Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Treasure Hunt Thursday #88 Most Viewed

I wanted to thank all of you for your kind comments on my Romantic Homes Feature! It was a thrill of a lifetime for sure and I am still in the process of responding to each of you. So many exciting things happening around here. I am in the process of putting together a new series called "How I found My Style". I will be featuring fellow bloggers and their homes asking them how they came upon their unique decorating style and any tips they may have for creating a beautiful home. So stay tuned, I may be contacting you!:)

Now on to the most viewed links from last weeks THT!
Karen over at Shabby Brocante had the most views from last weeks party with her many found treasures. 
Deanna from One Step Woman  shared some of her thoughts on the new year and sprucing up which received the second most viewed spot. Love her winter fireplace!
Last but certainly not least Liz from Image Remix came in third with her love of old movies and these fabulous hand stitched tea towels.
Be sure to grab and "I've Been Featured" button ladies. 
Looking forward to THT # 89 tomorrow!:)


  1. Pamela, these are great! Loved all of Karen's great finds!

  2. Pretty mantel and I love the vignette. I have to visit these links. Your series sounds like fun!


  3. How fun! I am so excited to be featured! It was a great party! Thanks so much!

  4. Just found your blog...I am a newbie. Can't wait to read the series you are undertaking. And congrats on the magazine feature....well deserved. I love your blog and am adding it to my Pleasing Places to Perch so I can keep up with all the exciting things going on at My Front Porch To Yours.


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