Sunday, April 14, 2013

How I Found My Style Sundays- Dwellings The Heart Of Your Home

Hi Everyone! I’m Cindy from DWELLINGS-The Heart of Your Home.

I am thrilled to pieces to be invited to share on How I Found My Style Sunday's. Thank you Pamela, it is such an honor to be here!  
What’s my decorating style?
As a traditional Southern girl, I love the homes and gardens in Charleston, SC. They are charming, inside and out! I am also drawn to English and French Country decor. My favorite home exterior is the Georgian-Colonial style and the furnishings of these period homes really appeals to me…classic and timeless! For me, a home decorated with purposeful and well-worn antiques, sprinkled with family heirlooms, with touches of silver and a bit of sparkle from a crystal chandelier…well, it just makes me feel hugged! I hope that my home makes all who enter feel welcomed, warm, and comfortable…like they’ve been hugged!
How did I find my decorating style?
I would say my grandmother influenced my style. Granny’s home was full of deep rich woods, duncan phyfe style sofas and tables, floral china, and porcelain figurines. I do love color!
I find inspiration from my favorite magazine, Traditional Home and also from decorating books.  Charles Faudree is one of my favorite interior designers, I love his style! I’ve never bought a room, decorating our home has been the acquiring of furnishings over time. These days we’ve been focusing on remodeling projects…
Entry Doors
Screened Porch
Our kitchen remodel is in the planning stages, I am so excited! Pinterest is a wonderful tool for organizing inspirational pictures with the ability to access them at the click of a button…here’s My Pinterest Style!

My most treasured find?
My favorite pieces are those that have come from family but my most treasured find is the Empire Chest. Purchased at an auction in Georgia, it was love at first sight! I was so happy the price stayed within my reach. I love the style, deep rich wood and it is such a good storage piece. Absolutely my favorite find.
What tips do you have for creating a beautiful home?
I believe a beautiful home is more about how a home feels than it is about what you see. I love decorating my home with nice things, but it is our home...the place we live.  I’ve been in grand and elaborate homes as well as smaller homes with modest furnishings and often the less elaborate was a more beautiful home.  With images galore of grand homes and elaborate decor it is easy to become disheartened. Accepting there will always be those with much more and being mindful of those with much less, helps keep things in perspective and reminds us to count our blessings. I do believe gratitude and contentment, makes the heart of a home beautiful, and surely this means more to all who enter than does crystal displayed on silver trays.
When purchasing things for the home, traditional d├ęcor never goes out of style so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Trends come and go, so unless you have unlimited resources keep these purchases to a minimum. A classic end table and dresser will last you a lifetime. It is much more economical to reupholster good pieces of furniture, if and when needed, than to buy new all over again. Always keep your budget in mind, debt for furnishings doesn’t make for enjoying your home. Be patient and keep searching, you will find that beautiful piece and get the look you want for less. Don’t second guess yourself, if you love the piece get it! It’s your house, so make it yours!
These questions were definitely thought provoking.  I’ve had so much fun being here with you, thanks again Pamela for inviting me!  Hope you'll stop by for a visit, you're always welcome at 


Thank you so much Cindy for sharing with us how you found your style. Your home is so lovely and I know anybody who stops by to visit certainly feels hugged! 


  1. Thank you Pamela for inviting Cindy to share her home with us. It is full of grace and beauty just like she is. Love following you both. Blessings, Patti

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Cindy's elegant and beautiful home, Pamela. Her style is impeccable and I love that she puts a lot of thought into each and every piece she acquires. Gorgeous, love every room!


  3. Such a classic and timeless home. It will be in style forever, unlike so many of the trends in decorating. Every piece is gorgeous.

  4. Hi, Pamela and Cindy. I loved hearing more about Cindy's home and her style. Beautiful! Both Cindy and her home!

  5. The word "elegant" is a perfect description for your lovely home. It is timeless and such a relief from painted, distressed firniture.

    The front doors are fabulous.

  6. Pamela,
    Thanks for sharing Cindy's beautiful home with us. Wow how gorgeous. Love her style.

  7. I simply adore Cindy's style. Her home is gorgeous, and so filled with love and great treasures. Great feature Pamela.

  8. Cindy's home is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!


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