Saturday, September 28, 2013

Computer Trouble & A Winner

This is me right now! Our less than 2 year old Mac has up and died. Seems the hard drive crashed. The Hubster has tried everything to revive it but it is a loss. Hopefully this weekend we can go out and purchase an external hard drive to run off until we can save enough to buy a new computer. I am not able to get any of my blog stuff to include all of my pictures I had downloaded for upcoming posts. For now I am on our 8 year old Mac which is a dinosaur compared to what I am use but it will do. It just takes me awhile to accomplish anything on here.
 On a happier note I have the winner of the Folky Art Candles Giveaway!
Congrats Karen Gregory Farris!

Y'all blew me away with all your entries and I thank you for that.

Thank you April for offering up your candles they are truly amazing! Head on over to April's Etsy Shop Folky Art Candles if you have not already. It is time to start putting a dent in the holiday shopping list!:)

Hope everybody has a great weekend and see ya back here tomorrow for "How I Found My Style Sundays".


  1. So sorry about your computer. Mine is on it's last leg and every time I get the money saved something comes along and out the windows the money goes. Hopefully you can get it fixed.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Congrats to Karen. My less than 2 year old computer crashed a couple of months ago. I was so disgusted. Even the pro(s) could not figure out what happened but they were able to save PART of my stuff for me. I love the new computer I got through my son and will never use another! (unless it dies) xo Diana

  3. I am curious as to why a 2 yr old Mac would give out like yours did. Macs cost a lot of money...was there a warranty? What did the technicians at Mac have to say about that? I ask because buying a Mac is a dream of mine. I have nothing but good things about them. So sorry for your problems and frustrations. Can the hard drive (if there is a hard drive) in the Mac ...can a tech retrieve any of your files?

  4. I feel your pain. My computer crashed last year, and I was distraught that I wouldn't be able to retrieve all the pics of my kids that I had on there. Luckily, techs were able to export everything to an external hard drive.

    I sure hope Apple works with you on this. Two years is not long enough. Good luck!!

  5. The Old Elf I tried to respond to you personally but you are set up as a no reply allowed. We have an 8 yr old Mac and well it just was not keeping up anymore so we bought the new one. The hard drive died. We back everything up so we have every thing from it. Since it is our hard drive my husband is not trusting enough to allow anybody else to work on it since it has all or our personal info on it. He is going t o attempt to replace the hard drive himself today. Yes two years is NOT long enough. We are really disappointed that this has happened.

  6. UGH! Hope it is fixed soon! Praying that ours will hold up a little longer.We have two one is a back up...but I feel like we now need a back up for our back up!

  7. Years ago, I would have never thought that we would be so dependent on our computers!....sorry you are having is the worst!!!


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