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Better Late Than Never Christmas Edition- Budget Friendly Front Porch Vignette

From My Front Porch To Yours Christmas Front Porch
Christmas is less than 14 days away and I was feeling so far behind a few days ago. I still had not finished up all my holiday decorating. Everything inside the house is pretty much set or in the process of being set but the front porch well it was a blank slate. I knew I wanted to change things up but I wanted to spend as little money as possible. I came up with a plan after taking inventory of what I already owned. I was going to make a planked sign and something new for our urn.
From My Front Porch To Yours
I headed to Michaels and purchased three sets of chip board letters that spelled "Ho Ho Ho". Each letter was $1.50. I then purchased some Martha Stewart fine red glitter for $5.99 but used a 40% off coupon for it. So far I was off to a great start money wise.
From My Front Porch To Yours
I have my Martha Glitter Glue from a previous project and though it comes with a glue brush attached to the top it does not stay attached so I needed to spread the glue onto the chipboard letters with a foam brush. Ya gotta work quickly because the glue dries pretty fast.
From My Front Porch To Yours Tutorial
Next I sprinkled...poured...the glitter on each letter. 
bouncy ball spray painted
The next thing I decided to do for the porch was to make a gazing ball. I had heard you could do this with a bouncy ball and just so happened we had one out in the backyard. We also already had some silver spray paint out in the garage. Score! Nothing like a free project.
DIY Gazing Ball
I was getting really excited after I sprayed the ball. It was looking really pretty.
DIY Plank Sign
Next up I needed to make something for the "Ho Ho Ho". I had some old fence boards out in the garage as well as some scrap wood from our wainscot project I did a few months back.  
DIY Planked Sign
Luckily the scrap strips were just the right length so no cutting needed which  means Mr. Front Porch formally known as The Hubster did not need to get involved with this project. A major plus for him and me!;)
DIY planked sign
After I attached the boards with screws I dug thru my stock pile of paints and found some white to dry brush on.
DIY planked sign
Then in the middle of my madness I remembered that I had purchased a few sets of Decorative Garage Door Hardware from HomeDepot back in the summer that were on clearance for less than $4. We already have decorative hardware on our garage doors so I decided that they would  be the perfect addition to the the "Ho Ho Ho" sign. I only used two straps so I have two more for a future project.
DIY Planked sign
Next up I attached the glittered chipboard letters to the front of the planks with hot glue. I did not want to put them on there permanently so hot glue was the perfect solution. Now when I want to use the sign for another saying I can easily pop the "Ho Ho Ho" off.
DIY planked Christmas sign
Here is how it all pulled together. No worries about the big empty space. It is all part of the plan!;)
From My Front Porch To Yours Christmas Front Porch
And here was the plan. I liked it but I was NOT in love with it. It was missing something. Here is where I will let you know that you can not spray paint a bouncy ball without spraying it down with primer for plastic first. My bouncy/gazing ball was still sticky hours later so the sweet gals over on my FaceBook page suggested that I put glitter all over it for an easy solution that would not cause me to have to start all over and steal yet another one of my boys bouncy balls. I added the glitter and then decided that I really wanted to make the ball look like a Christmas ornament.
DIY Gazing Ball Christmas Ornament
So after brainstorming on what I could use as the topper to achieve the Christmas ornament look I dug thru our kitchen drawers and found an old water bottle top that no longer had a water bottle to go with it. It was perfect so out to the garage it went to get spray painted. 
DIY Gazing Ball Christmas Ornament
I attached it with some hot glue. It WAS exactly what the bouncy/gazing ball needed. Now I LOVE my front porch vignette!
Christmas Vignette
For next to nothing I created a fun porch vignette. Another plus was that it did not really take all that much time either. I will be sharing the rest of our front porch on Monday so be sure to stop back by!
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Also before ya go, everybody is invited to come and party tomorrow Dec 14 for my 3rd annual Christmas Mantle Party! Party will start at 8 a.m. central standard time. Hope to see ya there. I will leave it open thru New Years Eve so if you can not make it till after Christmas that is fine too.

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  1. What a cool idea, Pamela … I love it! The added glitter looks awesome and such a creative topper! I would never have thought to spray paint a ball! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Pamela,
    I just love both of these ideas! I've been wanting to try the gazing ball thing, but was curious if it would work! So want to make some now! Happy touring with you, friend! ~Christy

  3. Pamela.
    Perfect touch to your front porch, love this idea~
    New follower too!!

  4. Love the water bottle cap to make an ornament idea ! So creative !

  5. So cute -- I love a good Ho Ho Ho project! And I would've never thought of spray painting a bouncy ball. Genius!!!

    :) Linda

  6. What a great idea - I love it. The gardeners are always breaking my glass balls and for some reason this year I could not find one that was not expensive. Thanks for this GREAT IDEA. Your sign and ornament looks terrific.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Fabulous project Pamela!!!!!!! I should try this soon! thanks!

  8. oh I just love it as an ornament. what a clever idea. I would have never thought to use a bouncey ball....but i will the next time! happy holidays

  9. Hi Pamela! This is really really cute! What a creative idea! I love it!

  10. Such a cute idea!! I too am feeling behind... I plan to get everything done this weekend "fingers crossed"

  11. Pamela, Aren't you a clever one! I adore what you did with your "gazing ball". The front porch is all ready for Christmas! I just love what you did!

  12. are a crafty girl!! I love what you did it looks so nice. I hope I get to finish my decorating and shopping over the weekend.

  13. Hi Pamela,
    Super cute idea. You are so creative. Looks fabulous.

  14. I may steal this idea! Love, love, love it!

  15. I may steal this idea! Love, love, love it!

  16. Now that is the cutest…you are so clever Pamela!…Love it…see you tomorrow!

  17. I like it even better as an ornament! So cute, and what a clever idea! Your porch turned out great!

  18. Pamela, I love the sign and the giant ornament. So cute!

  19. Hello, very, VERY pretty porch. I wondered if you could tell me if you had to prime the ball first? Did you have any problems with the paint drying? I've tried this with colored spray paints with the primer built in, but mine never dried. I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with the metallic spray paints vs the colored spray paints.


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