Friday, September 6, 2013

Bead Board Wallpaper- A Project That Went Way Wrong

I am trying to finish up all the little details for the kitchen reveal that y'all have been so patiently waiting for. 
One of the things I felt I needed to complete was repainting the little hallway from the kitchen into the guest bedroom. It was still SW Camelback which was the color of the kitchen before the kitchen makeover. 
I decided instead of painting the hallway the same color as the kitchen I would paint it the same color as the living room to add some contrast to the kitchen.
Painting led to taking down the old light and putting up a new one that I already had on hand. Old light is the one I am holding.
This was the end result. Love the lighter color so much better! Something was missing to me though. There was no wow factor and I wanted some wow but did not want to spend any money on wow. I am sure you know how that goes!?
In came the bead board wallpaper I had out in the garage.
Yes, that is just what this little hallway needed, or so I thought.
Do you see that?

Yep, talk about total failure. The entire seam kept coming up no matter what I did. I even attempted to secure it with little photo stickers you use for scrapbooking just so I could get pics for the reveal. It was not happening.
To make matters worse at night you can see the texture on the wall underneath the wallpaper.

So if you have textured walls DO NOT put up bead board wall paper unless of course you sand the wall down first to remove the texture but honestly I did not want that much commitment to it. Texture is so hard to match back up and if I were to ever get tired of the wallpaper or it get damaged I still wanted to have the textured wall.

Now do not be put off by the bead board wall paper! Just because it did not work on the walls does not mean it is not a great alternative.
The reason I had it on hand already was because I used it in the cubbies of the built-in in the kitchen.
It went up like a dream. Super easy.
I was even able to paint it and distress it with wax. 
I love how it looks in the cubbies! I just do not love it on my walls.

Off to Lowes to pick up a sheet of wainscoting!;)


  1. Love it Pamela! Your right about replacing that old lighting, it looked like outdoor porch light! the one you chose is much better! Love the wallpaper and paint treatment too!

  2. Oh but I loved the look you were going for...can't wait to see the finished project. And I also love how it looks in the back of your cabinet...I will definitely try this! Thanks!

  3. its going to look really cute! I know that the texture was an issue, but if it wasnt and the problem was just the seams, what about taking that cute barnwood and running those over the seams for a board and batten look - that would be really fun too!!

  4. I can't wait to see. It seems like it would have been a easy, good alternative. I have textured walls too. Sorry it didn't work. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  5. I love it in your cubbies too!! I have 3 rolls of it to use on my kitchen island... this scares me!!!

  6. too bad it didn't work out but the wainscotting will be so gorgeous!!! Sometimes you've just gotta do what you've gotta do...

  7. So sorry it did not work Pamela :-/ I have used the beadboard wallpaper before.. the vinyl kind and it went over the texture with no problems.
    The end result will be wonderful.. can't wait to see it.
    Happy today!
    Hugs, Gee

  8. I love the new light and wall color!. Can't wait to see the kitchen and beadboard panel in the hallway. Sorry about the wallpaper, I tried using it a bathroom and it was a disaster but keep wanting to give it another try.

  9. Too bad it didnt work out for you. Hopefully the wainscot will be much better.

  10. As I was reading I thought- She needs to try wainscoting. LOL- Great minds think alike. It's going to look great with that done. Your cubbies look darling- xo Diana

  11. Looking good, Pamela. Too bad the wallpaper didn't work. We even had to add some more glue on a couple of our seams that did not want to stick good.

  12. Luv what I am seeing so far. Sorry about the wallpaper:(


  13. That stinks, I'm sorry it didn't work. But I'm glad you didn't do a huge 15' wall and THEN find out it didn't work....I'm sending you some good luck and Ju Ju for your paneling!

  14. Sorry it didn't work. Good to know. I have a roll that I was planning on using in a guest bathroom - I'll think of something else now.

  15. Good luck with your garage sale!!!! I love the look of your little hall before the wallpaper! Such a cute sign too!
    I am looking for something interesting to put in the back of my family room bookshelves. Thanks, you have convinced me to try the beadboard wallpaper! LOVE the look in your cupboards!
    You are one BUSY woman!

  16. You were brave to attempt wallpaper to start with. After a few disasters of removing it, I've sworn it off.

    Although . . . it really looks great in your cabinets, and I need a little touch up in mine . . . here we go again!

  17. That is too bad it did not work in the hall way Pamela it would have looked so great. I love it in your cubbies.

  18. Pamela, LOVE how it looks in the cubbies!! I came really close to doing that as a backsplash in my kitchen, exactly like you did with the distressing, then bought the tin square pattern instead. Luckily, I decided not to use it at all since my backsplash is textured. Your little hall looks great!!

  19. Hey we all have projects we think are going to turn out amazing only to have it fail.And we all learn from it.Thanks for sharing it is good information to know.
    Your cubbies look amazing with it!

  20. I see. Definitely the textured wall did not help. When I put mine up I used wallpaper glue (even if the allen roth wallpaper is prepasted. I read reviews on how it really didn't stick well, so I went ahead and bought wallpaper glue. It has been up for over a year now.

  21. I've seen the bead board wallpaper but have never tried it. I'm not much of a wallpaper person anymore. Comes from taking too many layers off! Hope the real bead board worked out the way you wanted...Ann


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