with that!;) So much for the 78 days from ground breaking time line we were given.
I loved our stair landing at our last home because it had a large window that looked out into the yard. Though this is not a landing but the actual upstairs I love that I can still look out into the yard when I come up the stairs. We have green space on that side of the house so it is like we are looking out into the woods. I also like this space because you can see these windows when you pull into our section. At Christmas I am going to have a Christmas Tree all lit up!:)
Building-A-Suburban-Farmhouse-Rockport -Doors
Friday all of our doors and trim work were delivered so I am sure that will be the highlight of this new week. Can not wait to see it start coming together! 

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  1. Wow, Pamela, I am still amazed at the progress that has been made so far! I know the delays are so frustrating, though. Hopefully, somehow, things will be completed ahead of schedule.

  2. Pamela, keep your eye on the prize. You'll have a beautiful home when this is complete. I've never built a home, so easy for me to say, but it all looks like it is going to be fabulous.

  3. This is so exciting!! It's just so much fun to watch it all happen and dream about the future. :)

  4. I'm so excited for you...this is great progress. Just keeping that dirt and mud out of the house is great. If you follow my blog you'd know how our lakehouse flooded and was gutted and the road to being redone completely. We are almost there after 18 months!


  5. Sorry to hear about all the irritating issues, but you are so right...all part of building. I've heard a lot of people now have a penalty clause in their contracts for delays of completion, but it's probably too late for that now. It will eventually all get done and you will have a beautiful home, Pamela. I love those paneled doors, BTW!


  6. Every building project has some small hurdles. Just keep jumping those hurdles and you will soon be to the fun part!

  7. It's looking awesome, Pamela. All of the frustration will be totally worth it once you are in your beautiful new house. :)


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