Sunday, September 8, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Our Prairie Home

Good Sunday morning, From My Front Porch To Yours readers!

I am so excited to be here with you today for Pamela's
"How I Found My Style Sunday"!

Pamela was one of the very first bloggy friends I made in this great big world of blogging
and she never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

It's so great to be here!

My name is Laura and I live and love with my wonderful husband and our younger
five crazy kiddos in the great state of Iowa.

The heart of our home is divided between Iowa and North Carolina, where our oldest daughter is stationed with her Marine Corps hubby and our 3 month old grandbaby.

Most of the time you can find me over at:

I must admit when Pamela asked me if I would be interested in sharing with her readers 
I was equally part excited and part scared to death!

That's one thing you'll find on my blog...

I don't pretend to have all the answers because I'm still learning myself!

I'm just a mom who wants to make my house a welcoming home and
I use my blog as my motivation to get up and do it!

I always keep it very real.


We live in a rambling old Victorian on 4 acres that was built in 1905.

When we bought our home 6 years ago, the outside had fallen into disrepair, the yard was a landscaper's worst nightmare, and it was far from being the grand home it had been.

It needed A LOT of work inside and out!

(And still does!)

But something about it still called to me.

We slowly tamed the jungle of a yard and went through our "Has to be Done" List
 for the first few years.

After that, we turned our attention to the inside.

Room by room, we've been working slowly to make this house our home.

There are still several rooms that we haven't gotten around to yet,
but, c'mon in and I'll give you a tour of what we have been able accomplish...

Welcome to our home on the prairie!

If I had to describe my style today (which I do, since I'm here LOL!),
I'd say it's definitely...

Vintage Prairie Farmhouse

And even now, it's still evolving.

If it's chippy, I love it.

I like, as my 8 year old says,
"Making things look old."

And I really like blues, greens, and whites.

I find that I am drawn to colors that are bright and cheerful.

A splash of aqua here or a pop of seafoam there.

Probably a throw back to my southern coastal roots.

I have to admit, it took me a couple of years to figure out what "Me" was.

I tried the "Out of the Box" look with everything; what I now call, "Matchy-Matchy".

I shopped brand new and whatever was the current trend.

But nothing seemed to fit who I was, and I quickly grew tired of the decor I was buying 
and was constantly changing it.

One of the truest things I've ever read in a decorating magazine is:

"Buy what you love and it will always work."

And cannot emphasize how right that is!

My style is different.

I only buy what I like and I find a spot where it fits.

And if it doesn't fit, I stash it in the attic knowing I'll find some place for it eventually.

My style is frugal.

I shop thrift stores, garage sales, and auctions.

There's never been a sale I didn't like.


I am a HUGE fan of taking what you have and repurposing it in new and unexpected ways.

Like these $3.00 thrift store shutters that I painted for our daughter's room...

or her homemade window treatments:

I have learned over the last couple of years that...

Beautiful doesn't have to mean expensive.

And I admit that even now I struggle with that.

I've learned to pair items that I've accumulated over the years
with priceless family heirlooms and thrift store scores.

Honestly, I just find things I love and somehow it all comes together.

What I love most about my style is that it can be achieved by anyone,
no matter what their budget.

It's definitely not a style that is unattainable for anyone.

I have learned to do a lot with a little.

Many things in our home, I make myself.

Like the no-sew duvet cover for our bed...

or these no-sew owl pillows for our living room.

I've even been known to pick up a paint brush a time or two.

Like this Fresh Milk Sign in our dining room...

and this inspirational quote on old barn wood in our bathroom:

And this from a person who always swore she "wasn't crafty".


Never ever underestimate what you're capable of!

The biggest goal I have for our home is to make it a place you want to come home to.

I want visitors to feel like they can relax and prop their feet up.

I don't want anything in our home that says,
"Don't touch!"

I want our home lived in.


And I really feel like my style reflects that.

Pamela asked me to pin-point my most treasured find in my home...

And I really thought hard about it.

My answer will probably surprise you.

My treasure isn't a material thing, but the people who live here.

My husband.

Our children.

Finding your style in decorating your home isn't only about what you put in it.

It's about the people who live there.




Making memories.

My biggest piece of advice I can give you about decorating your home
and finding your unique style is:

If you make your home the place your family would rather be, 
then you'll know you're on the right track.


I hope you'll join us on our journey as we complete the renovation and
making over of the rest of our home.

There's always something new going on around this old place perched on a hill
in the middle of the cornfields of Iowa.

You can find me on my blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.

Thank you so much for having me Pamela, and I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

It was so great to visit with y'all!

Laura thank you so very much for sharing your charming home with us! You are living a lot of girls dreams restoring such a wonderful house. 


  1. I love Laura's blog and style. Fun learning more and she has done such a great job with her home.

  2. Gorgeous home! Thanks for the intro Pamela!

  3. Pamela,
    Ohhhhhh I love Laura's home. Her style speaks to me for sure!!!! Love every inch. I am going over to check out her blog now. I think I have a new fav blog here. Thanks for sharing Laura and her home with us.

  4. Been following her since I started blogging a year ago. Luv her style. Her master bedroom is beautiful.
    Thanks for featuring her Pamela.
    Hugs ladies.

  5. Oh what a fabulous home and style. I love her family attitude too. Great post, thanks for the intro. Hugs, Marty

  6. love that you put purchases in the attic if you don't have a place right away for them. I hide them out in the garage, sometimes for years!

  7. You couldn't have worded it better. I took a step back recently to remember where each item in our 'finished' rooms came from. We have a LOT of second hand, or home made - but even the 'new' things (usually a great deal or I wouldn't purchase!) all have their own memory. Those sort of memories are what take 'house' to 'home'. :)

  8. Laura's home is beautiful.She truly amazes me how she can transform any room on a budget with vintage charm!And she is super sweet too :-)

  9. I have followed miss Laura for a while now, and I am constantly inspired! Thanks so much for sharing Pamela! {ps: love this series!}

  10. I love Laura's home and style! Great advice :)

  11. Laura's home is beautiful as is the spirit I feel from her. Thank you for sharing her here.

  12. Thank you so much for having me, Pamela! And thank you all for such sweet comments! It was such a pleasure to be here! Love ya, girly! ~ Laura

  13. This is such an inspirational post. Not only beautiful, but encouraging as well. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and home with us.

  14. What a beautiful home...I have always loved her style too. Lovely feature Pamela!

  15. What a beautiful home...I have always loved her style too. Lovely feature Pamela!


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