Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Dining Room & HomeGoods Love

This week I have been working on accessorizing the house. Everything was looking so bare after the Christmas was taken down. 
The first room I have completed "winterizing" is the dining room.

I went to return something to HomeGoods and found Mr. Roo. He HAD to come home with me. I had been wanting one for several years now.
Those of you who follow along with me on FaceBook know that I recently found some french looking linens with red stripes at HomeGoods. Well the same day I found Mr. Roo I also found the linens in black and well I could not pass um by. They hopped right in the cart.
I kept things pretty simple and basic till I bring out all the spring decor.
I pulled out my Pottery Barn finials and gave them some dry brushing with Old White. They were too brown before. This wreath is another HomeGoods find from the last month. This time of year is always my favorite time to shop HomeGoods. They have the best stuff after getting rid of all the holiday.
All of these accessories I already owned but they all came from HomeGoods too! I think I may need to join HGoholics!;) They always have the best deals. No this post is not sponsored by HG. In my dreams!;)
Speaking of deals look what I brought home!! I found it on a local yard sale site and fell head over heels. I had been saving my Christmas money in hopes of finding an antique secretary but that all went out the window!;)
So now that I have it and the two matching sconces I have a decision to make. I LOVE my chandy's with bling. This one here in our dining room matches the one above our kitchen so I could take this one down and put it in our breakfast room but I really like the one we have in there. The other option is to use it on our stair landing but The Hubster thinks if we do that then we would have to change out our foyer light to match. Don't freak just yet Papa!;) If we did do all of that then we would put the matching sconces on the outside of the office but that would involve running electrical work. The last possibility would be to put it above our master tub but that too would involve electrical to be run.

Decisions decisions decisions. What would you do?
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  1. I love everything you did. Mr. Roo is great. Of course you had bring him home! Love your new Chandelier. It would look really good in this room. What would you do if work wasn't involved? Because honestly that answer is what you really want to do. Maybe the work would be easier than you think??? I am not very helpful, am I? :)

  2. It all looks so lovely Pamela and that new chandy is gorgeous girl!! It would definitely be dramatic in there and I think it would just look perfect but I don't have to do the work. LOL!

  3. Can you plug in the new chandy somewhere then run the line up the wall and across the ceiling, hang by a hook over where you want it? If you use those wire covers painted same color of wall, then a wire fabric cover it could work over your tub maybe? Just a suggestion which you've most likely already considered.
    Your dining room looks so nice, clean, cozy, love everything in it but my favorite is the gorgeous blue rug. Your Mr. Roo is a nice one.
    Boy do I wish we had a HomeGoods in Grand Junction. Going over the continental divide to Denver is just not an option especially this time of year. It's at least alot warmer over there. We've had super cold weather for weeks here due to an inversion in the valley.
    Happy Weekend.

  4. Your new Beauty appears to made for the drama of your dining room! Good luck and we will enjoy whatever you decide to do. MB

  5. HomeGoods is my favorite store. Love you Chandi's.

  6. That chandy is to-die-for. I'd love to find one like that. If you can't find a place for it, I'll be glad to take it off your hands! I'm headed to HG tomorrow.

  7. Everything looks so nice and serene Pamela! I love your style and your finds. Chandy is great, you must find it a right place! :)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. I enjoyed your dining room vicariously. We are under construction and my dining room is about 4-5 weeks away from completion. I just can't wait to start arranging the dishes, etc. Thanks.

  9. Your dining room looks wonderful. Love the hutch and you styled it so beautifully. I adore your rooster and your table vignette is sooooooo pretty, and wow, that chandy is amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Hugs, Marty

  10. Pam I love it all. I like the color of the chandy. That roo is so cute & I would've brought him home too. I am an HG fanatic as well....we have 3 within a 15 minute drive from us.

  11. I love Roo. I too collect white chickens/Roosters. I have three that I love.

  12. I LUV HG too!! Your dining room looks so pretty Pamela and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new chandy!! What a fabulous find!

  13. Your dining room is just so gorgeous, Pam, that I never get tired of seeing it! I know there were some people that were iffy about that hutch, but I think you made the right choice. It looks like it belongs there!! Such a beautiful room!

  14. I'll help with your decision making! You can send me that 2-die-4 chandy that you just got and I will put it in my living room! What a beauty.


  15. What a great post to enjoy on this Winter's day... I have been busy with some decorating and craft projects this week and behind on reading my emails and posts. So glad I stopped in to enjoy your site!

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke
    My home and garden site...
    My Vintage Art and Printables site...

  16. It looks so warm and inviting... what a lovely job! I am a huge Home Goods fan! My favorite way to spend a Saturday morning.

  17. Pamela,Your dining room looks beautiful. I love love the new Chandy Its prefect for your style.

  18. I love your dinning rooms "winter" look! Mr. Roo is adorable and I love the linens.

  19. I too love HomeGoods!It does take a bit when transitioning from Christmas to winter. Your dining room looks great. I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Pam, I have made plenty of chandy's into ones that can be plugged in and hung from a hook in the ceiling. That might be an option for's super easy and safe. You could make a cord cozie and add a switch to turn on/off easily. You can use an extension cord and cut off the extension part, hardwire the chandy wires and the extension wires together, wrap tightly in electrical tape and there ya go. Any switch can be added where you could reach it.
    The winetrized diningroom is gorgeous and I love the touch of green from the wreath! Have fun with all of your possibilities and hope this might help a little.

  21. Pamela, your dining room looks incredible. You really know what to do with your HomeGoods finds! The closest one to me is an hour away, but I'm feeling the urge to jump into the car and get my HG fix!

  22. So beautiful! I can't believe that bust is Home Goods. It looks oh so vintage. LOVE!


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