Sunday, October 13, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Chateau Chic

Thank you, Pamela, for inviting me to be a part of your series,
"How I Found My Style Sundays."

My name is Mary Alice from Chateau Chic,
and I'm delighted to be joining Pamela and her readers today.

How did I find my decorating style?

I'd have to all started with my maternal grandmother.

From the time I grew up until now, our home was filled
 with antiques and lovely collectibles...thanks to my grandmother.

She could spot a diamond in the rough
better than most in her day.

I have two family pieces 
that I treasure dearly...and would never sell.

An antique highboy from the 1700's
with all of its original glass knobs...

and a farm table that goes back a couple of generations.

Our first home was mostly filled with antiques that
my grandparents had collected and stored over time.

Over the years, as we added pieces to our home,
I tended to gravitate to less formal pieces,

antiques with original paint,

as well as recently painted vintage pieces.

I'm not sure there's a specific name for my style...

Basically, I love the mix!
I don't follow any rules when decorating my home.
I buy what I love (if it's affordable),
knowing I'll find a place for it.

Living in a cookie cutter home, I'm always looking for ways 
to make it stand out from the pack...

Some easy things I've done to try and add charm
and make it unique is to incorporate 



and vintage collections of all sorts...I have way too many of these.

As the name of my blog would suggest,
I love the inclusion of vintage French
enamelware, old scales, grain sacks,  
wire baskets, metal washstands, breadboards...
just to name a few.

Let's just say...
 the nonpretentious beauty in the simplicity of certain
vintage French decor really speaks to me.

My philosophy for creating a beautiful home
is to always, always stay true to yourself.
Buy what you love and what makes you smile,
and you'll never go wrong.

I'm all about the details. Less is not more to me
when it comes to adding layers of vintage goodness.

To sum it all up...

My goal is to create a comfortable and pleasant haven
where family and friends feel special and well cared for.

Mary Alice thank you so much for visiting with us today and sharing your home. I have enjoyed visiting with you because you included some spaces I had not yet seen of your beautiful home. 


  1. Just beautiful! You have done a wonderful job decorating your lovely home with vintage flair! I look forward to visiting! ~Christy

  2. What a TREAT! I got to see YOU & more of your lovely home. Pinned a bunch to my "vintage whispers" board on pinterest. Just lovely!

  3. Beautiful, romantic and serene! I love your style and you have created a marvelous entourage for you and your family. It's wonderful when people are so definite about their style and likes in decoration, because it turns out to be authentic and inviting.

  4. What a fabulous tour Pamela!! I love everything about Mary Alice's blog and beautiful her style!!

  5. Mary Alice is one of the bloggers who I read regularly because she has such style. I always get great ideas from her beautiful vignettes.

  6. Just beautiful Mary Alice. I luv your collected style.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for highlighting Mary Alice. She is such a great blogger and I just love her style. I love that she gets the history of pieces and cherishes loved heirlooms. I agree with Mary Alice if you surround yourself with the things you love you will never be unhappy with your style. Love her beautiful home.

  8. Beautiful home! Love all your antiques and painted pieces... gorgeous!

  9. Mary Alice is one of my favorite bloggers! I love her style and she is a doll! :)

  10. Thank you so much for featuring Mary Alice's home, I've always loved seeing bits and pieces of it and to see it all at once, heaven! Her "style" is very much her own and every piece she has is simply lovely. She really knows how to make a home a very stylish, warm and inviting place!


  11. So happy to see Mary Alice here today...just love her, her style and blog!....How wonderful it is to have so many magnificent family heirlooms that fit so perfectly in her home...Loved reading Mary Alice's story...thanks Pamela!!

  12. Mary Alice's collections are beautiful, as well as her style in her home. I love collecting but my home is so small I think I'm going to have to put some away and rotate them. I don't have enough wall space or horizontal space for all the things I love. I loved what she did with the little stools with pitchers on top. thank you for sharing.

  13. Love your antiques and Ironstone. Thanks for sharing your style!

  14. mary alice's home and blog are full of so many beautiful pieces--great feature-tfs:)

  15. Mary Alice's home is anything BUT cookie cutter! She has a way of putting things together in the most pleasing way so that it never looks cluttered or busy. Truly a lovely home filled with her treasures! Thanks for featuring her home today.

  16. I loved this! Beautiful home and so many lovely treasures. The highboy and farm table are certainly great family heirlooms. Who needs decorating rules with a savvy eye like this. All you need is love, right?

  17. I always love seeing Mary Alice's home and to learn about how she found her style.

  18. Fabulous! I love Mary Alice's home and style. Geat post.

  19. I love Mary Alice's blog and home and enjoy your post a lot.
    I have just found out this series and will visit previous posts just now...very interesting!
    Besos from Argentina,

  20. I'm with you, Mary Alice. Less is not more! Your home is lovely -- and I can tell how much love you've put into making it a reflection of YOU.

  21. Pure vintage loveliness! Thank you for sharing :)

  22. I don't usually comment but Mary Alice's style speaks to me. All peaceful, interesting and welcoming.

  23. Hi Pamela,
    Thank you again so much for featuring me on Sunday!!!
    I appreciate all of the lovely comments by your readers.
    Mary Alice

  24. Pamela I really enjoyed Mary Alice being featured. She is one of my favorites and one of the nicest people. I enjoyed reading about her.


  25. Oh my gosh, I could get lost in looking at these photos! so beautiful! I love the vintage original furniture.

  26. LOVE Mary Alice's wonderful home, and wow, that clock wall, I hadn't seen it before!!


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