Sunday, October 27, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Shabby Love

Thank you so much Pamela for having me over to your beautiful blog and allowing me to share my home with your readers. I'm Melissa from Shabby Love and I'm thrilled to be here today!! 
It's difficult to narrow down one particular style for my home because I love so many! From cottage to farmhouse, rustic to industrial, and a few bits of nature thrown in, I have touches of it all in my house. If something speaks to me, I buy it and make it work. 
I'm particularly drawn to white, wood tones and metal. You'll also notice I love collections of things! There's just something so fun about a grouping of like items and I've got them all over my home! 
Most of my finds come from thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales and antique stores. I'm patient about things on my home wish-list and usually find them for really great prices. I splurge here and there, but it doesn't take a fortunate to make your home look beautiful.
I grew up in a family of vintage lovers who decorated with time worn treasures. It took me until I reached my early twenties to fully appreciate the beauty in the old and the history held in each piece. I've been collecting ever since. With the discovery of blogs several years ago and now Pinterest, I've slowly, over the last couple of years, truly recognized the styles and things I love. 
I used to decorate with lots of color and while I still love and appreciate color, I  have realized a white and monochromatic palette work so much better in my home. It makes my house feel bright, clean and soothing. 
My style will continue to change and evolve, but at the core of it all - white, neutrals, and woods - I have incorporated items into our home that will work well with anything. 
There are so many pieces I treasure in my home. I have a booth at an antique store, so I shop and buy things... A LOT. And I know, seeing all the collections around my home it looks like I keep more than I sell, but I'm pretty selective and sentimental about what stays. I don't think I could pick out one single item I treasure the most, but I can tell you my favorite things belonged to my grandparents. 
Ironstone pieces, a sewing sampler, a rusty scale from my grandfather's barn, a hand mirror on my bedroom dresser, and one of the tractor funnels we turned into a light are just some of the many pieces from them that I will treasure always. 
Decorating has been a learning process for me. We have been slowly redoing our home room by room, so it's still a work in progress. This has given me time to think about and find exactly what I want to fill each space with. It took me a year to acquire everything for my son's industrial style room! When I needed inspiration I turned to blogs and Pinterest. Learn what you love, follow your instincts, take risks and have fun. And most of all, surround yourself with the things that make YOU happy!!  
Thank you again for having me, Pamela. It was an honor and a privilege! 

Melissa thank you so much for visiting with us today and sharing your sense of style. I always enjoy seeing what projects you are working on next or what treasures you have found.


  1. Thank you for sharing Melissa's lovely home today, Pamela.. She has some awesome collections and I love how they are grouped together.

  2. I really enjoyed this feature!! Melissa's style is so fun and I love all of her collections!

  3. Such wonderful style and I adore that her collections tell a story!

  4. I love her style. It inspires me today to get busy lol! So many of the same tastes we have!

  5. Love the collections, style, white cabinets and wisdom! Beautiful job!

  6. Melissa has created such a warm, inviting home using so many of her personal touches. I love all of her collections and how they're displayed, and it's always special to have things handed down from previous generations.
    Mary Alice

  7. Oh my goodness, I love her primitive collections, so many wonderful things. Beautiful home. Hugs, Marty

  8. Pamela, I adore Melissa's style! Her home is gorgeous!

  9. Awesome feature Pamela!! I just love Melissa's kitchen and pretty master bedroom!! Love her style!

  10. I love a home filled with things collected and gathered over time.

  11. Pamela,
    I love Melissa and I have followed her blog for some time. I just love her vignettes through out her lovely home. She sees the history and love in her pieces. Love her style and blog and her home.

  12. Wow! I love Melissa's style and all her collections! She has so many old scales!! What a nice mix of things that all add up to cozy and warmth! Thanks for featuring her and introducing us to her blog!

  13. Melissa definitely has the knack for putting old items to good use.

  14. Melissa, you do have some Fun and Unique collections - thank you for sharing them with us :)

  15. What a beautiful home!....I so love all of the wonderful collections that Melissa has so beautifully displayed..from the wall vignettes of stocking forms and gorgeous silhouettes to the vignettes of her collections. So enjoyed reading her story and love her style!...Thanks Pamela for presenting Melissa's "style" to us today!

  16. Melissa has a beautiful home indeed. I love how that Anderson feed sack looks framed in her home:) Thanks for sharing her home with us today.


  17. I absolutely love your home and your style, we collect a lot of the same things! I love scales and ironstone pitchers!!! Thanks for sharing!


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