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How I Found My Style Sundays- Snazzy Little Things

From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays
Happy Sunday! I'm so excited to meet all of you. I'm Jeanette and I been writing about my home transformation over at at Snazzy Little Things for the last two years.

When I first started reading blogs, one of the earliest DIY projects that impressed me was Pamela's kitchen transformation. My jaw dropped as she demonstrated what a coat of paint could do. Her efforts and detailed insights gave me the courage to conquer my own kitchen with a paint brush. This is why I'm so excited and honored to participate in "How I Found My Style Sundays", and I'd like to thank Pamela for having me here to talk about my style and how it has evolved.
From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things
Above: my office houses an old weathered bench, old locker baskets that serve a practical purpose-they hold my kids' library books.
My decorating style is?
I recently began to describe my style as French-Industrial...and while I haven't fully achieved this is certainly something I am striving towards. Historically, I have been a minimalist when it comes to decorating. My preference is a no-fuss approach, with clean lines and a simpler look. Although, lately I admit to trying my hand at busier, seasonal vignettes (and having a lot of fun with it). I find ways to mix in elegant pieces with industrial ironwork, old chippy windows, and I love ALL tufted furniture. Interesting vintage items almost always make their into the trunk of my car after an afternoon of thrifting. And because of the exquisite craftsmanship of French-inspired opulence, I am always drawn to anything from France. The language, the wine, the food...and of course, the furniture.
From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things framing vintage postcards
Framed vintage postcards, a simple touch yet, still serves as a statement piece.
From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things-Kitchen backsplash project
My kitchen backsplash with inexpensive, scripty, French stencil. This was the biggest step towards embracing my theme, but can be easily changed when the time comes.
From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things-Wainscoting
My foyer, with a DIY wainscot project, inspired by my old Chicago brownstone apartment.

How did you find your decorating style? Two years ago, I lived in a plain ol' builders-grade-cookie-cutter house with an open floorplan. With all of my rooms flowing into one another other, it became clear that I had a lot of clashing "motifs" going on. So I began to purge older, worn out department store furniture--and kept the items with "good bones". Some items needed to be refreshed with a coat of paint. My goals was to put my own "stamp" on my newer house, so I carefully salvaged some of my favorite decor pieces. My final inventory was small, but a theme began to develop. I realized that I am often attracted to old ironwork, chippy windows, any tufted furniture items. I loved old postcards, vintage photographs and ephemera with scripty writing. As for colors, I love neutrals and make no apologies for it, it's classic! And lastly, I love juxtaposition and "surprise" elements in my home decor. With this small inventory, I decided start embracing the elements that one would typically find in French Industrial motifs.
From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things-industrial basement decor
Basement Project: Our basement remodel in an "industrial" motif. It's still a work in progress...acquiring pieces take time! In the background you might have caught a glimpse of a fun DIY project, an oversized piece of art made from a shower curtain.

What has been your most treasured find for your home? This Victorian table. This beauty had a lot of stains and water marks when I bought it, but when I applied a coat of Paris Grey Chalk Paint...I was in love.
From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY Table
Above: My favorite find. A damaged, $25 thrifted Victorian table that I refreshed with paint.

I get such a kick out of finding an old, forgotten piece of furniture that has potential to become something beautiful. From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays: Snazzy Little Things-A $25 Goodwill Upcycle
Above, this Goodwill transformation is a reader favorite, but an example of that "surprise element" in home decor that I love.

What tips do you have for creating a beautiful home? To relax and enjoy the process of decorating. Be patient when seeking the right pieces for your home, and avoid the temptation of buying the first item that comes along that happens to fit your dimensions. If something isn't working, remove it from the room, and try it elsewhere in your home. Always visualize the potential, whether it's an old piece of furniture or a full room ensemble. This opens your mind to all the possibilities - even thrifted items.
And when in doubt...simplify.
My entire blog was built with extreme budgets in mind (I am a single Mom and I'm always looking for ways to save). I hope you'll visit for more ideas...feel free to stop by often for inspiration!

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From My Front Porch To Yours- How I Found My Style Sundays
Thank you so much Jeanette for taking the tie out of your busy schedule to stop by and visit with us today. I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what projects you are in the midddle of. Your script backsplash had me at hello!:)


  1. Jeanette has a beautiful home! I love the projects she has shared here. I'm sure her basement living area is going to be beautiful once done, but I'm sure she is having a lot of fun acquiring the pieces for it. Thanks for sharing Jeanette's style with us, Pamela!

  2. Thanks for a great feature once again, Pamela. I really identify with Jeanette's style, although I don't do many French pieces. I love to mix feminine and charming with rustic farmhouse. I think we probably get the same effect.

    Off to visit her blog!!


  3. Wow I love that backsplash!!..Jeanette's painting projects are beautiful and I love her description of her style of French Industrial....another great feature Pamela!...

  4. What a lovely home! I think my favorite thing is the kitchen backsplash - very creative!


  5. Beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed reading her Pamela :) And her painting projects are just wonderful.


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